Monday, September 20, 2010

Goldenrod... Ragweed... Achoo.  Yep, it is that time of year already.  I had one of those sinus headaches today.  But it seems it has hit several other people.  I am willing to put up with those sneezes just to have a little cooler weather.  Just a few more days and Fall will be moving in. 

I thought I had gone to bed at a decent hour last night.  But when Prissy wanted to go out at 6:30.  Good grief!  My mistake was when we came back in I went back to bed.  I have been dragging all day.  I was visiting with Glenda and realized I had not put on any mascara (when I got home tonight it was where I had left it and not in the drawer).  What else did I forget to do today.... 

Glenda brought me lunch today.  It was homemade chicken pot pie and fresh yellow squash.  It was wonderful.  I even shared a few bites with Miss Prissy. The ladies here at Scrappy's sure can cook.  And a couple more ladies have submitted recipes.  I can't wait until that cookbook is ready.  I know that all those recipes will be wonderful.  The poll for the cookbook title closed last night and the title chosen was 'Scrappy Ladies Cookbook'.  Don't forget to place your order for your copy of the cookbook.

I sure can't get used to it getting dark so early.  Dark was always my signal to close up shop and go home.  But with it getting dark so early it shortens my work day considerably.  One minute I am cranking along and then darkness hits.  Sometimes, I get more work done after the shop closes.  No ,I don't think I could get my brain cranked up early in the morning.  I'm doing good just to get to the shop on time. 

It's about that time Prissy is giving me a hint about it being bedtime.  Hopefully, I will be functioning better tomorrow.  Check out the eyes and see if I have remembered my mascara.

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

Sign me up for a cookbook Gail! I've tasted that cooking and would love to have the recipes.
Glenda that was sure nice of you to take homemade chicken pot pie to Gail.
Don't feel bad about the mascara Gail. I put some little dots of concealer under my eyes last week. It comes in a stick so I let it sit on my face for a few minutes. I was the speaker at my Leads club that day.
When I got home, I looked in the mirror and there were my dots. I had forgotten to blend them in!

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