Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful time yesterday. I started the day painting my nose black with a few streaks for whiskers. Yep, I was a cat. Thanks to Emily sharing her ears and cat tail. My first stop was Dollar General for a few things. When I walked in the door someone said 'Oh look at the cat' so I guess my painted face passed. The only thing with those cat ears is I kept knocking them on things. A couple of time I almost lost them in the refrigerator. That darn tail. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about one of those all the time. I had to flip it out of the way when I sat down. Forget about closing a door or other things. You know how itchy my nose can get with those allergies. So a couple of times I ended up with black all over my hand. That caused a trip to the bathroom for a nose touch up. Thank goodness Halloween comes once a year.

After the Dollar store off to the shop. Prissy and I get unloaded. I start puttering. First I wrap the shop outside with caution tape(everyone thought I had been robbed). Then I started to put up the window clings. Gosh, that is one good way to find out you need to clean your windows because they would not cling. It took me a couple of times to realize why they were not clinging. Well at least the windows got clean. Then I began working on the clues for the treasure hunt. You know me I kept putting the clue in the wrong spot. I would catch myself a couple of times. But when the hunt began I had not placed the next to the last clue in it's spot. That clue was to lead them to me. So I ended up giving them the last two clues. What fun they had searching around the shop.

The first trick or treater was sleepyhead .

Then a Flower Child

Followed by The Cutest Pumpkin

Good Grief!!! Look at that Botox Beauty

Then there were a couple of super Heroes

And what about that Sassy Witch that whizzed by

But of course there were lots of Treats.
Apple Bars
Apple Dumplings.

Cherry Bars.

Eye of Newt.

Lip smacking ribs.

Pasta salad.
Peanut Butter Ghosts.
And so much more.
There were a few puzzles.

and a few projects

Then we had some fun with the little guys

But what would a gathering be without Prissy digging for the food.

We had a great time. Thank you all for joining in the fun.

Better get myself ready for those Cookie Cookbook makers. They are invading the shop tomorrow at 10:00. I'll be working on my arm muscles cranking that die cutting machine. Love the energy these ladies have. They are always cooking up some project.

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

Love those mummy dogs!

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