Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming into town today I put the brakes on and watched a big turkey walking in the woods next to the road. He was awesome. I guess I keep my eyes too much off the road because I have also enjoyed the wildflowers. They are just about bloomed out. I guess this dry hot weather has hit them hard. But the heat hasn't hit those dandelions they keep blooming.

This is a new company we now have at Scrappy's. The stamp company is Fontworks and this is Fresh Foliage 1. They now have Fresh Foliage 2 which is also very beautiful. There is a journal stamp, butterflies, and fancy titles.

Hero Arts has some beautiful new wood stamps. These large stamps are great for backgrounds. We also have some new clear stamp sets with little jewels to decorate your stamped image.

Well things have gotten busy here so I better go help my customers.


Celeste said...

This is really nice. It keeps us all informed. Thanks. By the way I just love my card I made on Tuesday

JgWM said...

Looks great, thanks for the update- Gayle

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