Saturday, July 5, 2008

I did it! Yep, I mowed the whole thing yesterday. Well I did miss one little spot in the rugrats yard. Oh well I will get it tomorrow when I try out the weed eater. That is if I can get it cranked. It is one of those things that has 3 different things to mess with while you are pulling the cord. First you pump the gas bubble. Then you have the choke, etc., etc. I even tried out the little red wagon. No, I did not roll the wagon or jack knife it turning to sharp. I took it slow at first then I let it rip. Boy, those oak trees are nice for shade but a bugger to clean up before mowing. At first I had to put the pin in the hole before I could pull the wagon with the mower, but I finally managed that. I'm thinking the rugrats might like to go for a ride in the little red wagon. Maybe we will do that tomorrow.

Geneva is probably wandering the caves today. Hopefully the weather is good for their trip. When they get back she will have her two grand girls from Missouri. They will be here a week before their parents arrive. I'm sure Geneva will keep them busy. They might even come by and do a little scrapbooking. Although I hear Gracie plays a mean game of cards. That is cards in the plural. You know once the gaming starts they want to keep playing over and over.

Well I did not have to protect Rhett from the fireworks last night. Things were pretty quiet around the neighborhood. There was one bonfire going but no loud noises. Although I did backfire with the mower one time. Pokey gave me such a look. Like I was bothering his munching on the hay bale.

We have a mocking bird that is driving me nuts. Hopefully that nest will hatch soon and they will be happy just flying around the yard. Right now it wants to dive bomb me every time I go to feed Pokey. Well this morning I carried the broom and just dared him to dive me. I guess it did not like the broom swinging around as I walked because he kept his distance. He stayed close and eyed me the whole time. That was the second trip. The first trip ended with me not able to reach the feed bucket so I had to go back for the broom. That first trip it was diving me like crazy. I love all the animals in the yard but I also love to be in my yard without being attacked.Well they will be flying soon.

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