Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a long my ride to the shop every day.  It is a short but beautiful canopied drive.  You almost feel as though you are in a tunnel. And to me the way the shadows are falling it reminds me of the Fall.  When the Fall rolls around you get to see such dappling of the shadows.  When I hit this spot as I am on my way to the shop or going home it relaxes me.  Do you have a favorite spot as you drive around town.  E-mail me your pictures and we will start an online album. 

Yep, I have hit that golden age where you don't have those cute curvy ankles anymore.  They are more like the Pillsbury Douhboys'. They are usually fine except when it is such hot weather.  Then they expand.  I remember looking at my Granny's ankles and saying 'Oh lordy'.   Now I look down and say 'Oh lordy'..  Why couldn't it be her nice slim figure instead.  Well, she did wear one of those lace-up corsets.  I sure couldn't do that.  I would feel claustrophobic. But what great posture.  So Fall rush on in so I can get my ankles back in shape. 

Don't forget about all the activities at the shop this weekend.

See you at the shop.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I had another relaxing Sunday.  I just woke up early.  Did a little mowing.  I think maybe the lawn has finally slowed down a little.  Organized more pictures this weekend.  It is amazing how pictures can disapear in your computer or that you have duplicates.  Maybe now I can locate pictures when I am scrapping or posting on the blog.

I was working on organizing last night and Belinda came in and said we had a visitor.  The visitor was the cutest Beagle.  Apparently, he had gone on a hunt and wandered into our neighborhood.  He was very friendly and very thirsty.  Belinda called the number on his color and left a message.  It was not long and the owners returned the call and came to pick up the cutie.  We sure don't need any more pets around here.  Love the ones we have but don't want to add new ones.

Bring this e-mail and receive 10% off your total purchase.  Excludes gift certificates, classes, or discounted merchandise. Good for the week of August 30th - September 4th, 2010.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why is it when you can sleep in you wake up early. I was awake at 5:30 this morning.  For a change I was aggravating Prissy instead of the other way around.  Usually she is up early and I am wanting to sleep in.  You know how you think you will surely go back to sleep, so you just lay there tossing and turning.  Poor Prissy, everytime I moved she got bumped. We sleep on a queen size bed and yet she insisits on sleeping right up against me. I have to move her over just to get into the bed at night.  Naw, she's not spoiled.

That haunted house is really developing into quite a project.  There is now a stand up tree.  I wonder what will be flying around the bare branches?  Teddi made some beautiful Christmas cards.   All you ladies that come to Scrappy's are very creative.  I love to see your latest creations.  You should e-mail photos of your creations so I can post them on our Facebook page or on the blog.  Sometimes it is hard to describe what you have made to the other ladies.  You know me I love to brag about you.  Friday, I was trying to tell a lady who shops for a friend about an alligator explosion box.  It is hard to really  express it's uniqueness.  You all are so good to encourage one another.  I just love it.

I enjoyed a few rounds on the lawn mower yesterday afternoon.  Boy, Summer is ending fast.  I used to be able to mow until 9:00.  But last night I had to quit at 8:00.  I know it is not because of not seeing well.  It was because it was getting dark.  Right. 

With school starting, shadows changing, and dark coming earlier, cool weather is not far behind.  But then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas comes rolling in.  Whew, I am worn out just thinking about getting ready for those holidays.  To get ahead start on all those holiday projects come join us next weekend for several play days.  Most of you will  have an extra day off with Monday being Labor day.   There will be a special Labor Day Crop on Friday night from 5:00 until 11:00 or until I drop because I know you all can out last me.  Saturday and Monday are come play all day.  You can come set up Friday night, leave it set up and start up again Saturday morning then finish up on Monday.  WOW!  Three days to crop, create, and finish those projects.  So come join us for a weekend of fun and creativity.

Better get going.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday was a lovely rainy day.  Although I heard Manatee Springs had an abundance of rain in a very short time.  Keep an eye on those trees. With all this rain trees can start popping up out of the ground or drop limbs.  There was a tree that fell over the road near where we live.  My nephew came across it after a couple of ladies ran into it.  Then when the sheriff called in someone to remove it from the road they ran into it. Keep your eyes open and be prepared for almost anything.

Thursday night I was zipping along just before dark and as I passed an open field there were a flock of turkeys.  I passed by too fast and did not get a good view.  So I slowed down today as I passed the field but no turkeys.  There is a spot on the road I call the turkey crossing.  I have missed seeing them so the other night was a pleasant surprise. 
Here is a shot of the turkeys crossing the road that I caught a while back. Yes, I always have that camera handy. 

 I better get ready for all those Cricut ladies.  The tables should be full.  Maybe we will have some wonderful Fall things cut with those bugs.  I'm sure we will get to see the new improved version on the Haunted House.

See you at the shop.

Friday, August 27, 2010

We have decided to reschedule the Bead Class for next month.  It will be a fall theme.  Cute, cute, cute!!!!!  We will have some samples in the shop very soon.

There was a storm at the house last night and I could tell it had rained here at the shop.  My house is almost sound proof.  So if I hear rain falling I know it is coming down pretty heavy. There were spots where the water had stood. That means it came faster than it could drain.  from the looks of the radar I think we will have a drizzly day today.  That is ok.  I love a slow falling rain.  And the high is only 86 degrees.  Love it!!!

Ruthie came by for a little visit.  It was great to see her.  Sounds like she has been pretty busy at the Fabric Art Shop.  Love to hear that local businesses are doing well.  Teddi stopped in and was not having to wear her sunglasses but said her eye was tired from all the prodding. Also had a call from Miss Patty.  She is doing so much better and plans to be in class next week.  She has her granddaughter for the weekend so we won't get to see her at Cricut Club.  Several of our regulars will be missing tomorrow for Cricut Club because of other engagements.

I think that chocolate cookie Prissy ate the other day has made her a little wild woman.  When I got her home last night she was running around and around.  Belinda wanted to know what was up with Prissy.  And this morning when I could sorta sleep in she had to be up at 6:30.  At class yesterday she was demanding attention.  Hopefully today she will have a nice calm day and get back to normal.  Wait what is normal.  I don't even know what normal is for me.

Have a great day and I will see you at the shop.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It was quite a group this morning.  We had 6 for card class and 8 for layout class.  A new lady joined us for the layout class and hopefully she will return to join the wild bunch.  Everyone did a good job on the teabag card and the 'Back 2 School' layout.  There was some wild political conversation going on as usual.  Surprise, surprise.  You never know what will happen in that group.

There was some awesome food here yesterday during the cookbook planning.  Glenda made this outrageous dish. It was called 'Spinach Bread Pudding'.  No, not like your regular bread pudding but more like a souffled quiche.  There was spinach, peppers, onions, and biscuits.  Oh My!  Now I am not a cooked spinach person but that dish was yummy.  We had fresh fruit and veggies, these wonderfully light veggie straws.  Of course there was the sugar thing going.  A white chocolate and cranberry cookie that Prissy enjoyed.  You know how she hunts these things down.  Somebody had put a cookie in her purse to have later.  Not.  Prissy confiscated it and thoroughly enjoyed ever bite.  She would not have gotten nabbed but in her excitement her tail was going 90 to nothing and brushed some one's leg.  You know we can't just have a little sugar we have to go overboard around here.  Because then there was a decadent chocolate brownie/cake.  And I am gonna go have a little taste right now.

Bead class tomorrow at 2:00 and 7:00 pm.  limited seating so call and save your spot. 

Cricut Club on Saturday from 10:00 'til 4:00.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back 2 School

I can't believe that school has started. The Summer has flown by. If only this hot weather would fly on out. But this morning I drove to town with the windows down because the temperature was 78 degrees. Love it! The layout for this week is all about school and time flying by. Joshua and Emily started to school this week. Boy, were they excited. I just could not resist capturing a page with pictures of them on their fist day along with pictures of them just a few years ago. Remember to enjoy every stage as they grow. You blink an eye and that time is over. You don't have to crop pictures of children or grandchildren. Maybe you have some pictures of you taking a class somewhere. Just remember to capture those moments before your memory of that time fades. Remember we all have memory moments.

The ladies were very busy today planning and sorting recipes. If you submitted a recipe make sure you check to make sure we have the recipe with your name on the submission. The next step will be to type up the recipes. Then we will proof read for typing errors. Hopefully, the recipes are right because we would have no idea how the recipe is to be prepared. I had one recipe in the stack and upon close examination it was just a portion of one of my e-mails. That is why we need to proof read or put on our glasses. We will have a sign up sheet for those of you that are interested in purchasing a copy of the recipe book. That way we will know how many books to have copied.

Remember that Friday we have our bead class with Beth. This time it is a necklace to match the bracelets we made last month.

Here is a sample of the necklaces. One is longer. You have your choice of size and color. The price is $15.00. Come make something beautiful for yourself or for a gift.

Guess I better hop to and finish things up for tomorrow morning.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The little Sweet Pea vine bit the dust  There is another one next to the one that got weed whacked.  Maybe it will come back from the bottom.  But it is definately shrivelling up.  There is a vine I keep seeing along the side of the road growing on fences that is so pretty. The green is very lacy and the flowers are tiny and red.  If anyone knows what it is let me know.

We all have memory moments.  This morning I was saying good bye to Belinda. She had her lab coat and purse in hand and was off to work.  As she opened the door she calls for Nan to come on and load up in the car. Nan is her St Bernard. I look at Belinda and asked her where Nan was going.  Oh my gosh,  that is a Gail moment.  Poor Nan was so confused.  She followed me around as I was getting my car loaded.  Bless her heart she loves to go.  So we all get those routine moments.  Belinda was sure she was leaving to go somewhere and that Nan always went with her.  The ladies at class were sharing some of their routine memory moments.  We all go through whether or not we have closed the garage door.  Glenda shared a good idea that keeps her from turning around making sure she shut her door.  She keeps a calendar and pencil handy.  When she closes the door she circles the date.  Now I don't know how that would work if you  and come a lot on a certain day.  But it could save some mileage if you are like me, leave and turn around to go check.

Save the date.  We are planning some fun for Halloween, Saturday October the 29th.  Dress up, food, projects, oh my.  Stay tuned for further information.

Gotta go get my hair done.

See you at the shop.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ahhh Sunday what a wonderful day.  I actually just crashed and burned.  The computer stayed busy doing little things like organizing some pictures and working on the blog.  Hopefully I finally have that straight.  Had all my laundry done before too late in the day.  Enjoyed an outrageous beef stew that Frank prepared.  I am not a real beef eater but it was sooo good over rice.  I was gonna make another pie but did not get motivated to try again.  Maybe this weekend.

Uh oh the Sweet Pea vine maybe history.  The weed whacker may have gotten too close thinking it was just a vine.  Time will tell.

Prissy and I got loaded into the car this morning and I could not find my keys.  What is it with me and keys lately.  Usually when I pull into the garage and turn off the car the keys go on the little tray between the two front seats.  I'm looking there, in the cup holders, the ashtray, and then I started to dig in the never ending purse.  You know no matter what size purse you carry it collects alot of stuff.  You see these shows on TV about hoarders. They need to cover some of our purses.  We have stuff and more stuff.  Most of which we will never use.  I am bad about tossing receipts in to the cave (that's what I call the  opening of my purse). I don't know why I do that.  Most of the receipts are thermal and they fade away very quickly.  Well back to the keys.  I was just about to get out of the car and go into the house and look around the bedroom when I looked at the ignition.  Yep, there were my keys.    You know how we are creatures of habit.  It did not even cross my mind to look at the ignition because I never leave the keys there.  I guess that card blitz really did do me in.   All the way to town I'm  thinking if I left the keys in the ignition could I have just  left the shop without locking up.  No, I was still clicking when I left the shop because the doors were locked and the alarm set. 

Prissy has just had her morning snack and is all curled up in her bed sound asleep.  She does love her beds.  I washed the one at home yesterday.  Boy she was not a happy camper until I found another bed to put on the floor beside me.  I even tried putting her on her blanket in my bed. She would not have that.  She came over to the edge and wanted down.  Whatever happened to just laying on the carpet.  Our fault.  We get our pets all these cute little things because we treat them like little kids.  I know all the ladies at the shop spoil her.

Remember all the things going at the shop this week.  Card classes, layout classes, cook book planning, and beaded necklace class.  Starting next month we will begin some WOW Fridays  again.  Look for more information to follow.

Our little kindergartner is out for the day.  What a treat to have her in the shop.  Missed her all Summer.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guess what?  I did have that long conversation with my sofa and ended up taking my shower at midnight.  Of course after having that power nap I could not go to sleep.  Finally at about 2:00 am the lights went out.  Why is it you have all these channels and there is nothing to watch especially at that time of night.  They are either older shows you have seen several times over or shows you would normally not watch.  Whatever I watched must of been really good because I can't remember what I watched.

Yesterday, I got to the shop early and vacuumed and dust mopped.  Then I began to finish up my little projects for card blitz.  Glenda came early to work on the new improved haunted house.   I started to show her my cards.  One of the cards was a slider card.  I pulled on the tag to have the slide to operate. Oh my,  the card came completely off of the mechanism.  Good grief, there is only a couple of hours until everyone is here for the blitz.  I tear it apart to work on the mechanism.  I get into the mechanism and realize I had been way too smart in putting the card together.  The glue that I thought would be so good at holding everything backfired on me.  It did not hold on the plastic and ended up running way too far into the sliding part of the mechanism.   I could not start all over at this point there were way to many parts.  I cut some support pieces for my slider because they had been torn.  I grabbed a new plastic piece that makes the cards slide.  Jeez Louise I have to rethink some of these cards I plan.  This is really a simple enough card but you have to get your mind wrapped around the workings of the mechanism.  I have eight different minds to get warped. I mean wrapped.  Bless our group.  They are game for anything  and they have great patience with me.  I had gotten a little stressed anticipating this final card.  They just jumped in and went with the flow.  They may never do another slider card but at least they did one.  Thanks ladies.

There is going to be a recipe book planning day on Wednesday August 25th at 11:00 am.  Hopefully we will have a few more main dishes, salads, or appetizers submitted.  The ladies are fired up and plan to start typing  and organizing.  Soon we will have a Scrappy's Ladies Cookbook.   Some of those recipes you have tasted here at the shop could be in your kitchen soon.  So instead of talking about how good something was you can actually have a taste testing at home for everyone.  Yummmy.

This week at the shop we have another bead class.  Beth has brought in a couple of beautiful necklaces.  I will get them posted tomorrow.  You can make a matching necklace for that bracelet you made last month.  The price is the same $15.00.  Classes are at 2:00 and 7:00 pm. on Friday the 27th.  We had such a great time last month and I am sure we will have even more fun this time.  It doesn't take anytime and you guys just become such great friends.

Cricut Club this week.  Come in and join the fun.  See what everyone has been cutting with their machines.  Hopefully, Glenda will have that second haunted house completed.  Yes, she cut it out with her Cricut.  There are several neat Fall cartridges floating around.  Joshua, Emily, and I use two of the new cartridges Thursday night. What cute Fall designs.  The cartridges have inspired a desire to have a Halloween party here at the shop.  You know I only hear bits and pieces of conversations but I am almost sure I heard that little plan.

Now what am I gonna do today???   Check your e-mail tomorrow and find out what mischief I got into today.

Have a wonderful day.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a card blitz.  Thank goodness the ladies were patient and worked through all of the cards.  There was one that was pretty technical and they really did well.  It was the very layered card that had to be inked that took so long.  We definately over shot our time frame.  I think I better go simpler on card blitz days.  I plan to stay simple but then I see an idea and I just get carried away. Be prepared for a very simple card for the card class this week. 

I think I am gonna crash and burn tomorrow.  The gang had the lawn mowed by the time I got home today.  I won't have to run a race with the rain tomorrow to get the lawn mowed.  Tomorrow isn't here yet so who knows what wild thing will hit me.

Prissy must have had a busy day because she is all curled up in her bed.  I think my sofa is calling to me.  Hopefully it won't keep me in a very long conversation and have me taking my shower at midnight.

Have a safe weekend.  Remember school starts Monday so watch out for the kids.  I will be thinking of you Moms that have kids starting kindergarten. 

See you at the shop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I had a special treat yesterday afternoon.  Joshua and Emily came to visit.  Joshua really came to help ride the lawnmower and Emily came to play.  We enjoyed turning out the lights, cutting out haunted houses, and playing cheer leading Barbie.  Joshua came in after mowing and you know how you look after mowing.  Thank goodness for baby wipes.  Bless his heart it did not bother him but I sure did not want him rubbing all that dust into his eyes.  Then he and I cut out an old black crow and a flying witch.  They were both cute for Halloween decorations.  After using the Cricut he wanted to play a game on the computer.  Josh came in about that time so he did not have much computer time.  But Joshua and Emily were so excited about their weekend.  They knew how many days and how many nights they would have with Mema and Papa. 

This morning when I went out to feed Pokey my little Sweet Pea was blooming.  It actually had  two blooms.  I thought this is a good sign that I am going to whiz through Card Blitz preparation.  So just before leaving for the shop I ran back out to take a picture of the cute little blossoms.  Guess who thought I had brought him something else to eat.  You guessed it... Pokey.  So he poked his nose into the picture.

I did not get much done last night on the cards.  Miss Priss kept fussing at me to go home so we left about 8:15.  She is getting too bossy in her old age.  As I was getting ready this morning she started barking and fussing at me.  You know how she does Glenda when she wants that treat.  I'm  thinking 'What in the world'.  I leave my room to start loading up the car and see that the coffee has been made. Prissy knew who was out there and she wanted to get out there in case there was food.  Well no one was out there but she knew where to find them.  She runs down the hall and starts scratching at the bedroom door.  I fuss at her to come away and out walks her partner in crime... Belinda.  Needless to say she stayed at home today.  When I left her she was faithfully following Belinda hoping fo a handout. 

I have procrastinated too long already.  Have to get busy on those cards before Glenda calls to see how far I have gotten.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The ladies worked on several projects today.  Christmas, Halloween, and shirts.   Jane shared a project she learned at her painting convention.  Vellum and Christmas lights oh my.  There is going to be a new version of the Haunted House.  There was some pleating, measuring, and creating a mans shirt.  Oh yes, and some teabag folding. Teddi made this wonderful olive spread.  Yummy!!!  And we even got adventurous for lunch.  Our choice was the new Gondolier.  Several pizzas, and Strombolies.  We all enjoyed every  bite.  
Wellllll what have I been warning you ladies about every time you take a seat at the tables.  Yep, I did it.  I dropped a pen.  As I was reaching over to pick it up I said to myself ' I better stand uhoh'.  Down I went right on the most cushioned part of my body.  Thank goodness it wasn't on my knees.  I couldn't take a another hit there.  As I was there laughing and looking up at the cropping table I started strategizing.   You know how am I going to get into that flipped chair without getting on my knees.  All the while knowing that was not going to happen.  The minute I hit the floor Prissy went running because I fell right next to her bed.  Then it it me.  Her bed would make a great cushion for the knees.  I flipped the chair back up on it's wheels.  Then I got serious and stopped the giggling. I had a project I had to finish.  My first attempt was not very successful because I did not get both knees on the soft bed.  Heave ho and up I went on the next try.  Poor Prissy did not like having me on the floor next to her.  All evening she paced the shop.  She just could not settle down.  Now she is not afraid of thunder, lightening, or just about anything.  But seeing me at her level.  Well that shook her up.  So ladies.  Stay alert and do not bend over in the chairs or you may find yourself flipping.  Goodness knows how Prissy would react to more strangers down at her level.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's All About the Journey

Here is our layout for this week. You get to see Pokey and the gang in action.
It is always a special time when we are having fun with kids. They love to ride horses and help. Well Amy and Jace wanted to ride Pokey but they also wanted to help lead him. Frank was so patient and let them hold the lead rope but you could see the very strong grip he had on the rope. My favorite shot is the big 5x7 of the three of them almost in silhouette. You can see Jace so happy go lucky hanging onto the rope while Amy enjoys the ride. My big brother the anchor between the two. I Love the sway of Pokey's tail, the tree line, and each one's position. I'd love to be that carefree again. I know we all have pictures that speak to us about a journey. Get them out and crop them.

Better finish getting everything ready for tomorrow. You know about the card class. So I have to really get myself geared up for all the fun we are going to have.

See you at the shop.

It's All About The Journey

Last night's card class went much better than the morning class.  We only had a few on a different page at the same time.  I may have to have one giant brownie before Thursday's class.  Oh but wait,  there will be a couple less people on Thursday.  So maybe I will be Ok. 

Pokey was patiently waiting at his feed bucket this morning.  As I walked up to the fence line I spotted one of our foxes in the outside fence line.  The birds were chasing him.  I was surprised to see him.  It has been awhile since I saw any sign of the little family group.  Sometimes you would see one lay up on the rolled hay bale.  One day there were two laying up on the bale.  Apparently their little den is somewhere close by.  Frank used to see the little guys once in a while but I have only seen the adults.  Another reason to watch Prissy in the back yard. 

Last night as I was warming up some leftovers for dinner when I looked out the kitchen window and spotted a Hummingbird zipping around.  Those little things are amazing.  One day I was walking Prissy out back and was standing near a bottlebrush bush.  There was such a loud buzzzzz going on.  I wondered what in the world is that noise.  I started looking around and there in the bush were a bunch of Hummingbirds.  Those tiny wings move so fast and all together it made such an unusual sound.  There are so many small things in life we all need to experience and this is one of them.

Belinda came to the bedroom to check on me after dinner last night.  I was working on the computer when she popped in asking if I was ok.  I look up and told her I was fine.  Apparently she had spoken with Frank and told him I had eaten hotdogs for dinner.  He questioned her and ask if  was alright.  That I never ate hotdogs.  Well, I don't eat hotdogs very much.  They are not one of my favorites.  But occasionally I will breakdown and eat one.  Am I so predictable that when I do something out of the ordinary, people think I am a little off.  Well I thought you all thought I was a little off all the time.

Time to get the kiddo together and for us to hit the road to the shop.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I actually finished my card for today and was home before dark last night.  The card is simple but with lots of different steps in order to put it together.  There is some Cuttlebug use.  Of course, you are going to ink, ink, and more ink.  Weaving? Yes there is some weaving.  Hopefully the Tuesday morning group survived without too much stress.

I did more paperwork last night.  Finally I shut down about midnight.  Prissy and Nan needed to step outside one last time.  Just about the time I reached for the door knob I stopped in my tracks. There on the door sat a little green frog.  Emily where are you when I need you.  The dogs are waiting for me to open the door. So I just grab the frog and carried it to the outside.  I don't think Belinda would have been a happy camper if she had been the first to encounter the frog.

Yahoo!!! The first card is ready for the Card Blitz on Saturday.  It is one of Glenda's little finds.  Now I just have three more to go.  Oh! it is still early in the week.  No problem.  You know me I work better under pressure. 

There will be a meeting on organizing our recipe book next Wednesday.  The ladies looked over the recipes submitted so far and they would like more salads, main dishes, and appetizers.  You guessed it.  Most of the recipes are for desserts.  Maybe the shop should have been called 'Sugar Papers'.

Tomorrow is Scissor Sisters work day.  Someone said they want to play with vellum for cute little Christmas light shades.  I think Glenda has another haunted house she is working on.  Who knows what fun projects they will bring into the shop tomorrow.

Better get back to creating those cards for the Blitz.  Oh yeah and a scrapbook page.

See you at the shop.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Boy Sunday flew by.  I did not get on the mower.  Frank went to town for gas and hopped on the machine and finished the last strip of grass.  So that left me to go to work on the computer.  I did paper work all day and I am just about caught up. 

As I told you yesterday that I was going to do some cooking.  Honestly I used to be a so so cook but I have not been in the kitchen lately.  It is interesting how you forget little things.  My cooking project is do to my sister.  She let it slip that I used to make coconut cream pies for my Dad.  So Frank picked up the things I needed at the store.  No, I don't make pie crust from scratch.  Even when I cooked I did not make scratch crust.  And the way I made the pie is using packages.  The only thing from scratch was the meringue.  The pie crust got a good piercing or at least I thought it was really pierced until it started puffing here and there.  Then I started cooking the filling.  As I am stirring the pudding I remind my self mentally to remember the coconut.  You guessed it.  I went and poured the filling into the shell without stirring in the coconut.  Quickly I ran to get the bag of coconut opened. Then sprinkled and stirred very gently.  Ok, so now it is time to make the meringue.  I am a little nervous after the coconut deal.  Out comes the big mixer you know the kind you just gotta have and then it ends up being a counter decoration.  As I am mixing the egg whites and teaspoons of sugar it just isn't puffing up.  Frank said it did not look airy.  But it was glossy.  So I changed mixing blades and turned that sucker up as fast as it would go.  Thank goodness I finally decided to stop.  I almost had candy.  You know the directions tell you it is good when it holds it's shape.  Well it held its shape.  It was supposed to have nice swirls at the top but it did not want to swirl.  Next step is to brown the meringue without starting a fire.  I cranked up the oven and put on my kitchen glove so I could rescue the pie should the flames start.  The browning looked a little wimpy but better wimpy than flames shooting off the top.  The meringue tasted good.  The filling was a little runny (I ate it with  a spoon).  Frank said it was good.  Just like anything you gotta get back in there and try again.

I better get going and plan some of the cards for this week.  One for tomorrow and four for Saturday.
Plus a scrapbook page in between.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The tables were full yesterday for the Cuttlebug Club.  Lots of new faces around the table and a few that have not been there for awhile.  Lots of goodies on the food table.  Glenda made a wonderful pasta salad and had some great shrimp.  Then there was a special run that the two Liynda's(one spells her name Linda and one Lynda) made to Popeye's.  I heard lots of "Where is the honey?". So I am assuming that they were enjoying the biscuits more than the chicken.  But they were having fun and that is what this meeting is all about.

While they were cutting up all that paper I was surfing for card ideas.  Next week is Card Blitz Saturday, so I gotta get going creating those challenges for you card makers. 

When I got home Frank just about had the lawn mowed.  I was gonna switch out with him but there was not enough fuel to finish what was left.  So he decided to cut Prissy and Nan's little piece in the back.  So I went to help with the gates because Pokey was hanging out for his dinner.  Frank whipped out the back yard (it is pretty small) and I closed the gates behind him.  I thought he was gonna park the mower until he went to town for gas but he kept running.  Finally he parked it because he knew he was pushing his luck and did not want to push the mower back to the house.   While waiting for him to finish the backyard I rescued a large Monarch butterfly from our patio.  It was hanging from the screen roof.  I grabbed my broom and tried to get it to attach itself to the bristles.  Well it did not like that so I started trying to shoo it along the roof towards the door.  Finally it dipped under the door frame and off it flew.  What a beautiful sight. 

Hopefully we will get the lawn mowed today before the rains come. And believe it or not I plan to try my hand in the kitchen some time today.  It will be an adventure.  Wish I could have one of those chef's assistants to clean-up after me.

Thanks to Glenda, Jackie, Jane and Teddi for the cart you gave me for my birthday.  It sure helps moving those Sizzix dies from the back to the tables in the shop.  I don't have to make so many trips.  Those towers are heavy and the dies will slide out of the slots if you are not careful.  A special thanks to Glenda for helping me clean-up yesterday after everyone left. 

Well the gas is here so I am off to crank the mower.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glitter , Glitter everywhere last night.  Iris was making boxes out of paper with lots of glitter.  They were beautiful.  Glenda finished the haunted house and with  a votive candle it really does look spooky.  But she does have way more patience than I do.  It is too cute.   You are just gonna love it!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!!  Oreo cookies + cream cheese = outrageous.  Glenda made her famous truffles.  She crushed Oreo cookies, added cream cheese, rolled them into a ball, then dipped the ball into chocolate almond bark.  Oh My Gosh!!!!  Of course I love Oreo cookies. And who doesn't love chocolate on chocolate.  If you are coming to Cuttlebug today you will get to taste this awesome truffle.  she made enough to share with us today

Going home after crop last night I stopped at McDonald's to get my large unsweetened ice tea.  Low and behold it was actually fresh. Sometime I stop and it is on the verge of going sour. But it was good and fresh last night.  As I was pulling up to the order window I did a double take at the top of the fence.  There sat a beautiful cat all curled up.  I can't imagine there was enough room for it to sit all curled up.  What a treat. 

Well the Cuttlebuggers have started so I better close up.

See you at the shop.

Friday, August 13, 2010

You all hear me talk about Pokey so I thought I would share a photo of Pokey.  Here is Joshua and Frank getting him ready for a little ride.  As Joshua said this morning 'He is a big Horse'.  But he is a gentle horse.  The kids love to ride him as Frank holds the lead.  I had to go into the pasture to dump his feed last night.  He was so ready for it he wanted to reach over me and get it out of my bucket.   So I had to nudge his neck with my arm until I could get his bucket up from the ground.

Yesterday my day ended kinda crazy.  I was locking up and could not find my keys. I have a spare set of car keys in my purse but not shop keys.  I looked in all the usual hiding places. But no keys.  I called Geneva to see if she had seen them.  Couldn't get her so I locked up and then it hit me.  How am I gonna get in tomorrow?  I decided to drive to Geneva's and get her keys.  All the way there hoping she was gonna be there.  I pulled up and all the kids were at her house.  So no wonder she didn't get my call.  I knocked on the door and out bursts Joshua giving me the biggest hug.  Now that was worth the trip forget about the keys.  And then I got to get some sugar from baby Tate.  There was Emily showing off her missing tooth.   And Carter was actually acting a little more like himself.  Geneva knew right where the keys were, thank goodness.  So off to the shop Prissy and I went to really lock-up and get home without worrying how I was gonna open up Friday morning.

Tonight is Crop Night so there will be some craziness going on tonight.  I think the main idea for coming to crop tonight is to save their spot for  Cuttlebug Club.  It sounds like we will hae a full hose tomorrow.  I better stock up on some chocolate or something.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love having these rain showers to sorta cool things off.  You noticed I said sorta.  It is still hot.  Even with the cool down I am running the fan to save on the electricity and trying to stay cool.

Yesterday was a play day here at the shop.  There was a lot of playing and visiting.  Iris brought in some fruit, popcorn chicken, cheese straw crackers and a cheese ball.  Everything was so good.  Yes,  Glenda started working on that detailed haunted house that is on the Cricut cartridge.  Take note I said she started to work. It is a very detailed project so it is gonna take her several days to complete the house.  It is in several parts sitting on a tray in the back.  But when she finishes it will be something.  Several ladies came by to visit and it was some good visiting.

Pokey was patiently waiting at his bucket last night.   His bucket was hanging up on the fence so I did not have to get my flashlight and walk through the pasture.  Of course, Prissy thought she had to walk all over the yard and check out the smells.  When she finished prowling I went in to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  You know I mentioned how we get into routines.  I usually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at night.  It is easy and quick.  Last night I was into my routine not paying attention and ended up putting peanut butter on both pieces of bread.  Well heck, where am I going to put my jelly.  Very carefully I spread a little jelly over the peanut butter.  Now that was one heavy sandwich.  But with a little Chrystal Light I finished the sandwich.

Sandy brought in more explosion boxes she has made.  She does such a beautiful job.  There is one she dedicated to our servicemen and women.  It is awesome.  So much talent floating around the shop. 

Friday night is Crop Night and Saturday is Cuttlebug Club.  So come on by and enjoy the fun.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here are the cousins having fun playing dress-up. Of course they needed high heels so I went closet digging. Low and behold there are all those high heels I store cause I don't wear them since I broke my ankle. I wonder why in the world I ever wore them in the fist place except I was a shoeaholic and loved them being high and strappy. I had a Friend that she and I used to go shopping wearing heels. What were we thinking. The girls sure had an AWESOME time. That was Amy's favorite saying during her visit. So dig out those fun pictures that you feel are awesome and scrapbook this page.

Gotta get the rugrat loaded up and get to the house. Poor Pokey is waiting for his supper.
See you at the shop.

Hppy Birthday!

Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Have a great day.

Guess what I, did not get my scrapbook page done yesterday. I did work at home on my paperwork. The computer was shut down last night about 2:00 am. I knew the minute I said I had to make a decision on which thing I was going to work on it would get busy. Glenda came by after James had his test yesterday and had lunch with me. But before we could eat several people who had been away came in to visit. It was McAlister's for lunch. Taco salad was our choice because we love their chili. Let me tell you we forgot to say no Jalapenos please. Glenda picked out enough to fill a jar. I gingerly plucked mine out. Halfway through my salad there was a hot surprise. Now this would not have phased my brothers but boy did it hit me. So I am sporting a little lip blister this morning. I remember years ago going with my friend to have wings. She could eat the hottest things imaginable. She talked me into trying one. Yep, fever blister the next morning. Today is going to be an easy lunch choice. Nothing that comes to close to spicy.

The new Scrap & Stamp came in today. Halloween is their theme. Yesterday when I got home my new Halloween cartridges for the Cricut had arrived. Can't wait to cut some pumpkins and spider webs. There is even a haunted house that looks cool. One of the cartridges is for carving pumpkin designs. So you can cut and trace it out on your pumpkin, cut vinyl and attach to your pumpkin, or cut the design for a card or scrapbook page. Who says you can have too many cartridges. The problem is when I do a layout I want to use too many cartidges. Speaking of layouts, I better get to work on this weeks.

Later and see you at the shop.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yesterday the Sunshine Stampers did some wonderful cards.  Great ideas for male cards.  There was several techniques displayed.  One involved measuring and folding and you know how you guys are about those kinda cards.  So you probaably won't be seeing that card in our card class.  But today we did a measuring and folding card and the Tuesday morning class did great.  So my confidence is high that you all can do some measuring and folding. It is that you like to pick and choose your projects. 

Just spoke to Glenda and she was waiting on James to come back from one of his tests.  She is hoping he will get to come home from the hospital today.

I walked out to feed Pokey this morning and there on our fence is a cute little sweet pea looking vine. Now every morning I'll be looking for a bloom but the vine is very small so I'm sure it won't bloom that often.  But anticipating a bloom is better than anticipating Pokey's feed bucket being on the ground or too far to reach from inside the fence.  If the bucket is down I have started walking through the pasture instead of going back to the house for the broom.  Yeah I used to pick up the bucket with the broom.  But you had to hold your tounge just right and fit the broom just under the bucket hooks before lifting with the broom handle.  I'm sure I looked the sight manuvering the bucket while Pokey patiently waited.  If I have to walk in the pasture he follows me down the fence line and waits for me to open the gate.  Then he follows me back down the fence line until I dump the feed into the bucket. Who says a horse doesn't have manners.  He could be trying to eat out of my bucket of feed while I am walking the fence line.  But he is spoiled like Prissy.  When I step out to walk Prissy in the morning( you know I watch her because of the hawks flying the neighborhood) Pokey will be at the fence line calling me to bring the food.  He will start pacing the fence line until I drop the feed.  If I am too slow he will call me again.  He fusses at me like Prissy does.  When she wants something she starts that little dance you all have seen her do it at the shop.  Sometimes she gets very vocal, especially with Glenda.  Because Glenda brings her cooked chicken and gives her a little each time she comes in the shop.  Oh well we love these little and big guys fussy or not.

Wednesday is play day.  Come in and bring a project to play with and I will probably be playing with this weeks layout.  Friday night is crop night 5-11 p.m.  Saturday is Cuttlebug Club 10-4.  The following Saturday the 21st is Card Blitz.

Prissy is sleeping all curled up in her bed and I have the East bank of lights off trying to stay cool.  I'm trying to decide if I want to work on my paperwork for my accountant or start my scrapbook page.  You know which way I am leaning. 

I guess I better close up and decide which fast food I am gonna have for lunch.

See you at the shop.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Help. I am missing my corner rounder.  If anyone spots it please let me know.
The rain held off and the heat wasn't so bad so I got the lawn cut.  The blades cut even those pesky tall weeds with the little black seeds.  Poor Prissy would take a trip around the backyard and come in looking like someone had sprinkled pepper all over her.  As I was cutting the grass my treat was having all these little butterflies fly up from the grass.  I felt like I was in a mini snow flurry.  But just like life during one pass a tiny wasp/bee flew up and stung me on my neck.  But I continued to mow and enjoy the little flurries.  Even Pokey was a good boy.  I opened both gates to mow the back yard and he stayed in neighbors far pasture.  That way I could leave both gates open and mow the lawn without having to turn off the mower and open and close gates coming in and going out.  As I walked through the pasture to open the gate I scared up an assortment of butterflies.  There were the little whites, yellows,  and a dark one with white and pale blue tips almost shaped like a Monarch.  What a joy to see them flutter.  It is amazing the see your yard.  I usually just pull into the garage and miss seeing all that is out there.  Of course I am in a hurry in the morning and sometime it is dark when I get home.  But riding the mower you are up close and personal with the good, bad and ugly of the lawn.  The good  is seeing the flowers you often miss.  The bad are those cement survey markers that is a accident waiting to happen to the lawnmower deck.  You can bend that deck into the blade in a heartbeat.  The ugly are those bare roots and no grass around the big Oak trees.  This week the ugly is the grass piled in rows.  I did not get to mow last week.  Remember I was hoping for December weather.  So this week the grass was too high to mulch.  You know cut the lawn pattern to run over the row of already cut grass.  I kept wanting to stall.  so I reversed my pattern and threw the grass away from my cut row.  Towards the end of the day I had one of those white birds playing chicken with me.  Guess what I won.  He always flew out of the way.  All in all it was a good mowing day.

The Sunshine Stampers are going to be at the shop today.  I better get myself ready and get to the shop. Hopefully I can get my card done for tomorrow before the stampers arrive. 

See you at the shop.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boy howdy what an electrical storm we had yesterday.  And naturally my fuel gauge said low fuel mileage.  So as I left the shop I whipped up to Wally world  to gas up trying to hurry up and get in the car away from that lightening.  I go to swipe my gift card so I can save those few pennies.  The card is bent.  And after several swipes with that tiny screen (no glasses) says it can't read the card.  So off  I dash to the little window to see if she can read the card.  Still trying to dodge that lightening.  After she is able to run the card I dash (as much as I can dash) back to the car and begin pumping.  Normally I think the pump goes too fast and rolls that $$$$ too fast but yesterday it seemed to be crawling.  Finally it hits the magic number and I hang the pump up and hop in the car.  I felt like that old adage of waiting for the pot to boil.   I guess I better get better about watch the fuel gauge.  My Dad always made sure his tank never fell below the 1/4 mark.  And I hear all the time about trash being in the bottom of the tank.  Yeah I know all these things, but they are not always on the forefront of my thoughts.  You know we all get into a routine.  Sometimes that is not good because we miss things.  It maybe telling someone you care about them.  Or you find yourself going back to make sure you turned off the coffee, locked the door, or pushed the button on the garage door.  Yes, I have done all of those things.  I have been halfway home and turned around and gone back to the shop to check the front door.   It is about 11 miles to my house from the shop.  So that is not a quick trip.  So stop that routine and slow down and enjoy.

Yesterday we had our play day at the shop.  My goodness I don't know what I'm gonna do when Belinda puts us on this new diet. Glenda and Teddi both cooked up some goodies.  Teddi made Jane's crock pot peanut clusters.  Glenda made another batch of her no bake brownies.  They taste like rocky road fudge. We allready had homemade peach butter with cream cheese and bagels that Sandie had made. How can you be on a diet when all that goodness is floating around the shop. 

We are going to have another beading class on August 27th.  Beth will show us how to make a matching necklace for those bracelets we made last month.  Stay tuned for more info.

This week at the shop we have card classes and our One Hour Layout.  Plus this week is Cuttlebug Club on Saturday and Crop Night on Friday.  Then  there is our Wednesday play day.  There is some discussion about making things during some of the club and play days to send to the Life Enrichment Center.  So come enjoy making things for others to enjoy. 

The grass is getting dry so it is about time to crank that lawnmower.  I hear there are some new blades.  So lookout grass here I come!!!!!!

See you at the shop.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Frank's lab work came back clean.  Just thought I would share this good news with my Scrappy Family.
I love living in Lake City.  I left my house this morning and came down our curvy little hill and there at his mailbox/newspaper box sat a man in his golf cart facing away from the road.  He had just picked up his newspaper and was just sitting there reading his headlines.  Up came his had and with a few fingers gave me a wave without even looking up.  He just heard a car coming and gave it a wave. As I passed by I looked in the rear view mirror and no he still had his nose in his headlines.  I got a little chuckle then I thought yep I do the same thing.  I will be on the lawnmower and see a car coming and whether they see me or not I lift my hand and give a wave.  That's just what we do around here.  The first time I experienced this friendly gesture was years ago when I first started working in South Georgia  We would be riding down the road and meet a car or truck and you would see a few fingers lifted from the steering wheel.  I was told everyone did this even if they did not know you.  Friendly gestures is what we all need.

Well tomorrow is a play day.  So bring your toys and whatever project and enjoy some friendly gestures.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This layout is all about family an kids. My family always loved having breakfast. That was my Dad's favorite meal and my brothers and sister can cook up a mean breakfast. Even at Christmas I can remember having breakfast with my Granny before we left for Indiantown to visit my other Grandparents. We also loved donuts. When we were little and our folks would go to town( town was West Palm Beach) they would bring us donuts as a treat. So to me breakfast can be bacon and eggs, waffles, donuts, and as we see here pancakes. Too often we forget the little things that make kids happy. This was the last morning of Jace's visit and my brother was sure he was gonna cook up pancakes for Jace even if Jared was ready to hit the long road home. You can see how happy Jace was eating his pancakes. And of course Papa Frank made sure he took the pancake mix home with him. At the rate he was eating pancakes I don't think that bag will last very long.

I better clean up, close up, and take the little rug rat home. See you at the shop.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We had another busy week at the shop.  Our card was a flying butterfly using pennies.  Several new ladies joined our card classes and survived.  You know those ladies can get pretty crazy.

 The 'One Hour Layout' was fun.  I don't normally scrapbook myself but I love scrapbooking my family.   Since I am the oldest my brothers and sister get to be my subjects or their kids and grandkids. Frank is next in line, then CJ and Geneva is the baby as she loves to tell everyone.  When CJ and Geneva were little we called the Heckle & Jekyll, because they were always into things together.  But as they grew older I think Cj pulled rank and then Geneva did not like being the baby.

Friday was full of beautiful beads.  Many beautiful bracelets were made.  Hopefully Beth will do more classes for us.  We are looking at doing a bead class once a month.  If you re interested please contact the shop with your ideas.

Of course Prissy was her usual nosey self.  Mandy left her purse on the floor and you know what happened next.  I hear this rattling and went to check.  Sure enough there was Prissy having a ball tossing and playing with a package of almonds.  Prissy may be hard of hearing and have trouble seeing but her nose is unbelievable.  She can sniff out the smallest thing in a purse or the trash cans around the shop.

Saturday was play day.  Lots of playing going on.  Some beautiful Fall/Halloween cards.  Some were stitched and some were made using the new postage stamp design.  Of course there was a Christmas card in the mix with snowflakes and lots of stickles.  Then we saw several Spirelli cards made.  And through out the store you could hear the sounds of a baby playing.  Yep, the shop is truly a home away from home.

So what's in store for next week?  You never know what will happen around the shop.  So see you there and have a wonderful Sunday.

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