Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cousins - Happy Easter - April 20,2014

Happy Easter!!!  Hope you have a wonderful day.  looks like the weather is going to cooperate.  No rain.  A little on the cool side.  No snow.

Finished the second layout after finally after starting all over.  Do you just have one of those hair  brain ideas that does not work.  Yep.  Back to the drawing board.  But finally here it is....

Ya'll have a Blessed day.  I'm off to go egg hunting.

Smiles 'til I see you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Precious Moment - April 19, 2014

Happy Easter weekend.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with family and friends.  Even with all the rain it is a joyous weekend.

Next week is our scrapbook week so I am posting our first page.  It is hard to catch little guys still and quiet.  What a precious moment when we do. 

Have a great evening.  I am off to finish the next layout.

Smiles 'til I see you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

You Take the Cake - April 5, 2014

Such a wonderful day.  We even had a quick rain shower and the sun came back out.  There is a little breeze blowing. That helps it stay a little cooler. 

I talked to Mom Musto last night.  She was in a talkative mood.  She had me laughing.  She is getting used to her new digs.  Of course, she would like to have a bigger room.  But if she had a bigger room  she would not get out and about.  She says they have a beautiful sitting area.  So I told her she needs to go there more. 

Finished the second layout for this Tuesday's class.  Don't you just love how much fun kids have opening presents.  You never know how they will react.

Have a great weekend.

Smiles 'til I see you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

I was reminded that The Card Blitz falls on Easter weekend.  I decided to move the Blitz up to the weekend of April 11th and 12th. Just call me or text me the day you plan to attend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chillaxin' - April 3, 2014

Well here we are in April.  Still having some nice cool evenings.  The days are starting to warm up fast.  The trees are budding. Maybe the last rain storm took care of all that pollen.  The azalea bushes are unbelievable. My Dogwood only has a few blooms left.  The Fig tree and Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are starting to fill out.  Loving this Spring weather.

Next week we have our layout class on Tuesday.  So here is out first layout.

Can't believe this little guy went swimming in March.  I guess when you are at your grandparents, they let you do whatever you want.  But I am sure his little teeth were chattering.  I can see my brother laughing now.

Enjoyed our class at  Stillwaters Assisted living home.  The ladies did a great job putting the bunny together.  I won't tell you what little Sis said when she saw the ziplock bag of little circles and ovals.
Hearing the sweet comments from the ladies as the Bunny came together with each piece they glued was priceless.

Gonna chill tonight to get ready for the matchbox class tomorrow.  Yikes!!!!!

Smiles 'til I see you.

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