Sunday, July 27, 2008

I better get caught up with pictures from this month before the month is over. Friends and family surprised me on my birthday with lunch and cake. Thanks to all the ladies who came and surprised me. I celebrated for several days. My brother and his family came up from Clewiston. I looked up and saw a cute little munchkin walking at the end of the table with a balloon. I said " I know her"! There was Miss Amy my brothers grandbaby. As I looked at the front door there was C.J. (my brother) and Jennifer (his daughter). We partied all afternoon and then moved the party to the house. So it was a very nice birthday having my two brothers and sister together.

Here is Miss Amy giving us a big smile.

Here is our next couple of visitors. This is Miss Genny. She is Geneva's grandbaby from Missouri.She got right down on the floor to play with Prissy. Prissy started to bark as she does when she is playing. This did not stop Genny. She just continued to reach for Prissy and this just egged Prissy to bark more. Genny is a cutie.

Prissy is not a visitor. She will be a regular here at Scrappy's. She will come greet you at the door. But mostly she will be seen hot on my footsteps or sleeping beside me in her little pink bed. Oh yea she is a beggar, so you might see her at the edge of your chair waiting for a hand out. Have no fear she does not bite.

There are a few changes to the store hours. Starting in August we will be closing the store at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and we will only be open on the second Sunday of each month. The rest of the week Monday through Friday hours stay the same 10:00 to 6:00. We are thinking about closing early on Wednesday afternoon but I have not made the decision about that yet.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here is our card this week. We used Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps. These are those peg stamps that make it so easy. It is almost like coloring by number.

We are back on track with our Friday layout class. This is the page for this Friday with Lucy. Here is the layout for those birthday pictures, 4th of July, or just a special celebration. Sign up early because the seats go fast. Lucy is offering a night class next week on Thursday if you are interested let me know so we can get it on the calendar.

Couple of new things from Tim Holtz. His word keys and almost mounted rubber stamps. Today we received the new 'Artful Blogging', 'Somerset Home' and 'Stampers Sampler'. As the UPS guy said as he left "see you tomorrow". So you never know what is new around here. I can't even remember what is new.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tribute To Rhett

Today we said goodbye to one of my rugrats. Mr. Rhett was diagnosed this week with very aggressive liver cancer. We enjoyed 12 wonderful years together. He was my best bud, Dude and my honey bunny. He had those great soulful eyes that seem to talk to you. He was the one to cuddle. One of my funniest memories of him over the years was coming home from work and finding he had unrolled the toilet tissue and run down the hall and around the closet and started down the hall again.

When I first got him we went to visit my mother-in-law in Pennsylvania. We had to fly, I had a little bag he stayed in under the seat in front of me. He never made a peep. A little boy dropped a toy in the aisle and got down to pick it up and was surprised to see Rhett down there. During that visit his favorite toy was a half gallon plastic water jug. Mom would get so tickled to see him carry it around because it was bigger than him.

He loved to ride. Car, golf cart, or stroller it did not matter. You would tell him to load up if it was the car or golf cart. The stroller ride was considered a walk.

My other rugrat, Prissy is really gonna miss him. Rhett was her protector(even though she would boss him around sometime). From the minute I brought her home he has taken care of her. You might catch him cleaning her eyes or her ears. Prissy does not bark when she needs to go out, so sometime I would miss her trying to let me know she needed to go. Well, Rhett would have none of that. He would come over and bark to let me know she needed to go out. Prissy would take care of business but Rhett would just snoop. You know he did not have to go but she did. Dogs are pretty smart and give of themselves so lovingly.

So, here is a smile, a laugh, and yes a tear to say goodbye and we will miss you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick note: Gayle's 'One Hour Page' has been cancelled for this Thursday night, July 17th.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We had a couple of new shoppers today. Abie and Gracie from St. Louis. These are Geneva's grandaughters. They like the glitz. Their favorite paper was all the glitter papers. Especially the pink. They are looking forward to doing a little scrapbooking while they are in town. When they left here they were headed over to see their cousins. They will be back to crop on Thursday.

This is our card for this week. You have a different fold as well as a cute little envelope. This is paper and ribbon by American Crafts. Bright and cheerful for all occasions.

Where in the world is Lori??? She went south to the beach and i have not seen or heard from her since. Has she become a beach bum?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Well here is the finished job. I did a little trimming out yesterday between the rain showers. I thought I would have trouble with the weed eater but it started on the second pull. It was a busy day. I also gave the rugrats a bath. They look so soft and fluffy. Prissy looks like a little lamb with her curly hair. Rhett needs a haircut because he is feeling this hot weather.

I was out on the patio watching the rugrats as they wandered the yard and noticed Pokey run from his hay bale. I thought 'oh no there is a snake in his hay'. Then out from under the fence ran a little fox with a Mockingbird hot on his tail. Boy those birds chase everything. Earlier i had spotted one after a squirrel. That maybe why Rhett isn't crazy about the back yard like he used to be. I spotted him being chased the other day. How long is nesting season? We do have a couple of Hummingbirds floating around. the love the confederate jasmine but that has just about bloomed out. Belinda needs to get back and freshen up their feeder.

Nan was here Saturday with a really neat book she made with tags. She had just a few more things to finish and she was going to post it on her blog 'Nan's Niche.' She is listed on blogs to visit.

This is Lucy's layout for Friday.

There is lots of glitter. This would be a great page for a birthday or a 4th of July layout. Sign up early the spots go fast.

How about some fun products to play with this Summer. There are words and swirls that are sticky on both sides. One side sticks on your project the other you sprinkle glitter or flock( looks like velvet). The flock kit has 12 colors. We also have several different types of glitter. You could even apply gold leafing.

Don't forget to check out the calendar for our sale days.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I did it! Yep, I mowed the whole thing yesterday. Well I did miss one little spot in the rugrats yard. Oh well I will get it tomorrow when I try out the weed eater. That is if I can get it cranked. It is one of those things that has 3 different things to mess with while you are pulling the cord. First you pump the gas bubble. Then you have the choke, etc., etc. I even tried out the little red wagon. No, I did not roll the wagon or jack knife it turning to sharp. I took it slow at first then I let it rip. Boy, those oak trees are nice for shade but a bugger to clean up before mowing. At first I had to put the pin in the hole before I could pull the wagon with the mower, but I finally managed that. I'm thinking the rugrats might like to go for a ride in the little red wagon. Maybe we will do that tomorrow.

Geneva is probably wandering the caves today. Hopefully the weather is good for their trip. When they get back she will have her two grand girls from Missouri. They will be here a week before their parents arrive. I'm sure Geneva will keep them busy. They might even come by and do a little scrapbooking. Although I hear Gracie plays a mean game of cards. That is cards in the plural. You know once the gaming starts they want to keep playing over and over.

Well I did not have to protect Rhett from the fireworks last night. Things were pretty quiet around the neighborhood. There was one bonfire going but no loud noises. Although I did backfire with the mower one time. Pokey gave me such a look. Like I was bothering his munching on the hay bale.

We have a mocking bird that is driving me nuts. Hopefully that nest will hatch soon and they will be happy just flying around the yard. Right now it wants to dive bomb me every time I go to feed Pokey. Well this morning I carried the broom and just dared him to dive me. I guess it did not like the broom swinging around as I walked because he kept his distance. He stayed close and eyed me the whole time. That was the second trip. The first trip ended with me not able to reach the feed bucket so I had to go back for the broom. That first trip it was diving me like crazy. I love all the animals in the yard but I also love to be in my yard without being attacked.Well they will be flying soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well here we are the 4th of July. Boy time flies. Remember I will be closed tomorrow, but I will be opened on Saturday. Have a great holiday tomorrow and be safe. Enjoy all the fireworks and all the cookouts.

I plan to be riding the tractor tomorrow. Maybe I can cut the whole yard and be able to play on Sunday(the store is closed this Sunday).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, I finally finished the lawn on Sunday. I had to have a small break due to the rain. I tried to keep going but it started coming down too hard. At least I had the dust washed off. Typical Florida weather the sun was shinning in the time it took me to have something cold to drink. I was back at it and was finishing the the last few rounds and here comes the rain. I parked the tractor and briskly walked to the house before the boomers started. I don't do lightening. Rain doesn't bother me but I have a healthy respect for that electrical stuff. As I left the drive today I looked across the yard and thought 'Oh my gosh I gotta start mowing again'. With all this rain those skinny little grasses with the little black seeds pop up like crazy. The grass looks nice except for those things popping up here and there. The worst is when those white rugrats come in from the yard covered with little black seeds.

I have a digger in the back yard. There has been one around the house for awhile but now he is in the fenced yard where the dogs run. You know my two have odd little habits like wanting to go outside anytime between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Well my oldest rugrat wanted out the other night about 2:00 a.m. The first thing he did when I opened the door to the patio was run up to the little brick wall around the patio and take a sniff. I thought oh dear whats he found. I peeked out before releasing him into the yard. Right there at the wall in the short hedges was the digger. Well I herded my little rugrat in the opposite direction as the digger started running. I had seen a hole by the hose reel at the end of the hedge so I figured he headed that way. I think the digger is coming in under the fence near where I feed the horse. I covered the hole as best I could but the next day I could see he had tunnelled again. This time I put one of Belinda's fern pots in front of the tunnel. If he can move that thing he is pretty strong. Well this rain has him looking for dry ground cause I have seen a few trenches dug around Frank's trailer.

Remember we will be closed for the 4th of July and there will not be a crop that night. Saturday the tables will be available for you to crop. Then we will be closed Sunday. The next 'One Hour Layout' is Friday July 11th.

How are those contest layouts coming? We need to have them posted in the store by July 11th so we can start voting.

Check the calendar of events we have several sale days this month.

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