Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful time yesterday. I started the day painting my nose black with a few streaks for whiskers. Yep, I was a cat. Thanks to Emily sharing her ears and cat tail. My first stop was Dollar General for a few things. When I walked in the door someone said 'Oh look at the cat' so I guess my painted face passed. The only thing with those cat ears is I kept knocking them on things. A couple of time I almost lost them in the refrigerator. That darn tail. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about one of those all the time. I had to flip it out of the way when I sat down. Forget about closing a door or other things. You know how itchy my nose can get with those allergies. So a couple of times I ended up with black all over my hand. That caused a trip to the bathroom for a nose touch up. Thank goodness Halloween comes once a year.

After the Dollar store off to the shop. Prissy and I get unloaded. I start puttering. First I wrap the shop outside with caution tape(everyone thought I had been robbed). Then I started to put up the window clings. Gosh, that is one good way to find out you need to clean your windows because they would not cling. It took me a couple of times to realize why they were not clinging. Well at least the windows got clean. Then I began working on the clues for the treasure hunt. You know me I kept putting the clue in the wrong spot. I would catch myself a couple of times. But when the hunt began I had not placed the next to the last clue in it's spot. That clue was to lead them to me. So I ended up giving them the last two clues. What fun they had searching around the shop.

The first trick or treater was sleepyhead .

Then a Flower Child

Followed by The Cutest Pumpkin

Good Grief!!! Look at that Botox Beauty

Then there were a couple of super Heroes

And what about that Sassy Witch that whizzed by

But of course there were lots of Treats.
Apple Bars
Apple Dumplings.

Cherry Bars.

Eye of Newt.

Lip smacking ribs.

Pasta salad.
Peanut Butter Ghosts.
And so much more.
There were a few puzzles.

and a few projects

Then we had some fun with the little guys

But what would a gathering be without Prissy digging for the food.

We had a great time. Thank you all for joining in the fun.

Better get myself ready for those Cookie Cookbook makers. They are invading the shop tomorrow at 10:00. I'll be working on my arm muscles cranking that die cutting machine. Love the energy these ladies have. They are always cooking up some project.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can you believe it is already the end of the month. Maybe when we get into November we will get away from all this hot weather. Lot's of activity this weekend. The Fair starts tomorrow. All the trick or treaters will be out this weekend. Nobody knows which is the designated day for the treaters. So I am guessing they will be out both days. So be careful if you are out driving because it sure gets dark early.

Saturday is our day for the treaters. We will be having a little party here at the shop. I have heard about a few of the costumes. Too funny!!! Then of course when the ladies gather they will have food. Yummy. A little ladybug said she had a few games planned and maybe some things will be on sale. Oh My!!!! Projects??? Maybe. Whatever, we will be have a good time.

I keep watching the weather and it looks as though the rain is headed this way. It looks dark outside. But I have not seen a drop yet.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hangin' Out

How do you spend your weekend? Some people hit the road. Some people go fishing. Some people just hang out around the house. My brothers and sister always have their kids and grandkids hangin' at their house. Those are special times that everyone will remember. Next time you are asked by your family 'what are we gonna do?' Just hang out and spend some time together. Make sure you take a few pictures of all that activity. Then relive that time by scrapping those pictures. Here is our layout for this week. As you can see everyone is having a great time.

Can you believe I am home this early and the scrapbook page is complete. Oh my! This has to be a record. As Prissy and I left the shop we went the back way to zip by Zaxby's. What an awesome sight. Up over the Fairgrounds was a beautiful rainbow. And where there is a rainbow there has to be rain. Yahoo!!!. There was even a little shower that hit our house.

I head for Zaxby's with my order written down. Uh oh. There is no such thing as a buffulloed chicken sandwich. Ok. I tell the speaker I need to pull out and come back. So I pull over on the East side of the building. Dig out that phone I only use for emergencies. First thing, it has been in my purse and the battery is dead. So I plug the chord into the phone. Well it takes a few minutes to figure out how to turn it on. Then I try dialing. A stop sign shows up on the screen saying no network. What!!! I try a couple of times. Still no network. I pull around the building headed to the shop to call. I hear all these bing, bing, bings. Hmmm. Maybe the phone found that network. So I try dialing again. It actually rang through. Got a new order. I back out of the parking spot very carefully because there is a pizza delivery truck in back. They were making a delivery to Zaxby's. How funny is that. I pull up to the speaker and am very impressed with the guy taking the order. As he repeated the order it was perfect. No sugar in my tea. No mayo on my sandwich. It was still right when I took a sip of my tea and when I opened the box and there was no mayo on the sandwich.

The ladies worked on the cookbook today. Oh boy. Ready for the printers. Can't wait.

Remember Saturday is our Halloween party. People are already talking about what their costume is gonna be. What shall I be? There will be food of course. Something was said about a sale. And there will be some fun things to do. So dig out that costume and come have some fun.

Have a wonderful evening.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can we get a break from this heat.  I thought we were into Fall.  It is supposed to be cooler this weekend but I am ready for it now.  And can it get any darker.  My goodness it is dark in the morning when I get moving with Prissy.  Then it descends on us early in the evening. I guess we are moving out of that good ole daylight savings time.  The best of both worlds would be cooler weather and more daylight.  Not gonna happen.  Just gotta appreciate what we have.

The ladies are meeting in the morning to work on the cookbook.  Could be the final sorting before it is to be printed.  Yippee!!!  Can't wait to see the final printed book.  It is gonna be great.

I am ahead on my layout for the week.  Pictures are printed and the title is floating around.  This idea came from Teddi.  Should have the picture posted early afternoon.  Well, hopefully. 

See you at the shop

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, we missed that rain.  I did not want us to have those heavy storms. But a little bit of rain would have been nice. Coming home I could see some amazing lightening off in the North East. It was just so awesome. After unloading Prissy from the car we head to the back yard.  I search the feed bucket area with my trusty flashlight. Yep.  There was the Pokey man standing there waiting.  So off I go to drop in his feed.  Then Prissy and I wander the backyard.  No moonlight tonight and the trees were blocking my view of the lightening show.  Oops! Just went out to take another little walk and the moonlight is now shinning brightly.

Sandie dropped by the shop today.  What wonderful pictures she had of her Fall leaves. She also brought in some delicious fresh picked apples.  Really makes you want to do a road trip.  Jane was still nursing her knee and working on the cookbook pages.  Mcintosh was ok but she is hoping for Micanopy to be better.  Haven't heard from Glenda.  Those Fall leaves must be pretty awesome.  Patty sent a message that she was back from her road trip.  Can't wait to hear about that wedding. 

Guess I better get Prissy all tucked in.  Maybe I'll get to sleep and be refreshed for that Tuesday morning card class.  

See you at the shop.
Had a very relaxing day yesterday.  It started kinda slow.  I made the mistake of falling asleep early Saturday night then woke up to take Prissy. Then stayed up until 3:00am.  Good grief!.  My sleeping pattern is ridiculous.  Of course Prissy had to get up at her usual 6:30am.  You know how that ended.  Went back to bed then it was 10:00 before I finally listened to her barking at me to get up.  Sometime when we go out early I don't put her up in the bed with me.  When she has snoozed enough she will start running around the bed barking and fussing at me.  Here is a shot of her curled up in her bed that is right by my work desk.
 She is such a sweetie.Then for the rest of the day I just puttered.  You know doing those little things that after looking back over the day you say 'I didn't get anything done'.  But you stayed busy.  Oh well it was a good day.

This is gonna be a busy week for everyone.  Getting ready for those trick or treaters. The Fair starts Friday.  There is a Halloween party at the shop on Saturday.  Then we have our usual card and layout class during the week. Whew!  I'm tired.

Looks like we are finally gonna have some rain today.  Keep one eye open to the weather because there could be some rough weather mixed into the bunch of showers.  Then after it moves through it is supposed to stall and probably come back on us as a warm front. Better get going and get Prissy and I to the shop before the rains come.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boy, I have been dragging today.  There was a crop last night and we did not close down 'til about midnight.  So by the time I whizzed by Mickey D's it was about 1:00.  Needless to say it was closer to 2 by the time I turned off everything and went to bed.  Prissy was ready without any hesitation.  She was all curled up and snoozing before I had a chance to close up and jump in beside her.  When we first got home we tripped around the back yard and ran into that darn armadillo.  Prissy caught a whiff of the digger before I spotted it.  I grabbed the little Princess up and shooed the digger back through the fence. We finished our little trek around the yard without any other surprises.  Even with us going to bed so late the little stinker was dancing around the bed about 6:00 this morning.  So I grabbed the flashlight and off we went.  When we got out back I really did not need the flashlight.  There was plenty of moonlight and as it hit the low lying fog I thought I was seeing snow piled up.  It was really beautiful.  I should have stayed awake but.....  I went back to sleep then barely opened the shop on time. But to my defense it was not just because I was late getting up.  On the way to work a deer ran along the road then stopped to graze.  So I just had to stop and watched for a few minutes.  Love it!!!

The Cricut Cub was kinda quiet today but there were some cute things being cut.  Linda was cutting some accents for her Christmas Cookie Book.  Jackie was cutting something for a friend.  Sylvia shared a beautiful project she is working on.  Monique stopped in for a little visit.  Man she is a busy lady.

Guess I will close down and find that comfy sofa.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yesterday, was a great day for playing.  The ladies were busy doing all kinds of things.  We enjoyed a great lunch from Mcalisters.  I stayed on track to get my page done.  So when everyone left I really focused on the layout.  At about 5 minutes until 5:00 I went Uh Oh!!!  Sales tax was due today and there was no way I could get there in 5 minutes.  So after a restless night I went to the tax office first thing this morning.  Took care of business then off to the shop.  I whip around getting everything ready and then it hit me again.  I was out of decaf coffee.  I think I am gonna have to start pasting post-it notes on my glasses to help me remember things. 

Tomorrow is WOW Friday.  Then we will have crop night.  So far there are three people signed up for the crop.  Saturday is Cricut Club.  So come on down and have some fun.

See you at the shop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday Best

Here we go with this weeks layout. It brings back so many fond memories of gatherings back home in Lake Harbor. We were always there for any Holiday. The black and white picture is of my brothers, sister and I.
It looks like I was about hmmmmm. The new pictures were taken in my skinny years. The only group missing was CJ and his family. They must have gotten to the house after all these shots were taken because I couldn't find any shots of his group with these pictures. This had to be Easter or maybe Mother's day. My memory is not what it used to be. That is why it is best to make notes when you are taking those shots.

Cindy popped in with a pack of seeds. You remember that vine I talked about that had the cute red flower.
Well Cindy knew the name of the vine and actually has the vine in her yard. So she harvested some seeds for me. Can't wait to get them planted and start watching for those red flowers. Thanks Cindy.

The ladies worked on the cookbook today. Jane's knee is out of whack so she took the recipes home to sort and put in order. Linda and Teddi stamped on the divider pages. Oh, they are so adorable. It is getting close to being published.

Beth has left a sample of the necklace, bracelet, and earings for the next beading class. It is a beautiful set. Would be a great gift under that Christmas tree. She also left a few bracelets already made if you are needing a gift for yourself or someone else. These are those great comfy bracelets she made for the first bead class. A sample of the colors on these bracelets are blue and orange, black and orange, teal and brown, a pink, and a purple. Come on by and check out these great bracelets.

I better hit the hay and get some rest before the Thursday morning wild bunch.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boy, I just can't get enough of this beautiful weather.  But I wish we would get a little rain and wash away some of these allergy aggravations. We just can't be satisfied can we.  One minute I'm loving the weather and then the next wishing it would change.

Had one of those makeup mornings.  I just finished drying my hair.  Realized there was a floating hair on my eyelash.  I tried grabbing my wet eyelash (just finished applying my mascara).  I just could not get a handle on that stray hair.  I did not have my glasses on so I couldn't see that little thing.  This hair was driving me crazzzyyyy!  Finally, I grabbed my mascara.  Bingo!  That hair was one of those glorious gray hairs and with a little color applied I was able to grab it.

I had my printer working today so I will be able to print those pictures once they have been selected.  That is my top priority tomorrow.  Hmmmm.  But I have to come up with a title first. Maybe I'll sleep on it tonight.

This Saturday is Macintosh's Craft Show.  Then next weekend is the Micanopy Craft Show. I can't believe that all these Fall Craft Shows are here already.  Jane has been painting up a storm.  She has some really cute things painted. If you are looking for some great Christmas presents or decorations track her down at either Show.

I wonder what the ladies are going to play with tomorrow.  Last week they made cute little witches shoes.  I know whatever they do they will have some fun.

Guess I better start sleeping on that title for this weeks layout.

See you at the shop. 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Had a visit with little Sis today.  She surprised me with a shake.  Of course they put whipped cream and a cherry in it.  So I picked off the cherry and scrapped the whipped cream into a bowl.  Prissy licked that bowl all over the shop.  It must of hit he spot because she curled up into her bed and took a long snooze.  Geneva is doing great with her little scooter.  She has started her physical therapy and is looking forward to putting weight on her heel pretty soon.  She has to build that muscle and stretch that tendon. 

It was kinda spooky walking Prissy tonight.  There was very little light in her favorite corner.  The only light was a few puddles of moonlight.  Thank goodness she wanted to make it a quick run.  You never know about her.  She usually wants to walk the yard in the middle of the night.  When she first gets home she is more interested in whatever food she can find.  She is always a food hound.

Finally got the router working at the shop today.  Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to use my printer. It prints great photos.  You know I have to get photos printed on a regular basis for the weekly layout.  Who is gonna help me with my page title this week?  You never know what phrase will trigger a title for our layout.

Guess I better tuck myself in next to little Prissy to be ready for that Tuesday group.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have enjoyed the day today.  The windows have been open with this wonderful day flowing in.  One of my pleasures for the day has been to enjoy some Oreos and milk.  Love to dunk those little round things in a cup of milk. I try not to buy them too often.  But once in a while I just can't resist. They have to be fresh otherwise you end up with a floating cookie.  Then you have two choices.  You either scramble it up and then you just have chocolate milk.  And chocolate milk doesn't taste the same as regular milk when dunking.  The second choice is to get a spoon and try to capture it without it breaking apart and creating that dreaded chocolate milk thing again.  How do you handle a floating Oreo?

I did not fall asleep on the the fave sofa last night as I predicted.  But I did just kick back and relax.  Then the rest of the night was a little rough.  One little rug rat had to go out at 3:30. Then just as I dozed off the big rug rat had to go out at 4:30.  Oh well,  that's what you have to do when you have pets and you love them.  Just wish they would have planned their outing at the same time.

Today I have been surfing the net for some great ideas to use at WOW Friday.  It is amazing how when you get started surfing you end up all over the place.  Then you can't remember where you have been.  Too many ideas and too little time. What new thing would you like to experiment with? 

I guess I better get back to surfing and find a card for this week. 

See you at the shop.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a great day. The weather was perfect.  Our Card Blitz was a lot of fun.  We even finished close to our 2:30 time frame.  The group was right on target with each card.  They made Christmas and Fall cards.  Somewhere in the mix were a few inchies.  There were a few absent and we missed them.  But they were having fun seeing Fall leaves, Body Builders, and preparing for homecoming.  Can't wait to hear their stories.

The windows are open and that wonderful cool air is cooling down the house without that AC running.  My goodness I even felt as though I could use a little light jacket when Prissy and Nan did their run.  But I braved that cool air and enjoyed every minute.  Nan loves this cool air. You know St. Bernards love the cooler weather and she is no exception.  Now Prissy will do a shimmy and shake early in the morning when it is cool.  It is a little too early for her sweater.  I just cuddle her up and warm her.

This coming week we have WOW Friday from 3:00-5:00.  Crop night starting at 5:00 .  Then Saturday is Cricut Club from 10:00-4:00.  Then we have our card and layout classes at the usual times.  Wednesday is Play Day.  What are you gonna play with?  Maybe Christmas, Thanksgiving, or something totally different.  Oh well, just come have some fun.

My favorite little sofa is calling to me.  It is too early for bed but if I sit down on that sofa I know I will be snoozing in no time.  Oh well I'll  get up, shower, and but myself to bed if that happens.

See you at the shop.

Friday, October 15, 2010

On the way home it was 55.  Not my speed, but the temperature.  Ooooweee don't you just love it.  I kept the windows open all day and did not turn on the fan until about closing time.  The day at the shop was very quiet but very productive.  I actually finished the cards for the blitz and headed home by 8:30.  Stopped at Mickey D's for a little dinner and my unsweetened ice tea. I pull out and have to make a uey.  It was sweet tea.  Yuck!!!! I pull back up and get my unsweetened tea.  I learned something interesting with my order.  I ordered my meal medium.  Well, the drink came medium and I was charged $1.39.  My usual large is $1.07.  Go figure. 

I enjoyed the rest of Jane's soup today for lunch.  It was still yummy.  When I heated it I was very careful not to make the shrimp tough. But I did share some of the sausage with Miss Prissy.  She loved it.  But of course she loves all food except her own.

Talked to Glenda today.  She said they had to run the heat.  Can you just feel that cool weather.  The leaves are just staring to change in her area. They were going to check out the higher elevations for more color.  She was already searching for some craft fairs.

The Card Blitz will be a mixed bag.  So plan to come have some fun. Hopefully I have planned simple enough cards so we will be able to finish on time.  Famous last words, right. 

The new season of Sanctuary is starting so I better close up and pay attention.

 See you at the shop.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Dinner

Do you have a special dinner time with your family? Some of my fondest memories are times spent around the dinning table with friends and family. It is a special time to share things with one another. Not to mention eating some awesome food. This weeks layout shows some table time with family.
So plan a special night to spend some table time with your family. You never know what you might learn or you might hear a funny story.

What a great day. I went to town watching the morning Sun try to shine behind the fog. It almost resembled the moon with it's glow. Then this evening I actually left the shop before dark and enjoyed a glorious sunset. I also saw why the eyes are watering, the nose is itchy, and the throat scratchy. The roadside was aglow with goldenrod. Oh my, and it is just starting to bloom. Funny how much you see during daylight.

What a time I had getting the layout done last night. After I closed the shop yesterday I began to work on the layout. Thanks Jackie for the title. My first problem was my computer. It froze. I mean I could not turn it on or off. So much for printing out pictures. I finally unplugged the thing and decided that when the battery ran out it would go off. I think the light finally turned off about 10:00 pm. I put the Cricut to work. Cutting everything and putting it in little snack bags. So all I had to do is mat the pictures and place them on the page. So I decided to pack up the printer and print the pictures at home since it was already so late. Wrong. I get home unpack an set up the printer. The computer is now working properly. I decide that the pictures would be better black and white because of the various colors and the quality of the pictures. Well then the darn printer went wacko. First it wanted to print in color. Then it went to sepia. Good grief! I finally stopped trying to print and decided to wait 'til I got back to the shop. I planned to get up early, like 6 and be headed to the shop at 7. I don't know what I was smoking when I made that plan. First of all I stayed up 'til 2 and the next thing I know it is 7 am. Hop out of bed running full throttle. Fed Pokey, dressed and loaded the car and left by 7:30. Not bad. Opened up, made coffee, and began printing pictures. I was just finishing up when the ladies began to arrive. Whew!

I have one card completed for the Card Blitz on Saturday. Ho!Ho!Ho!. Tomorrow, Prissy and I will be cranking out the others. No sweat. Right!!!!

Jane made another great soup and brought some for lunch today. It was just the two of us enjoying that hearty bowl. It had lots of sausage and shrimp. Oh so Good!!!! as that chef would say. She left enough for me to enjoy tomorrow. Yummy.

That Prissy, she is a mess. Last night she did her last little walk around the yard. When we came back in I put her up on the bed walked across the room and there she was right at my feet again. I did a double take and said to myself 'Didn't I just put you up on the bed?'. I look at the bed and I see her little red blanket dangling over the edge. The little stinker was digging her bed and slipped right over the edge. One other time I was watching her dig and was fast enough to catch her before she fell off the bed. These little guys are so dang funny.

I better get some sleep so I can be ready for the marathon planning session tomorrow.

See you at the shop.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gosh can it be Monday already.  Prissy and I had a very busy day yesterday when we finally got out of bed.  We fed  Pokey. Then I did a little work on the computer reading my e-mail and surfing some card sites.  Of course that is with a few quick trips for Prissy to wander the yard.  Then the little girl got a bath.  You know when you give a dog a bath you end up getting way too much water on yourself. And after her bath she ran around like a crazy woman.  Then she had to go outside.  But this time I stayed pretty close so she couldn't get dirty. 

The Sunshine Stampers came in today.  The theme was Christmas and there were some beautiful cards.  I loved how they thought out of the box and used other colors than the traditional red and green.  Can't wait to see next months projects.

Enjoyed a great lunch today.  Jane brought me some delicious soup she made.  No matter how hot it gets I can eat soup.  Then Glenda brought me some veggies.  I just love yellow squash and caramelized onions.  Then there was broccoli and an awesome sweet potato.  All I can say is I pigged out!

The card this week will have you inky.  So be prepared to get dirty.  It is a Fall theme.  I just can't get away from those colors.  It won't be long and I will be doing those Christmas cards.  Can you believe we are in October already.  So Thanksgiving and Christmas are moving in fast.

I finished the card about 8:00 and started cleaning up and packing up.  I turned things off and headed to the back of the shop. I look around and there is no Prissy at my heels.  I go look under the table where she lays when she gets hot.  No not there.  I start calling but she can't hear me.  Then I remember she jumped out of her bed when I was cutting something on the Cuttlebug.  You know how sounds from a punch bothers her.  Well those Spellbinders will crack like that sometime.  This was one of those times.  I finally decided she must have made a mad dash to her bed in my office.  So I bebop over to the office and open the door and there she was, standing there waiting for me. I pick her up and that little tail starts wagging.  Tuck her into her seat belt and off we go.  First stop.  Micky D's tea.  I was ready for it. 

Guess I better get ready for bed and be ready for those Tuesday ladies. 

See you at he shop.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Congratulations to James and Jade on their engagement.  They are one cute couple.  Love both of them  My nephew made a great choice in a life mate. 

What a beautiful morning.  My little girl actually let me sleep late this morning.  She did not raise her little head until about 9:00 am.  That is really late for both of us.  But once we got cranking I have enjoyed this beautiful morning.

 You know sometime girls just want to have fun and it hits you at the oddest time.  Well yesterday was one of those times.  As tired as I was I hopped on the train to escape for the evening.  Two other crazy ladies and myself went on an adventure.  But before leaving we had to do a little hoop jumping.  I had to leave Prissy somewhere.  She does not like staying at the shop by herself.  So since little Sis was still not venturing very far with her scooter I gave her a call.  Yes, she would baby sit the little girl.  So off we go on the adventure.  First stop pick up Joy.  She had to drop her car off.  Then we had to stop for an unsweetened tea to go at Micky D's.  Drop the little Princess at Sis's.  Of course Prissy did not want to stay. She stuck to the heels of my feet.
So I picked her up and handed her to Geneva while Geneva handed me those golden coupons.  You know you can't go on an adventure without coupons.  We don't have a GPS system so we are depending on a woman's instinct to find the perfect shopping spot.  You know how one lady tells another lady about that perfect spot.  Well that is what we were aiming for.  Good grief we are good.  Found the first stop did not have any coupons but there was a sale going on.  Enjoyed seeing a new store.  Then off we go again to the usual haunts.  Coupons are good here and we even have a sale paper.  Picked up a few things here and continued to the next stop.  Not much picked up at the last stop.  Do we have too many things that we can't find anything we need or want.  At least one of us used the coupons.

During the trip there was a lot of looking for things to use on inchies.  Uh oh is there an addiction happening around the shop.

Before we leave we have to grab some Chic-fil-a.  I love their nuggets. Now I am ready for the ride home.  Easy drive, no deer running, and no crazy drivers.  On the way home a phone begins to ring.  Not mine.  Not Joy's.  It was Glenda's.  She starts digging in her purse and decides the phone is in one of her bags in the back seat.  Ok it stops ringing. Then it starts to ring again.  Well we still can't find the phone.  I hand her mine and tell her I don't know how to use it. Then in the same breathe I tell her it is for emergencies.   Now does that make any since.  So we all start laughing.  Joy uses her phone and hands it to Glenda.  We are almost home she says.  We are picking Prissy up.  I find Prissy, not snoozing next to Geneva but on a cozy warm spot on a rug next to the dryer. She did not even hear me come into the room.  I reached down and picked her up.  She is sleepy eyed but ready to go home.  Next stop we drop Joy off.  Then on to the shop for Glenda's truck.  We start retrieving her bags but as we are going we are looking for that darn phone.  There aren't that many bags and there is no phone in any of them.  She finally looks at me with this funny look in her eyes and tells me it is in her pants pocket.  We both burst out laughing.  I tell her I thought the ring sounded closer than if the phone was in the back seat.   That was just what I needed.  A wild crazy evening.

Prissy is curled up in her bed here at my feet and I need to get busy doing a few things.  So have a great day.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hope you have a wonderful day and catch a lot of fish!

Oops! This was supposed to be posted yesterday. I don't know what happened. it was still in draft mode. So here is a belated birthday wish. Hope you had a great day and are enjoying another great day of fishing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What a day.  Enjoyed a good night sleep.  Actually fell asleep trying to watch a special on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I am sure it was a good program with lots of beautiful views.  Oh well maybe they will show the program again.  It must have gotten pretty cool last night. Prissy dug in and climbed under the covers just about daylight.  She only does that when she gets cold.  But it felt good to me. 

My night started with a dumpster dive.  Starting from the beginning. You know a group of ladies did an inchie exchange.  Glenda called and said she had lost hers.  She had looked through all of her things that she had taken to the shop.  Her thinking was that they had fallen in the garbage can where she usually sits.  The problem was that she had tied up the bag and put it in the can in the kitchen.  Then we had packed that bag down.  I mean we were really punching down the garbage to be able to tie the bag. We really pack those big ole bags to for the garbage man.  I put the bag out on Thursday night early Friday morning pick up. Oh my!!  So after Glenda had searched through all her things she called back and I went dumpster diving.  The first bag I came to was nothing but the empty containers from lunch.  Ok.  On to the next bag.  Gingerly I start plucking through the bag.  Oh my gosh!  There was the Ziploc bag with the little inchies.  They were not crushed or contaminated with garbage.  So I brought them in, wiped down the bag, and called Glenda.  I was moving in slow motion last night because of the headache and the pills I had taken.  So tonight when Glenda came for the WOW Friday she surprised me with  little surprise.  She had brought me a cute corner and border punch with Autumn leaves.  She had gotten one and I had admired it but she did not think the store had anymore so I had not gone looking for the set.  Well the little stinker went diving herself.  Apparently she went digging herself and located the set for me.  Love it!!!!  it will be used in one of our classes.

Today's WOW Friday was all about techniques and tags.  We brayered, stamped, and transferred.  There was snowflakes, Fall leaves, and some altered postage.  Had a lot of fun.  Then we started our crop. But before we started there was homemade chicken noodle soup and smoked chicken.  Thanks to Jane for the soup and Joe Thomas for the smoked chicken.  Good grief both were delicious.  Prissy even enjoyed a few bites of both along with her mac and cheese.  Then when she came home she found her doggie bone she hid in her bed before going to the shop this morning. She has crashed for the night.  During the crop the ladies were painting( such cute turkey's Jane is painting).  Then they started working on some shrinky dinks.  Somewhere in there I think I saw a cute card that looked a lot like a hunting vest.  There was also so planning on a cookie cookbook some of the ladies want to do the month of November.  So much energy!!!!

The ladies closed up early for a crop night but it was late for Pokey.  When Prissy and I stepped out into the yard he was scolding us for being late with his dinner.  But I sure did enjoy looking up at the beautiful starry night.  Awwwsome!!!  The air was so crisp and cool that you could hear sounds that seemed so close.  I could hear another horse in the distance.  I did not hear that darn armadillo.  Goodness gracious we need to find a way to trap it and move it somewhere else.  So many holes it is like a combat zone in the backyard.  Then there is a a spot in the side yard that the lawnmower would probably fall in up to the hubcaps.  at least I don't have a possum like Glenda.  She and Zoey came across one in her backyard the other morning.  The funny thing, it was playing possum and she thought it was dead.  Now she has to be on the look out to keep Zoey from going on a hunt.  These darn dogs of ours can sure get into some mischief now and then. That's why I always walk round the yard with Prissy even though it is fenced in.  You never know what she might dig up and bring back to the house.

Tomorrow is Cuttlebug Club.  I think the tag dies will be used a lot.  Or maybe Fall leaves or Christmas trees.  Who knows what those guys will come up with.  Whatever they come up with it is gonna be a lot of fun.  So if I am gonna be ready for that group tomorrow I better call it a night and tuck Prissy and I into bed.

See you at the shop.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can you imagine it was 42 at 8 am this morning. It was even cooler at 6:30 when I walked Prissy around the whole back yard.  She did not want to do a quickie.  My mistake was going back to bed for just 5 minutes more.  An hour and a half later I sit up in bed and think 'Oh my gosh I have class in one hour'.  But it was a wonderful second snooze.  I start zipping around and leave the house by 8:30.  The ladies were patient with me as I made the coffee and got things going.  But there was a buzz going on around the cash register.  I go up and turn the computer off and on. Did not change the buzz.  Y Lynda came to the rescue.  She figured out it was the phone and not the computer.  Peaceful again.  Well we are talking about the Thursday morning group.  So things got back down to a lower roar. 

The ladies did a great job with their inchie swap.  I will gather the submitted inchies and post them on the blog.  I know I am behind on posting pictures from our WOW Friday projects.  Maybe I can get them posted this weekend.  But we will have another WOW Friday tomorrow.  We will be working on altering tags.  Bring your basic tool kit and we will have some fun.  Then after WOW Friday there is crop night. 

Have been dealing with a dull headache all day.  So I am gonna close up early tonight and let my pills kick in.

See you at the shop.


This is our layout for this first week of October. Can you imagine it is already October. My goodness. The title is Wildlife. It has my Great Nephew having fun with the ducks. You could crop pictures of a camping trip, your backyard, or a fun wild time you may have had. I love all these warm colors. Enjoy digging out those great pictures for a wild layout.

The ladies had a great planning day for the recipe book. Lot of proof reading, laughing, and food of course. There was so much food I enjoyed some broccoli quiche for dinner tonight while I finished the layout. Yummy. Lot's of great recipes in the cookbook. There was several the ladies wanted to try. Time is getting close for it to be printed, so make sure you let us know how many copies you need.

Micky D got my order right tonight so I did not have to back up for a fresh cup. Hopefully, it won't keep me up tonight. Good grief the city was so quiet. Of course it was about 10 pm. Most people were smart and already tucked in at home. It was pretty strange to see the parking lot at Wally World practically empty. The only wildlife I saw on the way home was a cayote. I guess even the wildlife went home early.

Guess I better get myself to bed. Prissy is all curled up in her bed so she is ready to be tucked in.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OOOOEEEEE.  I stepped outside this morning to walk Prissy.  Stepped into my rubber clogs. They were pretty darn cold.  Not that I am complaining but it was a shock to my toes.  50's at my house this morning.  The windows at the shop stayed up all day.  Only turned on the fan late this afternoon.  Love it!!!  I even opened the windows here at the house tonight.  Feels wonderful.

Had a wonderful surprise about lunchtime today. Little Sis stopped by for a visit.  She is actually driving herself around and using her little scooter.  Man, she is pretty good on that little thing.  She has the loading up into her big SUV down to a science.  She even manages to collapse that little scooter and swing it into the front seat.  She looks great.

Coming home tonight I met the train running East tonight.  You just never know which way it will be running .  Sometimes it is headed East and sometime it is headed West.  One morning I showed you how I had to wait for it to pass.  Then just the other day I was running right along beside it.  The neat thing was the way the road bed changes on such a short strip of highway.  One minute I am running right along beside the train.  Then I would be below the train. And then I would be above the train.  I felt as though I was on a roller coaster ride.  What a way to drive to work.  We just have to open up and enjoy our rides in the car.  Just throw those stressful thoughts right out the window as you pull out onto the road.  When the kids ride with me and I hit a dip in the road I always say wooped-de-do.  Then we all start giggling. Try it the next time you hit those little dips.

 Gotta get some work done tonight.  That is why I came home early.  I actually got home before dark.

So have a great night.

See you at the shop.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh I love this weather.  It was 65 degrees at 9 am this morning and in the 50's coming home.  We had the windows open at the shop this morning until about noon.  Then that sun started heating things up.  Jane spent the day painting and working on her computer.  Things are a little better with her laptop.  Still have to do a little more cleaning up and her laptop will be running faster.  She brought in a turkey sandwich ring.  I ate enough that I felt pretty sleepy after lunch. All that tryptophan.  I had a little caffeine and I was good to go. 

Man I can't believe how early the daylight ends.  I miss it staying light a little longer.  Prissy starts thinking it is time to go home when it gets dark.  You know how she can get your attention so you can't ignore her.   So I have to be a little faster with my projects to avoid that happening. 

I felt like having my unsweet tea tonight so I pulled into Mickey D's.  Of course I go through the whole spiel about no sugar etc.  Yep,  I had to back up because I tasted it before leaving the parking lot.  Sweet tea.  Yuck!!!!  But while I was waiting for my turn at the window I saw a sight I haven't seen in a long time.  A gentleman walked his lady to her side of the vehicle, opened the door, and helped her into the van.  Loved it, Loved it.  And he wasn't even wearing a suit but a camo shirt.  Yahoo!!!

Well that cute little frog didn't show up today.  I did not have to go digging in the mailbox today.  We received two new magazines today so the mail lady brought the mail into the shop. The new Card Maker and Scrap and Stamp came in today.  Christmas ideas galore!!!!

I love the Fall colors.  So this week we have more Fall color and it can be an any occasion card.  There is pasting, cutting, embossing, piercing, popping, and laughing.  Yes, there is always laughing during class.  Still thinking about the layout for the week.  MMMMM  better start surfing through those pictures.

Better get some crash and burn time in. So logging off until tomorrow.

See you at the shop.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yesterday was a fun relaxing day.  The ladies came to play and I just sat and enjoyed.  I did not crank my computer at all.  We enjoyed Yum's  take out.  Love fried rice.  I don't do much Chinese food.   My friends from South Florida would help me order and it would be chicken and broccoli.  So that is what I ordered yesterday.  Even Prissy enjoyed it. 

I started my day by going to Hardee's and getting Prissy her Saturday morning biscuit.  I am on 90 just about to make a Uey.  When I hear all this noise and think 'oh my gosh the bottom of my car is falling off'.  It did not sound or feel like a flat tire.  I slowed down and eased around the turn thinking I will pull over into the parking lot.  But just as I approached the turn I glanced over at Roundtree Motors.  That sound was not my car but the High School band playing their drums and cymbals.  They were playing to draw attention to their fundraiser.  Boy what a relief!!!  But it sure did scare the daylights out of me.

I finally remembered to check my mail at the shop yesterday.  The day was over and I had locked up.  So I grabbed the key and stepped out the front door.  I inserted the key into the lock and opened the door.  As I reached my hand  into the box a frog jumped and wet my hand.  Yuck!!!.  I proceeded to pull out the mail checking for that darn frog.  He had jumped to the bottom.  So I figured he got in there he can get himself out.   I go inside and proceeded to the back and started stacking the mail on the counter.  Guess what jumped out of the mail.  Yep, a teeny tiny frog!!!!  I couldn't catch him he moved so fast.  So if you go to the kitchen area look out for the cutie.

This week we have card classes, layout classes, WOW Friday, Crop night, and Cuttlebug Saturday.  Whew another busy week at the shop.  Oh yeah, there is also Play Day Wednesday.  A lot of opportunities to come have some fun.

Well gotta get going and get some work done.  Have a great day.

See you at the shop.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a great morning.  Love these nice cool mornings.  It makes you feel perky and that you can tackle anything.  I think I am gonna need that outlook today.  Those ladies keep me on my toes when they come to play.  Prissy will have to follow me around today.  She will probably be pooped tonight.

I finally checked some e-mail last night.  The missing crop pants were hiding in plain sight.  You know how you see but don't see.  Sometime your eyes see but your brain doesn't register.  That happens to me all the time.  I think something is hiding but it is my brain not kicking in.  You know how you go to a room a for something and when you get there 'Dang'  can't remember what that thing was.  Glad to here those crop pants were found.

Guess I better hop to it and get to the shop.  Excited to see what everyone is gonna be playing with today.

See you at the shop.


Friday, October 1, 2010

The bead class with Beth was a lot of fun.   Several new ladies did some really cute bracelets.  Such cute Halloween beads. They ranged  from the cutesy to the elegant.  Lot's of glitter and glass.    I will be posting a picture of the next project which is scheduled for November 1st. It is a whole set.  Necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  They are clear, colorful beads.  They would make a great Christmas gift for someone.  We will be having the bead classes on the first Friday of  each month.

Have you ever been in one of those "fast" checkout lines.  Yesterday, I had to zip into Wally World before my morning class.  I'm running slow as usual but I needed envelopes for those Fall cards.  Ok.  I hustle in the front door.  Grab a cart and head for the office supplies.  I grab my envelopes and head for the peanut butter.  Oh yeah I needed to replenish my stash at home.  Yikes, I haven't been in the food area since the remodel.  I knew it used to be on the end at the center aisle.  Naturally, now it is at the opposite end of the center aisle.  Grabbed my double pack and head for the front.  I normally don't checkout at the food section but there was one of those express lines vacant and I steer my cart for it.  Just as I am pulling in, the cashier is leaving the area to return a cart.  Ok, she's back before I finish putting everything on the counter.  She starts her scan and my side is not catching up to her scanning.  It seems to be hung up.  "Do I need to cancel my side?"  No, it will soon catch up.  In the mean time several people come and go behind me not wanting to wait out the transaction.  Finally I couldn't stand it and I hit the cancel button.  Surprise, surprise,  it worked and I completed my purchase.  So much for EXPRESS!!!!

I am still without the receipt printer.  But my mind has not been up to spending hours working through the problem with the computer guys.  Maybe Monday I will be rested and in fighting form.

Tomorrow is Play Day.  What are you gonna bring in to play with?  It is always interesting to see the projects.  Everybody has something fun to share with each other.  I think I am gonna punt all this computer business tomorrow and enjoy some playing myself. 

Prissy is digging her bed so I guess that means bedtime.  So I am gonna close down and watch a little TV (if I can stay awake). 

See you at the shop.

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