Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have enjoyed the day today.  The windows have been open with this wonderful day flowing in.  One of my pleasures for the day has been to enjoy some Oreos and milk.  Love to dunk those little round things in a cup of milk. I try not to buy them too often.  But once in a while I just can't resist. They have to be fresh otherwise you end up with a floating cookie.  Then you have two choices.  You either scramble it up and then you just have chocolate milk.  And chocolate milk doesn't taste the same as regular milk when dunking.  The second choice is to get a spoon and try to capture it without it breaking apart and creating that dreaded chocolate milk thing again.  How do you handle a floating Oreo?

I did not fall asleep on the the fave sofa last night as I predicted.  But I did just kick back and relax.  Then the rest of the night was a little rough.  One little rug rat had to go out at 3:30. Then just as I dozed off the big rug rat had to go out at 4:30.  Oh well,  that's what you have to do when you have pets and you love them.  Just wish they would have planned their outing at the same time.

Today I have been surfing the net for some great ideas to use at WOW Friday.  It is amazing how when you get started surfing you end up all over the place.  Then you can't remember where you have been.  Too many ideas and too little time. What new thing would you like to experiment with? 

I guess I better get back to surfing and find a card for this week. 

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

I love dunking cookies in milk too.
I have several projects going right now. So fun.
How about a "Bring your unfinished projects in and finish them day?" With a potlock lunch of course.

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