Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let's Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is wearing his party glasses.

Today we are two years old. And no we do not have the terrible twos. Our Scrappy family is so supportive. When everyone comes in they greet one another and ask how are you. As I say on the blog, 'Home away from home'. Thank you all for being my extended family.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Well, here we are the weekend and our anniversary celebration. Come by and celebrate with everyone.

Here are Emily & Mike drawing the winning tickets from last year.
Larie and Rose came to the party last year.Jackie loves a party, but she will be in Atlanta celebrating her granddaughter's first birthday.
Peggy was a winner for our First Anniversary.

Reviewing our classes over the last two years I came across this picture of Lucy & Michelle's first big class. The purse class was very complicated but everyone had a ball.

There is Nan, Tomi, and Cindy.

This was a long class that night. Now we are doing One Hour Layouts!
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I can't believe that Saturday is our 2nd Anniversary. Where has the time gone?
Here are a few of our very first customers.

On Saturday there will be special discounts through the day. What would a party be without food. So there will be cake and some punch, but no hotdogs on the grill.
Last year got rained out so we are taking the party inside.

Here is our grill master from last year fighting the rain. Standing with him is Carol Nickodam and Geneva getting the Hot Dog ready. Did someone say drawings. Yes, there will be drawings during the day. You never know what is hiding in the mystery room. So come out and help us do some celebrating. Store hours are from 10:00 until 6:00 on Saturday.
Here is Emily from our 1st
Anniversary offering a ladybug cookie.

That beautiful 'Blue Awning' paper has arrived. K&Company always makes such beautiful things. Each embellishment is special. There are jewels, rub-ons, journal pockets, and wonderful brads.
This tapestry is embossed. Each piece of paper is special. You are gonna love it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day weekend. I have had a busy few days. After closing late on Friday night I had nice surprise when I got home. The rug rats met me at the door as usual with their cheerful selves. Getting past their excitement I started for the closet to change shoes etc. As I rounded the corner disaster hit me. My closet shelves had fallen. There were hat boxes, hats, clothes heaped in a pile on the floor. Now my closet is a long closet so I am talking about a heap of clothes. Well after feeding the rug rats I started picking up this pile of clothes. Now I have piles of clothes all over the dining room, living room, and the laundry room. It is a good thing there is a handy man around the house cause he has a big project when he can get to it. I am just thankful the rug rats did not get hurt. This is the closet rug rat #1 (Rhett) hides on his pillow. It is his territory. I have shut the door so he can't get in there until things get back to normal. I know we all keep too many clothes. If we calculated what we wore it would be about one quarter of what is hanging in our closets. You know you have those favorites that are just too comfortable. And then there are those different sizes we keep just in case. Well This is gonna make me go through and clean out cause Frank is not gonna let me but half of that stuff back on the shelves. But in all fairness the nails holding the racks were not very long or anchored into a stud. But I will scale down.

Mrs. Jane brought her recipe to me. You know that outrageous ice c ream sandwich dessert. First you spray Pam on an 8x8 glass baking dish. Fill pan bottom with a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then sprinkle the sandwiches with a layer of cracked Heath Bars or crushed toffee chips you find in the baking aisle. Next layer chopped pecans. Drizzle with chocolate. Then caramel syrup. Then repeat layers. Freeze until ready to serve. This is very rich so a little dab will do you. She brought in another recipe so I will share that with you later.

Mrs. Glenda just brought in the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. These are from her garden. WOW!

This is the layout with Lucy this week. It would make a great heritage page. Or if that cute little girl played dress up.

These are Graphic 45 papers. You can't tell from the picture but the tiles are embossed. That will be a new technique for you. Be practicing with your heat gun so you can get this done in an hour!!!!.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well here were are half way through the week. Tomorrow, is card day and here is the card we are doing. This is painted with H2o's. These are like watercolors but with mica chips so they twinkle. We all love that glitz.
Gayle's 'One Hour Layout' is very pretty. You are gonna love it.
There are blues, pinks, and cream. The paper is from Fancy Pants 'Daydreams'. It would be a great page for some of those Mother's Day pictures.

Are you planning a big weekend or have the gas prices got staying home? Come on by a do some cropping in the cool store. We will be here all weekend and there are no classes scheduled so the tables are open.

Belinda and Frank are doing wonders with the rose garden. I come home and enjoy the beautiful cut roses. I think this one is a chocolate rose. I really enjoy flowers as you can see by all the flowers around the store. But they do take a lot of watering. But that gets me outside once in a while.

I guess I better close up shop and go home to my rugrats.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I had better get caught up with our activities. Friday night was crop night. There were a couple of ladies here. They packed in about 10:00 so off I went to Wally World. I needed food for my rugrats. It was nice a quiet there so it did not take long. The I am headed home. When I get into my neighborhood I have a little curve and up the hill I go. On this curve is an open field. My eyes are always open for anything moving. Well Friday night as I rounded the curve my lights hit a field of twinkling eyes. I approached slowly so I could enjoy them and not watch them leaping away. Deer of course. They love to feed in this field. In the early morning I might even see turkeys. Everyday I have enjoyed a beautiful assortment of flowers. So night or day I have a treat as I round the curve. Here is a doe with her fawn. I captured this picture on my way to the stroe one morning.

Sunday, The Altered Group gathered and shared a wonderful assortment of their creativity. They are working on a name for their group. After sharing their art, they became the wild bunch with all their inks and dominoes. What fun!!!! They definitely need aprons. I have seen one of the completed domino projects. It was wonderful.

Yesterday, the Book Club had a meeting. They played with screens and sprays. Aprons again please. No they weren't that messy. They shared their acrylic projects. Really cute! Some had a problem being able to see through the pages but that is OK. Whatever you like is the most important thing when you scrapbook. I think we are going to change the club just a little bit. We will work on a page for a project during the meeting. The first project will be a book about ME. Each month there will be a theme for the page you will work on at the meeting. This way you can come prepared to work. This will make a great album about you. Everyone scraps everything but themselves. You can work in a 12x12 formt or smaller. This is for you about you. Come prepared to be amazed about yourself.

Tomorrow, I will post the page Gayle is doing on Friday for the One hour Layout. You are gonna love it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well here we are Friday afternoon. Most people are celebrating the end of the week but I am celebrating the rain we received today. The parking lot is flooded but, hey the grass and flowers are happy. The One Hour Layout went great. The group can't wait until next weeks class.

Here is a beautiful new stamp from Hero Arts. This is abackground stamp. You can stamp the whole image or just part of the image. It would make an awesome accent on a scapbook page. Imagine stickles on the butterfly. WOW!

New paper looks like fabric. It is Ruche. There are 10 different colors. Here is a sample of the red. The ripples give the paper such texture. It reminds me of a fancy dress. The weight is a balance between heavy cardstock and light decorative paper. Mmm!!!

As you are decorating this Spring remember we have those neat prints framed in black. Here is just one we have on display.

Tonight is crop night and the ladies are starting to arrive. Hope I can stay awake. You never know about me. I sometimes disapear into the mystery room (that's what everyone calls the stock room). This is the Sunday the altered group meets on Sunday afternoon. No one has signed up for the classes tomorrow, so if you want to crop call and I will save you a spot. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I started the morning taking the rugrats to the groomer. It is not their favorite thing to do. This morning I tricked Prissy. When she came inside from the yard I picked her up and put her right in the car, so she did not start running from me when she saw her halter. These dogs are so smart.

Well ,we had another great card class this morning. The ladies were very creative, they stenciled the outside of their envelopes.
Saturday morning is the card class with Glenda.

Here are the cards you will make.

Emily and I are jumping frogs and cutting paper.
She is becoming an early card maker.

Well Lori just popped in so I better close for now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming into town today I put the brakes on and watched a big turkey walking in the woods next to the road. He was awesome. I guess I keep my eyes too much off the road because I have also enjoyed the wildflowers. They are just about bloomed out. I guess this dry hot weather has hit them hard. But the heat hasn't hit those dandelions they keep blooming.

This is a new company we now have at Scrappy's. The stamp company is Fontworks and this is Fresh Foliage 1. They now have Fresh Foliage 2 which is also very beautiful. There is a journal stamp, butterflies, and fancy titles.

Hero Arts has some beautiful new wood stamps. These large stamps are great for backgrounds. We also have some new clear stamp sets with little jewels to decorate your stamped image.

Well things have gotten busy here so I better go help my customers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well I survived the Sunshine Stampers yesterday. They made some great Get Well Cards. Check out the board when you come into the store.

This is the One Hour Layout for Friday May 16th. Lucy will be teaching this class and it is full. These are Basic Grey papers. Yes you can do this in One Hour or else!!!!

The card we are making Tuesday and Thursday morning this week has a beautiful rose in the center. The group was very quiet this morning. I guess they were concentrating on the rose as they worked.

We are back to 3 dogs at our house. Cody went home today we will miss him. I have been in the 'mystery room' this afternoon. You know moving and re-arranging all that wonderful paper I hide back there. Guess I better pack up and go home to my Rugrats. Tomorrow I will post the cards for Saturday mornings class that is scheduled with Glenda.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Refreshing weekend.

Well, here are my sleepy rugrats and their cousins


Cousin Nan Cousin Cody

I had a busy Mother's Day. Slept in until about 8:00. Then the rugrats wanted to go outside. It was beautiful outside so I cut a few roses from the garden and enjoyed a butterfly on our patio. Then we tackled my craft room. I am now sorta organized
and have it all in my bedroom. I started to work on a project last night and realized all my basic tools were here at the store. Imagine that! Well I better get ready for those crazy card makers that have their meeting today. You never know what they are gonna do. They keep me on my toes.
See Ya,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend.

Hope you have great plans for the weekend. I plan to close the store Sunday and spend some time at home. My little rugrats, shown here on the right have a cousin sleeping over this weekend. We have had a busy couple of weeks here at the store. National Scrapbook Weekend was fun and busy. The ladies have been doing a great job with the Friday One Page/One Hour Layout Class. Tuesday and Thursday is our Coffee, Card, and Danish and that has been filling with happy card makers. Preparing cards for this has helped me be a little creative lately.
Remember most Moms just want you to spend time with them. So have some fun tomorrow sharing memories with your Mom or about your Mom.

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