Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boy, I have been dragging today.  There was a crop last night and we did not close down 'til about midnight.  So by the time I whizzed by Mickey D's it was about 1:00.  Needless to say it was closer to 2 by the time I turned off everything and went to bed.  Prissy was ready without any hesitation.  She was all curled up and snoozing before I had a chance to close up and jump in beside her.  When we first got home we tripped around the back yard and ran into that darn armadillo.  Prissy caught a whiff of the digger before I spotted it.  I grabbed the little Princess up and shooed the digger back through the fence. We finished our little trek around the yard without any other surprises.  Even with us going to bed so late the little stinker was dancing around the bed about 6:00 this morning.  So I grabbed the flashlight and off we went.  When we got out back I really did not need the flashlight.  There was plenty of moonlight and as it hit the low lying fog I thought I was seeing snow piled up.  It was really beautiful.  I should have stayed awake but.....  I went back to sleep then barely opened the shop on time. But to my defense it was not just because I was late getting up.  On the way to work a deer ran along the road then stopped to graze.  So I just had to stop and watched for a few minutes.  Love it!!!

The Cricut Cub was kinda quiet today but there were some cute things being cut.  Linda was cutting some accents for her Christmas Cookie Book.  Jackie was cutting something for a friend.  Sylvia shared a beautiful project she is working on.  Monique stopped in for a little visit.  Man she is a busy lady.

Guess I will close down and find that comfy sofa.

See you at the shop.

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