Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, we missed that rain.  I did not want us to have those heavy storms. But a little bit of rain would have been nice. Coming home I could see some amazing lightening off in the North East. It was just so awesome. After unloading Prissy from the car we head to the back yard.  I search the feed bucket area with my trusty flashlight. Yep.  There was the Pokey man standing there waiting.  So off I go to drop in his feed.  Then Prissy and I wander the backyard.  No moonlight tonight and the trees were blocking my view of the lightening show.  Oops! Just went out to take another little walk and the moonlight is now shinning brightly.

Sandie dropped by the shop today.  What wonderful pictures she had of her Fall leaves. She also brought in some delicious fresh picked apples.  Really makes you want to do a road trip.  Jane was still nursing her knee and working on the cookbook pages.  Mcintosh was ok but she is hoping for Micanopy to be better.  Haven't heard from Glenda.  Those Fall leaves must be pretty awesome.  Patty sent a message that she was back from her road trip.  Can't wait to hear about that wedding. 

Guess I better get Prissy all tucked in.  Maybe I'll get to sleep and be refreshed for that Tuesday morning card class.  

See you at the shop.

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