Thursday, September 30, 2010

Play Day

Finally, I get to post our layout for this week. I had a few problems trying to upload the picture. This is a little guys rodeo. They have a great time with their families, pets, and friends. There are belts just like in the big guy rodeos. Lot's of trophies. All of us need a Play Day. Having a Play Day refreshes you and perks you up. Don't you need a perk up now and then. Get those pictures out of your Play Day. Maybe playing in the pool, puttering in the garden, baking cookies. Everybody has a different Play Day. Just enjoy remembering that fun time you had and crop those pictures.

It looks like we missed all that heavy rain. It sure looked bad a few times today. It did not slow down those ladies playing at the shop today. They just play with so many fun things. They are painting, cutting, gluing, cutting, and just being creative. I love seeing those projects.

Don't forget the bead class on Friday. Come have a good time and create a beautiful project. It will be something you can enjoy wearing often. The beads are fun shapes and fun colors. It will be uniqley yours.

I am still having trouble with my register receipt printer. Hopefully those California computer geeks will get back to me soon. I tried my best but I just don't have that programing knowledge. Everyone has been wonderful about not needing a receipt. But I just don't feel the transaction is complete without handing out that little piece of paper. Thank you all for supporting me through all this stress with these computers.

I think Prissy is hinting it is time to go to bed. Better do my nightly ritual and hop into bed so I will be ready for that Thursday morning group!!!!

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I had a great class this morning. I made the card simple this week since last week was a full hour card. After classs I started working on my gremlin on the POS printer. No matter what I did it still will not work. I have a call in to the company that set up the system in the beginning. California time. So who knows when I will hear from them.

Prissy just finished her french fries and is taking a little nap. Boy, that sounds good.

I am waiting for the evening class to begin. Maybe I will give the POS printer one more try. Or maybe I will start my scrapbook page.

It was wonderful coming in to town this morning. I actually had to raise my windows up a little bit. It was a bit cool to be blowing around the car. But I just loved it!!! My dirty trees are stating to change color. I'm not sure what the name of the tree is. I just know when it loses its leaves they are huge and are all over the yard and house. One of the trees is dead and is good for a bird perch. Those Doves really love to sit up there. I have been enjoying the New England shots showing all those golden trees. You know October 1st is this Friday. WOW! Christmas decorations are not far behind.

I wonder what color cast Geneva will have after her visit today. If everything is ok, she will start her therapy. Time is just flying by. It has almost been a month since her surgery.

Well I better close down and do something!!!!

See you at the shop.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Holly molly what a day.  It started out with me putting on powder before I even had my makeup base on.  Then I get to the shop and start my morning set up routine.  Yikes!!!! no printer for printing my receipts. Ok so now I think I have everything back to normal and here comes another gremlin.  I start running my diagnostics.  It tells me I have no drivers to drive my machine.  Well maybe there is a driver in there but is going the wrong way.  I Then start trying to locate a disk but there was no disc.  Uh oh gotta go to that darn Internet.  Gingerly I start typing in the safe search box.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it is gonna work properly.  First stop Microsoft.  Four hours later zip.  Next stop... Epson. Dead end.  Hp...nothing.  Oh my.  Check in with my computer guru - my brother.  Went o the same areas in the computer I did.  Nothing.  I did learn that my nephew got his AA degree.   
Way to go James!!!! 
I finally gave up about 3:30 and went to the Happy Hour.  When I got back to the shop Prissy and I started in on some fries and little chicken sandwiches from Krystal's.  As we ate I searched for ideas for tomorrows card. I just couldn't get going on that computer thing again.  So I punted and started cutting and stamping and embossing.  Happy Fall Y'all.

Just before leaving the shop I did get on line again and did a little research.  Finally I decided to pack up and go home.  After all I can hear Sears setting their alarm so I know it is after 8.  I go to load up the little girl.  Good grief!  That darn seat belt did not detract again and is hanging out the door.  You know how it rained this afternoon.

Gonna close up and do some crashing and burning.  Gotta be ready to tackle that computer at the shop in the morning.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Thank you Norton.  I think they have managed to remove my hijacker.  It was so frustrating having your browser redirected to another site or not even loading at all.   This has been happening to several people. You can pick this up anywhere.  Apparently what they do is change your ip address.  After staying at the shop 'til about 10:00 last night.  I came home ate some good sausage Frank had grilled. Then I went to bed. Maybe I can get some sleep and focus on being creative again

Yesterday was the Cricut Club.  The ladies had a great time.  Some wonderful food.  Teddi made something I can't spell or say.  It had fruit and was a cross between and apple pie, quiche, and custard.  It was delicious.  Nan made a Raspberry Bar.  You know how I love Raspberry anything.  Yummy!!!  Even with all that we had to order from Gondolier.  Well, you have to counter all that sugar.  Thanks ladies for putting up with me during my day of frustrating computer issues.  

Prissy had to get up earrrrly this morning.  I was just getting into my second good sleep.  Jeez Louise!!!  But after feeding Pokey I started following that little white tail around the yard.  Looking at the early morning sunshine just starting to peek around the clouds.  Awwwwwesome.   Looking at the tree line I was hit with such a beautiful sight. That sunshine was just barely hitting the tree edges.  I followed Prissy into the house grabbed my camera.  Gone.  The sun had been covered by the clouds.  But I sure did enjoy the beauty earlier.  Keep your eyes open for that quick glimpse.  It could be in nature, that funny thing your pet does, or a special moment with family.  Wake up and enjoy!!!!!

This week we have our card class, layout class, work days, and our Bead Class.  This is such a cute project.  Get read for those Fall Fun Days wearing this cute bracelet and earrings.

The classes will be held on Friday October 1st at 2:00 and 7:00 pm. The bracelet is $15.00 and just $5.00 to add the earrings.  Please call for information and to sign up for the class. 

I better get going and get some other things done today.  Or maybe I will be lazy and do some fun things.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here is our layout for the week. This is my nephew and his three daughters. These little girls adore their Dad. The oldest one said that when she got married she wanted to marry someone just like her Dad. You can see how easy he holds these girls in his strong arms. And the joy that they shining from their sweet faces.
I'm sure we all have someone we will love forever. Dig those photos out and scrap a memory.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally, connected.  I am just about to pull out my hair with this computer.  Here I thought everything was back to normal.  Not!!!!  Apparently, I have a hitchhiker that changes my ip address so I can't get to my google accounts.  It keeps redirecting me to various shopping sites.  Good grief. 

Yesterday Nan came by with some wonderful homemade oatmeal cookies.  Delicious.  Then today Jane made this chocolate cake with butterfingers. Awesome.  What did I tell you.  'Sugar Papers'  should be our name. 

Love these wonderfully cool mornings.  I had to roll the windows up as I went to town this morning.  It was getting too cool for me. Can you imagine!!!  Later this week we are supposed to be in the High 80's and 60's at night.  Love it!!!  Can woolly socks be close behind? 

 WOW Friday will be here in a couple of days.  What fun projects are we gonna play with this time??  Stay tuned for the revelation. 

Friday night is Crop night.  Then Saturday is Cricut club. Wednesday is all day play day.  So many days to have soooo much fun. 

Gotta get busy surfing for ideas for this weeks layout.

See you at the shop.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Goldenrod... Ragweed... Achoo.  Yep, it is that time of year already.  I had one of those sinus headaches today.  But it seems it has hit several other people.  I am willing to put up with those sneezes just to have a little cooler weather.  Just a few more days and Fall will be moving in. 

I thought I had gone to bed at a decent hour last night.  But when Prissy wanted to go out at 6:30.  Good grief!  My mistake was when we came back in I went back to bed.  I have been dragging all day.  I was visiting with Glenda and realized I had not put on any mascara (when I got home tonight it was where I had left it and not in the drawer).  What else did I forget to do today.... 

Glenda brought me lunch today.  It was homemade chicken pot pie and fresh yellow squash.  It was wonderful.  I even shared a few bites with Miss Prissy. The ladies here at Scrappy's sure can cook.  And a couple more ladies have submitted recipes.  I can't wait until that cookbook is ready.  I know that all those recipes will be wonderful.  The poll for the cookbook title closed last night and the title chosen was 'Scrappy Ladies Cookbook'.  Don't forget to place your order for your copy of the cookbook.

I sure can't get used to it getting dark so early.  Dark was always my signal to close up shop and go home.  But with it getting dark so early it shortens my work day considerably.  One minute I am cranking along and then darkness hits.  Sometimes, I get more work done after the shop closes.  No ,I don't think I could get my brain cranked up early in the morning.  I'm doing good just to get to the shop on time. 

It's about that time Prissy is giving me a hint about it being bedtime.  Hopefully, I will be functioning better tomorrow.  Check out the eyes and see if I have remembered my mascara.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterday, we just about made our Blitz in two hours.  The ladies reminded me that we did not start on time and that I had to break a couple of times to run the cash register.  We did a good job staying pretty close to our time frame.  I think it helps to keep the projects/cards simple.  Also, some of the ladies had their own inks for inking and that helped moved the process along.  The hardest project was our turkey.  Cutting up his various parts was a little touchy.  We all know that is the hardest thing at Thanksgiving.  Getting that big bird ready for the oven takes some time.  There is a lot of  activity during a card blitz and it is hard to stay focused on the projects.  But those ladies at the table do a great job of having fun and completing their cards/projects.   Everyone's pace is different.   If you have never been in a blitz you can't imagine how fast or slow things can go. I applaud them.

After the Blitz I started working on this darn laptop again.  I stayed at the store 'till about 8:00 pm.  My problem at the store was the laptop would not let me do Internet searches.  I could not even sign in to the blog to post.  After having a little bite with the gang at the house.  I dove in again.  This time I did a round about Internet surfing and found a program through a Microsoft forum.  This little bug attached itself as a virus protection program.  I picked it up when I was surfing for free printables for those inchies.  As I was doing my research last night.  I found out this bug is called My Security Shield and comes across the screen telling you that you have been infected and you need to protect yourself.  According to the forums this thing just keeps reinventing itself.  So if you can stay away from researching anything free.  Also, ignore the flashing message saying you are infected.  But if you do, go to the web and do research first.  Because there are several options on how to rid yourself of this pesky bug. 

Next week we have our Cricut Club meeting on Saturday.  It is from 10:00 - 4:00.  Bring a snack and play all day. 

Wednesday is all day play day from 10:00 - 4:00.  Bring your projects in and have some fun. 

Guess I better hop to and do my laundry and paperwork.

See you at the shop!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks to Glenda I got home at a decent hour tonight. She helped me cut and design those last two cards for the Blitz.  Another hint.... Gobble, Gobble and Girlie, Girlie. Yes, I really believe we will be through on time tomorrow.  Famous last words.

When I left the shop tonight I watered the plants outside. Man things are soooo dry.  It seems just a few weeks ago we were concerned about too much rain and now it feels as though we are in a drought.    While I was moving from plant to plant I hear a beep, beep from the road.  I look up and there goes Jane and Jean.  I wonder if they were on their way back from TCBY.  Hmmm.  Sounds good to me. 

You know, I don't know were my mind is some time.  Here I am doing scrapbook pages and I don't even get a picture of my friend and I.  What was I thinking.  Obviously I wasn't.  The crazy thing is I thought about having our picture taken.  And even planned out where we should sit.  Good grief!  Aud, you will definitely have to come again so we can get those pictures I planned. 

I am whooped tonight.  So I am gonna curl up next to Prissy and crash and burn early.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Had a great visit with an old friend.  Our sleep over was fun.  We pulled out the old high school annuals.  My goodness how things change.  It is funny how with friends you just pick up like you just saw them yesterday instead of over 20 years ago. This morning she braved  both the card and the layout class.  Remember, Thursday morning is the wild bunch.  She did great.  We had lunch and off she went headed west.  Hopefully, we will have another visit soon.

The second card for The Blitz is ready.  Glenda helped pull it together.  Way too cute.  Hint....WHOOOO!
By tomorrow night at this time all will be ready to go.  Looking forward to a nice and smooth on time Blitz.  No funky  folds!!!!!!

Coming in to town this morning I spotted the turkeys.  I slowed down and started madly waving out the window so my friend could enjoy the sight.  After things settled down this morning I asked her if she saw the flock.  She said no.  I think she thought I had gone a little crazy when I was waving out the window.  So what else is new.  I think some of my classes think I am a little off.

I better pack it in and get a good night sleep so I will be up and running tomorrow.  Gotta get two more cards finished.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Finally, I have been having a problem getting on my Internet tonight. Here is the layout for this week. It is about our Anniversary celebration. This is a page full of friends and family. We had a great time that day. So this is a remembrance of all the fun we had that day.
So think of all those fun times with family, friends, or a special gathering. This is for you. Keeping a record of those times helps you go back a relive those special times.

My friend arrived today from Alabama. Been having a good visit trying to remember those good ole days. We often have those memory moments. I think I have talked her into doing our classes tomorrow. So behave yourselves. Gotta get back to visiting.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Had a productive day.  I actually have one of the Blitz cards completed.  Feels good to have one done.  Just three more cards to go.  I'm loving these Fall colors.  Maybe with these wonderful colors the other three cards will just create themselves.  I can dream can't I.  This time I am not coming up with any fancy folded mind teasers.

My next project is the layout for the week.  I'll be surfing my box of pictures tonight for a theme.  Lordy, who knows what I will find.  I would like it to be designed before lunch.  Hm mm... I think I might be a little optimistic with that goal. But I have an old friend that I haven't seen in a very long time coming by about lunch time.  So I would like to have that layout done before she gets to the shop.  You know how girls like to have fun and enjoy talking a lot. 

Little Sis had her old cast removed today.  But they put a new one on.  She says the colors are Gator colors.  But seeing the picture it reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character.  It is so colorful, everyone wants to claim some signing space. Hopefully, she will be up for a visit to the shop soon. 

Yes, it was a herd of deer I enjoyed seeing last night.  Tonight was a big bust with the wild life.  But if you can believe it.  I spotted a coyote running  across 90 near the car dealerships on the West side of town.  Can you imagine one running around town. 

Well I better get to those pictures and do a little organizing in my little cave here before the sleepover tomorrow night. 

See you at the shop.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sunshine Stampers were in the shop today.  They had created some wonderful Fall cards.  Glenda did a great technique.  I just love those Fall colors. Now if we could just have a little cool weather.   I know Fall begins on September 23rd.  Wow! That is just next week. 

I finished my card for tomorrow(only have 4 more cards and a layout to go for this week).  Left the shop about 8:00.  Man it is getting dark too early.  When it is dark I don't go through my tree tunnel.  I go 90.  You never know what will run out in front of you along that dark wooded area.  I don't like the thought of hitting some little animal darting across the road.  I get to our little neighborhood. Just as I start around the curve to climb the hill my headlights hit the herd.  Yes, you can barely see their eyes glimmer and they so gingerly frolic and jump just beyond the fence.  What a treat.  So it is not so bad coming in at dark to be able to enjoy that sight.  After I left them and continued to the top of the hill I spotted a cute little bunny rabbit. Dontcha just love nature.  You can't enjoy those sights living around those city lights.

This week we have card classes, one hour layout classes, and The Card Blitz.  Wednesday is Play Day.  So come join in the fun here at Scrappys.

Well, I better get that cute little stinker of mine into bed.  It will be an early morning tomorrow.  Card class is at 9am.  What was I thinking when I scheduled that class time.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No, I have not been asleep all day.  Our router was down and we were without an Internet connection.  Frank got a new router and we are up and running again.  It is amazing how we depend on all this technology.

We had a great Cuttebug group on Saturday.  Some came for the whole day and some came for part of the day.  And some took the longest lunch break in history.  Just kidding.  They were having a wonderful family visit.

I decided to stop and get my tea and a small fry for the trip home.  I make my turn and was at the tower to order.  I was thinking of those fries and it hit me.  I was at the wrong drive thru.  So I pulled out an went down one and got the good fries and tea.  Maybe  I was not as sharp as I thought I was after not sleeping the night before.  The rest of the trip went fine.  Frank and Belinda were cooking diner.  Frank was was frying steak with gravy. There were green beans.  And Belinda was mashing potatoes.  I ate that wonderful dinner and was about to fall asleep at the table.  So I took my shower and went to bed.  I did not watch any TV.  I know I was asleep by 8:30 pm.  Slept better than I had in a long time.  Of course Prissy had me up a 7:00 this morning.  She came dancing across the bed from the sofa.  I don't know when she left the bed to sleep on the sofa last night.  That is how soundly I slept. Maybe I should try staying up all night more often.

We passed on the lawn this weekend.  That left me doing laundry and working on paperwork.  One of these days I will be totally caught up.  Not.  I did work on some ideas for the Card Blitz.  Fall is our theme.  Love those colors.

Since I am running late with my post I will post the inchies tomorrow when I have a faster Internet connection. 

The Sunshine Stampers will be meeting tomorrow with their Fall cards.  I think Glenda will be doing  technique.  I wonder what he is gonna be creating?  

Gotta get back to that paperwork.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good grief. I can't believe I stayed up all night. For real. I was trying to figure out this little bug that had attached it self to my laptop. I was surfing and checking out all these cute inchies and all of a sudden I have this nasty looking pop up that said I was endanger of several viruses. Of course, it was not a virus but one of those awfull adds trying to get you to buy their programs. I started working on that nasty little problem before WOW Friday at 3:00 pm. I stopped long enough to get everyone working and playing with their inchies. After closing up I zip home. Made my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then cranked that laptop up and started working on the problem again. The next thing I know it is 8:00 am. I thought I had finally gotten that darn thing whooped. But to my surprise when I turned it on at the shop there was that darn thing again. With a great suggestionfrom James Grimes I finally got rid of "the bug". But then I was having trouble posting on the Blog. You know you are in trouble when yu look done and it says "done but with errors". Lordy, don't ask me what I did to finally start the Posting process. But here I am.

Poor Prissy did not get very settled last night. She slept by herself on the bed for part of the night. And about 3:00 am she wanted to get down. We did a little walk outside. When we came back in she wanted to curl up in her bed at my feet. She did not want to get back in the big bed by herself.

It was a great Cuttlebug Club. A few new faces and some faces that have not been around for a while. The projects were very eclectic. We had snowmen, Christmas trees, scarry cats, and beautiflul flowers. I love seeing the ladies be creative. Yes, there was food and fellowship.

Yesterday, we played with inchies. Later I am going to post a few pictures of what they created. I think they like that tiny canvas. They did a great job.

Don't forget to vote for the Cookbook title. The poll is located on the Blog in the upper left hand corner.

Next Saturday is Card Blitz Saturday. 12:30 - 2:30. Hopefully.

Well my late night or no night is catching up with me. So, I am gonna hang out the closed sign and pack it in.

Se you at the shop.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday James!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!

Wishing you a Happy Celebration all day long.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I thought my day was cranking.  The morning air was wonderful.  Here is a shot of our little Nan enjoying the morning air.

It has been soooooo hot she has not been doing this little morning ritual. But seeing her enjoying the cooler weather makes me happy.

I get loaded  up and head out the drive.  The fog is lifting and I am letting the cool breeze blow my hair. Heading down the road I spot the flock of turkey's in the field.  I stop put on my flashers.  When I stopped the turkeys stopped grazing and picked their long necks up and turned to look at me.  Then they went back to grazing and making the turkey sound.  I tried to take a picture but that darn sun was shining right in my face.  I finally continued my trip.  Uh oh.  I round the curve and there at the railroad track were men with flares going off.

Good grief this is class morning I have to be at the shop and teach by 9:00 am.  I look to my left and there sat
the train. 

It started slowly chugging.  Flashers going I am not so patiently sitting and  waiting. Watching the train. Watching the clock.  Now I am parked so that wonderful breeze is not happening.  I roll up my window to try and block some of the heat. Not working so I reluctantly start the AC.  Finally the train picked up speed and all those cars began to sorta speed by.   Finally, I can cross the tracks. And again I am cruising along with the windows down.  Another crazy driver on the road.  I am doing 50 in a 45 MPH  zone and a car in such a hurry passes on a double yellow line.  What is she smoking.  Double trouble.  Speed and double yellow.  Ok.  I settle back and began to enjoy my morning again.  Coming through my tree tunnel I spot 'Men Working' signs.  Oh no not another stop and wait.  I slow down and approach the men in their neon green vests. Thank goodness they were just getting set up.  Off I go again.  Thank goodness I hit the lights just right when I came into town.  I am so glad I stayed later last night to set up for class.  Plenty of time to get the coffee made and greet the wild bunch.  Yep, it was another one of those wild Thursdays.

Wally World did it again. I left here late last night.  I guess it was almost 11:00.  I went to get my gas.  Gas was $2.69.  Wait a minute. It was $2.61 in the morning when I came to town.  Oh well I needed gas.  Coming in this morning I look over and it was $2.61.  Not what in the world could have happened to make the price change like that.  It was only a few hours. that it was the higher price. I tell you there are Gremlins operating in the sign. 

I finally decided what our WOW Friday is gonna be.  Inchies.  Bring along your basic tool kit.  Extra things to pack are: colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and  a black dye stamp pad.  Also, a one inch and a 7/8 inch square punch.  If you have these it will keep you from waiting to share. Or trying to figure out your paper cutter measurements.  I know how you love to count those little lines.   Oh yeah, you may need a magnifying glass.  Just kidding.....

Better get the little Rugrat loaded and get home at a decent hour tonight.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our layout for the week shows all the changes we go through during our lives. Even babies change so fast. One day they are tiny. The next they are crawling, going to school, getting married, and having children. We need to capture each of these special times.

This page show our parents, My brothers and sister as children. Then as adults. And each of us with our spouses. Be sure to capture your special changes.

Well I better finish up here and get the little rugrat home. Gotta get gas and make stop at Wendy's.

See you at the shop.
I guess my late nights finally caught up with me.  Last night I made my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then fell asleep on my trusty sofa.  Finally woke up long enough to get my shower and get into bed.  I watched a little TV but finally gave up and turned things off about 11:00.  I just could not stay awake. Prissy was even whooped because she followed me around the shop all day.  No paper work, no nothing last night.  And today I feel sluggish.  I better get that coffee cranked and jump start my energy.  Lot's to get done today.

I did start doing a little changing in the shop yesterday.  That's why Prissy was whooped, you know how she follows me.  Still more changes to come.  But today I have to focus on my layout.  No, I don't have a theme yet.  Gotta find pictures first.  Oh well, the ladies are due about 10:00 to work on the cookbook.  Then I can get serious about the layout.

Friday night is crop night so please let me know if you are going to be here.  If I don't have anyone signed up I go home.  Friday is also WOW Friday.  It will be from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.  The cost is $5.00.  You need to sign up.  We willl play or work on a technique during that time.  I will post this weeks theme on tomorrows post. 

Saturday is our Cuttlebug Club meeting.  Lots of fun cutting and embossing all day long.  There is always food being enjoyed and lots of fellowship.  So come in and get ahead start on those Christmas projects or finish any Fall projects you have started. 

Gotta get the shop opened.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It was absolutely wonderful this morning.  The temperature was 72 degrees at my house but by the time I hit the concrete jungle it was 77 degrees.  There was some fog out there.  On one of the roads I travel there are power lines that cross the road.  On days where there is heavy dew or fog you can see an amazing spiderweb display.  There are many individual webs all across the two lines. But you only get to see this treat if there is enough dew on the webs.  I have been seeing big ole webs in the trees. These almost look like a bees nest.  I heard that when you see this it means we are gonna have a cold Winter. Can anybody out there confirm this old tale.  Or if you know another little hint. Pass it along.

My Monday started off kinda rough.  I usually do my laundry on Sunday afternoon.  The last load in the machine are my towels.  I love a fresh fluffed towel.  Well Monday morning I hop in the shower and reach for my shampoo.  Oops, I used it to bathe Prissy.  Then I reach for my washcloth.  Oops, it is still in the dryer.  I then look where my towel usually hangs.  Empty.  So I step out of the shower dripping wet.  Go get my fresh fluffy towel and the shampoo.  I thought 'hopefully the rest of the day will be better'.  Naturally, I am running late.  What is it about Mondays that make you drag.  I do the usual open up routine.  Go to the back and make my coffee.  I think 'I am gonna need it today'.  Step back out into the shop and I have a shop full of people.  Where was that chime.  I did not hear it chime to alert me there were people in the shop.  Oh well the day starts of running.  New faces, old friends, and  ladies coming to play.  Several said they were glad I was open.  Of course, where else would I be.  It is Monday right, Holiday or not. 

Again I stayed up too late last night.  Does paperwork ever end?  Finally, I turn everything off about 2:00ish.
Sleep hits me pretty fast like my younger days.  Uh oh, I feel little feet dancing across the foot of the bed.  It is 3:00 am.  Prissy has to step outside.  Should not have share my late dinner with her.  I grab the robe. Turn the outside light on.  Slip my feet into my rubber clogs and off we go.  I've learned to head her off if she gets it into her mind to wander the yard at 3:00 or some other awful hour.   As she is taking care of business I move into position.  Sure enough she starts to head towards the back portion of the yard sniffing.  Oh no you don't, not at this hour.  So I move in front of her and she turns running for the back door.  She knows it is bed time.  When we get inside she lets me pick her up without doing her little dancing away routine.  Ahh back to bed.  Oh my, it is 7:30 and I have a class this morning. I jump up and start my morning routine.  Is this another Monday morning?

The card was easy this morning but it was hard to keep everyone together.  Hopefully, by the next class I will be straightened out. 

Cuttlebug Club is this Saturday.  Friday night is crop night.  Also, Friday afternoon is WOW Friday.  I will share more about this event on tomorrows post.

See you at the shop.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday was a very nice day.  I finished my mowing.  Of course, Pokey was his usual good self. He stayed in the back pasture. That way I could get the mower through the pasture and mow the back yard without having to open and close two gates.  The mower deck is giving us a fit.  Frank keeps fixing it but it keeps dipping.  It plays havoc with a nice clean cut. The lawn  looks like I have given it a Mohawk cut.  Thank goodness Daddy isn't around to see the lawn.  He was particular about mowing his lawn.  I remember one time Geneva and I were staying with him and helping him mow his lawn.  He couldn't do the mowing.  She and I were trying to decide who would get on the mower. "I'm not gonna do it"  was the refrain.  Not that Daddy would be mean or anything.  You know how you want to please your Dad.  We knew the lawn had to be cut a certain way.  After we finished we asked if it was ok.  He got this little twinkle in his eye and did his little chuckle.  In other words we did ok but not  the way he would have done the job.  Great memories. 

After mowing, had a little lunch and did a little work on the computer.  You can only do a little work on the computer because our Hughes Internet is too slow.  I gave Prissy her bath, which she is not real crazy about. After I bathe her. I put her under the blow dryer.  She wiggles around trying to hide in her towel.  The minute I put her down on the floor she starts running around the house like crazy.   After the mad race around she has to 'go be quick'( that's my phrase to her to go potty).  I really have to keep my eye on her because she often will lay down in the dirt to sun herself.  It doesn't bother me normally but not freshly bathed. Prissy!!!

I actually cooked, no warmed up, dinner last night.  Frank had made spaghetti for everyone during my birthday weekend.   We did not eat it all so we put it in the freezer. I think that was the last of the batch.  There is just enough for another meal.  Then Prissy and I curled up on the sofa and watched a movie.  I normally watch TV in my bedroom but my DVD player is on the blink.  So it felt kinda strange.

So I worked, I played, and it was on the whole a very good day.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good grief, I can't even make grits anymore.  I used to make grits for dinner almost every night before my favorite evening meal became Peanut Butter and Jelly.  I thought I remembered the ratio.  Not.  Several water additions later I am closer to the way the grits are supposed to be.  Oh well next time I will get my instructions out.  At least I am not eating them like soup, crunching them or using them for a Frisbee.   Well, maybe the Frisbee is close.

Yesterday Prissy and I left the shop about 5ish.  I was feeling pretty sleepy since my late night Friday night.  My first stop on the way home was to get a little pick me up.  It wasn't happy hour but I picked up my trusty vanilla shake.  Then on to get some gas for the mower.  That shake did the trick. Cause as soon as I unloaded the car I had that mower oiled, gassed, and rolling.  Finished the whole front yard from the street to the East fence line.  I might have gotten more cut but the sun went down. Loosing daylight is a small price to pay for cooler weather.  It was smokey blue yesterday and is looking like it will be the same today.  The smokey blue tree line reminded me of the Blue Ridge Mountains.   Even though it was warm and muggy with very little breeze I kept thinking I was in the mountains.  But with the heat, when I stepped off the mower my ankles were looking 'Oh Lordy' again.  An overnight cool down and they have recovered.  As I make my loops on the mower I look towards the house and standing at the door watching me is my cute little rugrat.  My front door has beveled glass so her sight line is at the right spot to see.  It is almost as though she is wearing glasses.  If she watches me she often is barking at me. You know how she barks at Glenda when she comes in the shop wanting that treat. Well that is how she barks at me.  I don't know why except she is fussing at me being outside without her. From the front door she will run to the window to watch me walk up to the garage door.  Then she runs from the window to the inside garage door to greet me. She is a mess but she is my mess. 

I stayed up again late last night so I did not get cranking very early  Of course Prissy had to be up and out a 7:00 am.  I let her out and fed Pokey.  Then I went back to bed and did not climb out until 9:30.  Wow!  That is unusual for me.  So I guess I better get cranking and finish mowing.

Tomorrow is another Play Day.  We will be open 10:00-5:00.  Come join us for madness and mayhem.  No it is not that bad but it is a lot of fun.  Those ladies just have fun together.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yikes! Now I know why I leave town later in the evening.  Friday I left town about 5:15- 5:30 and there were crazy drivers rolling on Highway 90.  Give me the quiet dark evening to everyone trying to rush home at quittin' time. 

I am usually coming home after 8 at night. Going West on 90 I pass by Tractor Supply.  Awhile back I was passing by shortly after the attempted robbery there.  I'm not speeding but not put putting along.  Just a glancing look, I thought I spotted a couple of guys standing at the West end of the sidewalk.  I kept rolling and a few days later they were there again.  Ok, now I am wondering what is going on.  The next time I passed I slowed down to take a slower look.  Good grief they were not men, they were log splitters.  Well after that I always looked for 'my guys'.  The other day I passed by and 'my guys' were missing.  Then later in the week I passed by after hours and there was a whole group of 'my guys' standing out front.  Guess we have traded lawn mowing to log splinting.  Hallelujah, cool weather is coming.

Remember, Monday is all day play day. hours are 10-5.

See you at the shop.

Friday, September 3, 2010

All settled in for the day.  Having my coffee and watching the weather channel and very thankful we are missing all that stormy weather.  I enjoyed the ride to town this morning.  Had the windows down and thinking how wonderfully refreshing.  Now Prissy may have enjoyed a little too much breeze there in the back seat.  When in the car she is hooked to the seat belt through her halter hook. She can still move a little so if it gets too windy she can still curl up on her little towel.  But last night going home she had a little experience.  We were climbing the hill close to the house and as we turned the curve, there in the middle of the road is a little dog.  I put on brakes and I hear Prissy slide off the seat and then start scrambling to get back into the seat.  The reason she slid off the seat was she gets so excited to be getting home.  She knows when we turn that curve we are almost home and she stands up in her seat and starts hassling. So with her standing it did not take much for her to slide off.  I doubt that even phased her.  She will still get excited about going home. I remember a trip with my Dad when I had my other little fluff dog Rhett.  I had been with my Dad after surgery and we had decided to go to my house for him to recover.  That way I coud work and still take care of him.  At that time he lived in Newberry.  So we packed up my Dad, the two rugrats late one evening and headed south.  It was about a  4 1/2 hour drive.  We are zipping along the Turnpike and I had to put on brakes because of some crazy driver. Of course Daddy and I had a few choice things to say.  Then things settled down and we are cruising again and I can hear Rhett whimpering.  I asked Daddy if he could look back and check to see what was going on.  The quick stop had caused Rhett to slide to the floor.  Thank goodness I have always strapped them into the seat belt.  We got Rhett back up in the seat and we were good to go.  Just remember you never know when you are going to have to stop and anything can be a projectile. Keep your seat belts on.....

Went to see little Sis last night.  She looks good but that cast is huge.  They really padded it up for her heel.  It does not come to her knee so she can use her little knee walker with out a bulky cast getting in the way.  That little knee walker is cute. It is like a little scooter.  You can adjust the height and it has a nice pad where you rest your knee.  It is the kind of thing kids would have a ball scooting around on.  I stayed for a little while but then Prissy and I were getting too comfy in the recliner. I decided we better get up and get home before I fell asleep.  Prissy had already gotten comfy layng beside me and was snoozing.

Have a safe and fun weekend.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Had a full house for the card and layout classes.  There were a couple of new ladies and the newbie  from last week did come back.  So I think she has officially joined the Thursday layout group.  Our little mischief maker did it again today.  If you have never been to the Thursday class you can't imagine how wild they can get.  Well I have my hands full trying to keep an eye on everyone. So I don't even think about the little rugrat.  Class was moving along and I was walking around helping a couple of ladies and I looked down around Diane's chair.  I said 'Diane someone has been in your purse' because I could see things laying all around it.  I go looking for our little shop Princess.  You got it.  Prissy's taste has gotten expensive. She had found a piece of Ghirahdelli Chocolate.  We usually hear her tearing into the wrappers.  But today we did not hear her and the fan wasn't even on.  If you remember it was Diane's purse that Prissy was into dring a Blitz.  That day she had gotten into it twice.  The first time she found a pack of crackers that had just one cracker left.  Diane said no she did not have anymore food left in her purse and left it on the floor.   Prissy went back to the purse a second time and found crackers and money Diane did not know she had.  So after Prissy got caught today everyone picked up their purses and put them on the table by the TV.  Which was interesting when a phone rang.  Of course, everyone has their own ring tone.  But if you were trying o be helpful you did not know which purse to grab.  Well anyway here is a shot of Prissy after her special Ghiradelli treat.  The only thing you can't see is her chocolate mustache.

Yesterday I was being very conscientious and got gas in the morning before I opened up the shop.  Wally World's price was $2.61.  Ok, with your gift card it was $.03 less.  In the afternoon I was walking Prissy out front here at the shop and looked over at Wally World and the price had dropped to $2.60.  It did not bother me that it dropped because it was just a penny.  You know Prissy.  Not an hour later she had to go out again.  Now I am bothered.  The price had dropped to $2.58.  Go figure.  I should have waited, right.  Guess what this morning the price was back to $2.61.  Who is over there changing the prices.  Some little gremlin.

I spoke to Little Sis this morning.  She is managing with her knee walker.  Can't wait to see how that works.
Mike is helping her stay ahead of her pain with her regular dosage of medication.  She sounded like he was doing a pretty good job.  Knowing her shoud would think she did not need the pain medication.  We Royal's can be stubborn ( that sounds like our Mom so it would be a Parson thing).  Anyway, when my Dad was in the hospital after surgery he did not want to have his pain mediction.  At this particular time it was a morphin pump.  We would ask if he had pressed the button to dispence his dosage.  No he did not want to be taking that stuff.  Well my brothers Frank and CJ took turns sitting next to him and would keep the button pushed.  I never worried because the pump only allowed so much to be dispenced per hour.  But those two would get my Daddy going and tell him  they weren't pushing the button. H was just groggy from having surgery.  It is always hard sitting in the hospital but the four of us enjoyed being together.  And of course Daddy liked all the bantering among us.  We even enjoyed the quiet times together.  None of us are big talkers.  That's a story for nother time.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This weeks layout has pictures of my Mom, Dad and their Moms and Dads. So we have a page with two generations. The only good shot of Dad's parents just happened to be with my Dad as a boy. I do not remember Dad Royal but Granny lived to be 92 and she was a prim and proper Southern lady.

I remember both Mom's parent's. We called them Big Mert and Big Daddy. There were always great gatherings at their house. Dad had step brothers and sisters but there was a big age difference so we did not get together that much. But Mom came from a big family. So when we gathered there were lots of cousins to play with. My Granny shared her coffee with me.
I remember her putting it in a saucer with lots of milk and sugar. Now days I have to drink it black. My Big Mert used to let me help make biscuits. She had a big clay bowl with flour and she would mix 'til she thought it was the right texture. Those biscuits were the most tender delicious biscuits. She would make a big batch and cover them with a tea towel so people could graze all day. Naturally, I don't have that recipe. And I am sure they would not be the same even if I did have the recipe.

I better get the rest of the layout cut, because Miss Teddi said I shouldn't stay too late. I wanted to get by and see little Sis tonight but I think I will have to slip by and take her a Starbucks tomorrow.

See you at the shop.
Baby Sis is having foot surgery today.  So everyone keep her in your prayers.  It is gonna be rough for the next couple of months because she can't but any weight on her foot.  I know I would go crazy.  When I broke my ankle I used all kinds of things to stay mobile.  I used a walker, crutches(not crazy about them), and my favorite were those electric carts at the stores.  I lived in a two story house so guess how I got up and down the stairs.  Yep, I sat and hopped up and down.  My walker was upstairs and crutches got me to the car and into the office where I grabbed my rolling chair.  It was a little rough sometimes because I had Rhett and Prissy my two little rugrats.  My yard was not fenced so they had to walk on a leash.  That was quite the sight.  Me on crutches and two little white dogs on leashes.  Sometimes I would sit on the front porch and let them wander around.  My biggest challenge was getting them loaded in to the car.  But you know when I think about it they were on the whole very cooperative. These little guys are pretty smart.

My neice just called about 45 minitues ago and said my sister was out of surgery and already on the way home.  That pain block must be doing it's job because she was feeling pretty good and requesting a Starbucks!!!!  

 Can't believe it has taken me an hour to get this post done.  I am not complaining.  When there are customers shopping I am a happy camper. 

Don't forget about the weekend play times starting on Friday night.  There will be three days to create.  Treat yourself to a little time off and come to the shop.

Speaking of creating I better get going on the layout for this week.  I finally have a theme in mind. 

See you at the shop.

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