Monday, October 11, 2010

Gosh can it be Monday already.  Prissy and I had a very busy day yesterday when we finally got out of bed.  We fed  Pokey. Then I did a little work on the computer reading my e-mail and surfing some card sites.  Of course that is with a few quick trips for Prissy to wander the yard.  Then the little girl got a bath.  You know when you give a dog a bath you end up getting way too much water on yourself. And after her bath she ran around like a crazy woman.  Then she had to go outside.  But this time I stayed pretty close so she couldn't get dirty. 

The Sunshine Stampers came in today.  The theme was Christmas and there were some beautiful cards.  I loved how they thought out of the box and used other colors than the traditional red and green.  Can't wait to see next months projects.

Enjoyed a great lunch today.  Jane brought me some delicious soup she made.  No matter how hot it gets I can eat soup.  Then Glenda brought me some veggies.  I just love yellow squash and caramelized onions.  Then there was broccoli and an awesome sweet potato.  All I can say is I pigged out!

The card this week will have you inky.  So be prepared to get dirty.  It is a Fall theme.  I just can't get away from those colors.  It won't be long and I will be doing those Christmas cards.  Can you believe we are in October already.  So Thanksgiving and Christmas are moving in fast.

I finished the card about 8:00 and started cleaning up and packing up.  I turned things off and headed to the back of the shop. I look around and there is no Prissy at my heels.  I go look under the table where she lays when she gets hot.  No not there.  I start calling but she can't hear me.  Then I remember she jumped out of her bed when I was cutting something on the Cuttlebug.  You know how sounds from a punch bothers her.  Well those Spellbinders will crack like that sometime.  This was one of those times.  I finally decided she must have made a mad dash to her bed in my office.  So I bebop over to the office and open the door and there she was, standing there waiting for me. I pick her up and that little tail starts wagging.  Tuck her into her seat belt and off we go.  First stop.  Micky D's tea.  I was ready for it. 

Guess I better get ready for bed and be ready for those Tuesday ladies. 

See you at he shop.

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