Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hangin' Out

How do you spend your weekend? Some people hit the road. Some people go fishing. Some people just hang out around the house. My brothers and sister always have their kids and grandkids hangin' at their house. Those are special times that everyone will remember. Next time you are asked by your family 'what are we gonna do?' Just hang out and spend some time together. Make sure you take a few pictures of all that activity. Then relive that time by scrapping those pictures. Here is our layout for this week. As you can see everyone is having a great time.

Can you believe I am home this early and the scrapbook page is complete. Oh my! This has to be a record. As Prissy and I left the shop we went the back way to zip by Zaxby's. What an awesome sight. Up over the Fairgrounds was a beautiful rainbow. And where there is a rainbow there has to be rain. Yahoo!!!. There was even a little shower that hit our house.

I head for Zaxby's with my order written down. Uh oh. There is no such thing as a buffulloed chicken sandwich. Ok. I tell the speaker I need to pull out and come back. So I pull over on the East side of the building. Dig out that phone I only use for emergencies. First thing, it has been in my purse and the battery is dead. So I plug the chord into the phone. Well it takes a few minutes to figure out how to turn it on. Then I try dialing. A stop sign shows up on the screen saying no network. What!!! I try a couple of times. Still no network. I pull around the building headed to the shop to call. I hear all these bing, bing, bings. Hmmm. Maybe the phone found that network. So I try dialing again. It actually rang through. Got a new order. I back out of the parking spot very carefully because there is a pizza delivery truck in back. They were making a delivery to Zaxby's. How funny is that. I pull up to the speaker and am very impressed with the guy taking the order. As he repeated the order it was perfect. No sugar in my tea. No mayo on my sandwich. It was still right when I took a sip of my tea and when I opened the box and there was no mayo on the sandwich.

The ladies worked on the cookbook today. Oh boy. Ready for the printers. Can't wait.

Remember Saturday is our Halloween party. People are already talking about what their costume is gonna be. What shall I be? There will be food of course. Something was said about a sale. And there will be some fun things to do. So dig out that costume and come have some fun.

Have a wonderful evening.

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

Our family loves to just hang out. We don't see each other that often so just being together is a thrill. We catch up on movies, what we've been up to, naps,grilling, etc.
Your grandbabies, neices and nephews are building up memories. What a wonderful gift you are sharing Gayle.
No rain at our place. Take some pics to share of the Halloween bash. Birthday bash for Zach that day. Thank goodness he's home!

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