Monday, June 27, 2011

As I worked on this weeks layout I looked for my 'Everyday Paper Dolls' Cricut cartridge. It is missing in action. So please check your stash and let me know if you have it. Thanks.

See you at the shop.


Hello everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. I had fun with those crazy Cricut people. They were busy making those 4th of July decorations for the tree. I'm sure they will make the change from birthday tree to the 4th of July tree on Wednesday. Prissy and I had a relaxing weekend at home doing our laundry. We actually enjoyed some showers at the house this weekend.

You are probably wondering what has gotten into me doing a post on Monday. Well take a guess.

Can you believe it!!!! Here is our layout for the week. What fun those kids have staying cool in the pool. Love that little guy saying cheese. Of course, he loves the big pool not the kiddie pool. It won't be long and he will be doing flips with the big guys.

Guess I better hop to it and come up with the card for the week.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Good grief another week and the layout is finished before midnight Wednesday night. Donna Sue came by today and was tickled pink she did not have to keep running to her computer room waiting to see if the layout was posted. Not don't get used to this. It just so happened the muse was working earlier in the week this week. The layout is of my Dad. One thing I remember about my Dad is his smile and laugh. Of course, you did not want to bother him if you saw his mouth closed and the side of his cheek moving. Yep, he was grinding his teeth and that meant he was mad. But thankfully it did not last very long. What great memories do you have of your Dad? Start digging out those photos you keep meaning to do something with and enjoy putting them to paper.

Saturday is Cricut day. Come have some fun cutting and playing. Friday could be WOW if enough people sign up. Call me.

Stay cool if you can.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Happy Father's Day. Hope you had a great day with family. Maybe you cooked for Dad or just let him kick back and rest. It is even better if you made him laugh a little. This is a shot of my Dad. Yeah he was a looker. But he was also a very caring man. Did not say much. He was very handy around the house. We miss him but he is always in our hearts.

The Blitz was a little longer than the last blitz but we survived. We only lost one person. I had to stop a couple of times to wait on customers. You never know ho things will go when you plan a card. Each one has it's own quirks and issues to complete. But thankfully the ladies are always willing to jump in and give the a shot. Thank you ladies for making it fun.

This week we have our regular classes and Saturday is Cricut Club.

Have a great evening.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can you believe I finally finished the 4th card tonight. So the Blitz is a go for tomorrow. Be sure to bring your scoreboard. Be ready for some fun.

I left the shop about 11 and was kinda dragging. I stayed alert on the way home sorta! As I turned the corner to our street. What did I spy grazing under the big Oak trees. Several deer. How can I be dragging after that sight.

I better get some rest so I can keep those ladies on track tomorrow. If that is possible. They really do keep me on my toes.

Enjoy that lovely moon we have had the last few night.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hugs & Kisses

When you get children together they are so cute and funny. My Niece came for a visit a few weeks ago. It was really neat to see their children getting acquainted. My great nephew attached himself to my great niece. He wanted to follow her everywhere. Then he wanted to give her lots of big hugs. Just love those cutiepies. Naturally, this weeks layout is titled 'Hugs & Kisses'. And, no don't you start laughing. You may not see the layout this early for a very long time. So go find those great pictures you have stuffed in a box and put them onto paper so they can be enjoyed!!!

This week is Card Blitz. On Saturday from 12:30 until we finish.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Faces

Having family around is the best. We had some family visit last week. It is so much fun watching the kids reconnect. The youngest ones found each other for the first time. It is amazing to see how they laugh and hug one another. Spend some time with family and capture those fun pictures. Here is this weeks layout with all those fun faces.

Cuttlebug Club is Saturday from 10:00 'til 4:00.

Better finish up and get the little Prissy girl home. I understand there is some yellow rice waiting on me.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


How many of you love to run barefoot when the weather turns warm. I have not been a barefoot person. I do like to kick off my shoes and let my feet breathe. But something about being barefoot isn't for me. I'm not a sock person either. I can remember always being in trouble with my Mom because I would get to school and take off my socks and not bring them home. Here is a sweet family full of smiles and joy. You can tell they are loving the warm Spring weather. We skipped our Spring and went straight into Summer. So dig out those fun Spring photos for this weeks layout.

Well I better finish up and get my little baby home.

See you at the shop.

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