Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Dinner

Do you have a special dinner time with your family? Some of my fondest memories are times spent around the dinning table with friends and family. It is a special time to share things with one another. Not to mention eating some awesome food. This weeks layout shows some table time with family.
So plan a special night to spend some table time with your family. You never know what you might learn or you might hear a funny story.

What a great day. I went to town watching the morning Sun try to shine behind the fog. It almost resembled the moon with it's glow. Then this evening I actually left the shop before dark and enjoyed a glorious sunset. I also saw why the eyes are watering, the nose is itchy, and the throat scratchy. The roadside was aglow with goldenrod. Oh my, and it is just starting to bloom. Funny how much you see during daylight.

What a time I had getting the layout done last night. After I closed the shop yesterday I began to work on the layout. Thanks Jackie for the title. My first problem was my computer. It froze. I mean I could not turn it on or off. So much for printing out pictures. I finally unplugged the thing and decided that when the battery ran out it would go off. I think the light finally turned off about 10:00 pm. I put the Cricut to work. Cutting everything and putting it in little snack bags. So all I had to do is mat the pictures and place them on the page. So I decided to pack up the printer and print the pictures at home since it was already so late. Wrong. I get home unpack an set up the printer. The computer is now working properly. I decide that the pictures would be better black and white because of the various colors and the quality of the pictures. Well then the darn printer went wacko. First it wanted to print in color. Then it went to sepia. Good grief! I finally stopped trying to print and decided to wait 'til I got back to the shop. I planned to get up early, like 6 and be headed to the shop at 7. I don't know what I was smoking when I made that plan. First of all I stayed up 'til 2 and the next thing I know it is 7 am. Hop out of bed running full throttle. Fed Pokey, dressed and loaded the car and left by 7:30. Not bad. Opened up, made coffee, and began printing pictures. I was just finishing up when the ladies began to arrive. Whew!

I have one card completed for the Card Blitz on Saturday. Ho!Ho!Ho!. Tomorrow, Prissy and I will be cranking out the others. No sweat. Right!!!!

Jane made another great soup and brought some for lunch today. It was just the two of us enjoying that hearty bowl. It had lots of sausage and shrimp. Oh so Good!!!! as that chef would say. She left enough for me to enjoy tomorrow. Yummy.

That Prissy, she is a mess. Last night she did her last little walk around the yard. When we came back in I put her up on the bed walked across the room and there she was right at my feet again. I did a double take and said to myself 'Didn't I just put you up on the bed?'. I look at the bed and I see her little red blanket dangling over the edge. The little stinker was digging her bed and slipped right over the edge. One other time I was watching her dig and was fast enough to catch her before she fell off the bed. These little guys are so dang funny.

I better get some sleep so I can be ready for the marathon planning session tomorrow.

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

Looking forward to a big family dinner this weekend. I am actually going to cook! Gail. you're descriptions of your day and evening keep me in stitches.

Goldenrod is the culprit huh? I've woken up to a headach everyday. At least I now know why. Claritan for me. Hope to see you soon. Glad you are a great blogger, because I feel like I can keep up with what's happening and we just pick up our conversation where we left off!
Hello everybody! Sandie, I look at my beautiful box everyday. It inspires me!

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