Sunday, October 30, 2011

What an absolutely beautiful weekend. These have been some great Fall days. My mother-in-law lives in Pennsylvania and they had snow yesterday. 4 inches. WOW!!! I have had the windows open listening to the birds chirping and the trees rustling. Love it!

The ladies made some beautiful pumpkins yesterday. Their Fall tabletops are gonna shine.

Our sale items this week are polymer clay, stamps, and Creative Imaginations Bare Elements. They will be 25% off. I'm sure you have lots of ideas for Christmas so stop on by and save yourself some money on those projects.

Better finish my laundry.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What a day. My goodness, class, haircut, makeup classes, customers, and finally the layout. But I finally finished this weeks layout. What priceless memories of growing up. Being the big sister from early on. Can't shake those protective instincts. I'm sure you have some priceless memories that would make a great page. So start digging and get them on that page.

Gotta make this a quick one tonight. Need to get my little girl home and me into bed. I'm whooped!!!

See you at the shop.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow! What a weekend. Cleaned the stockroom, my office here at the shop. Then went home and organized the pantry and cleaned out the garage. When I get moving look out I keep going. Poor Prissy just kept following and did not know what to think. When I work outside she likes to hang a the door and bark. The only good thing about that is that it wears her out and she sleeps through the night.

Walked the mall this morning. My walking partners were busy elsewhere and I made my laps solo. I'm up to 5 laps now. Must have done something to my knee this weekend. It kept wanting to catch on me. But I kept moving.

Our sale this week is 25% off all letters(excludes sale items), organizers, and packaged cards. So stop on by and save some money.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're a hoot

Don't you just love this cool weather. What a shock early this morning when I stepped out to walk Prissy at 5:30. I thought it would be cool. Not. I thought I would open the windows at the shop this morning. Not. Then after lunch I stepped out with Prissy and WOW! What a fast drop in temperature. Cuddle down in the covers tonight.

I'm sure you have some cute characters in your family. You never know what they are gonna do next. Or maybe you just catch them doing such cute things. Well, that is what our layout is all about this week. This little guy is such a hoot!!!!

Better get finished up and get the little girl home a cozied up for the night.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a wonderful day. Love this cool weather. Looks like we will have a few warm days this week. Then it will be cool again. Prissy loves this kind of weather. It makes her frisky. She runs around barking and playing.

The Blitz went zipping along yesterday. The ladies kept up without any problems. The project at the end went smoother than I was expecting. Jeez, am I getting too easy or are they way ahead of me? I love to see the complete the projects so easily.

This week our punches, Zutter bookbinding, and Stickers are all 30% off. So scoot on by and get yourself a great deal. All three items will help you create a great Christmas gift. You know those twinkling lights are just around the corner.

See you at the hp.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


What a great day today. Just a little misty rain early then beautiful the rest of the day. The temperature was warmer but I am looking for the weekend. It is supposed to be cooler. Yeah!!!!

We all have had fun with animals. At home our pets are part of the family. So, it is great when we can grab pictures of those cute little antics that happen with the kids and pets. This little guy thought he was gonna share the boxes with the kitty. Not!!! The kitty let him know he was on it's territory.

You may have pictures of the kids dressed up. Or maybe you caught them making a nice little mess. Grab those pictures and get to cropping.

This Saturday is Card Blitz. And yes, I do have two cards ready. WOW! So make sure to let me know if you will join the madness on Saturday. We have a great time.

Better finish up and get that fussy little girl home.

See you at the shop.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Had a relaxing weekend. Celebrated my brothers birthday yesterday. He said he was 27. That means I have lost several years to my age. This nice soaking rain is wonderful. Doesn't make it nice for little Prissy to take little trips outside. when she goes it is a quick one.

Today is our Sunshine Stampers group today. They will be sharing some leaf projects.

This weeks sale is 15% off Brass Stencils, Templates, and Primary Elements. So come on in and grab a great deal.

Saturday is Card Blitz. So be sure to let me know if you will be joining in the fun. Speaking of the Blitz. I better get busy with those cards.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Don't you just love this cool weather. My goodness I have been sleeping with the windows open and hearing every sound in the neighborhood. I'm hearing the water softener, the train that's a pretty good distance away, and those night time woodsy sounds. Love the country life. Going home the other night I had a deer run across the road. This spot was new for spotting those creatures. It slowed me down looking for others to follow. But no, no more deer. So I went on home thrilled to have seen just the one.

This weeks layout is all about those big orange pumpkin patches. Kids and grown-ups alike enjoy seeing those big orange pumpkins. Hopefully, there will be lots of orange fields around here this year. This little cutie shines amongst the pumpkins. I'm sure you have some cutie pictures hanging around. Let's get them cropped.

This week we have WOW on Friday afternoon. Be sure to let me know if you are coming. Friday night is Crop night. Please let me know if you will be coming. Saturday is Cuttlebug Club. So come to the shop and get started on those Holiday projects.

Better finish up and get on home.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

OOOOWEEEE!!!!! Love this weather. Prissy and I actually had to ride to town without the windows down. But it feels wonderful having the shop windows open and that cool air flowing in. Those Spice mini muffins Jane baked yesterday tasted wonderful with my coffee this morning. The only thing missing was a few crackling logs in a fireplace. Love it Love it Love it!!!

The ladies played all day yesterday. Neverending Christmas and Halloween cards. The owl pillow pocket box was too cute. My goodness everyone was so creative.

Jane brought some cute little monsters to sit beside our Jack-O-Lantern. You will love them.

Well, what will be on sale this week? Hmmmm. How about all chipboard, clear stamps, and metal embellishments. These items will be 20% off all week.

Better stop surfing the web and get busy.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

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