Sunday, October 10, 2010

Congratulations to James and Jade on their engagement.  They are one cute couple.  Love both of them  My nephew made a great choice in a life mate. 

What a beautiful morning.  My little girl actually let me sleep late this morning.  She did not raise her little head until about 9:00 am.  That is really late for both of us.  But once we got cranking I have enjoyed this beautiful morning.

 You know sometime girls just want to have fun and it hits you at the oddest time.  Well yesterday was one of those times.  As tired as I was I hopped on the train to escape for the evening.  Two other crazy ladies and myself went on an adventure.  But before leaving we had to do a little hoop jumping.  I had to leave Prissy somewhere.  She does not like staying at the shop by herself.  So since little Sis was still not venturing very far with her scooter I gave her a call.  Yes, she would baby sit the little girl.  So off we go on the adventure.  First stop pick up Joy.  She had to drop her car off.  Then we had to stop for an unsweetened tea to go at Micky D's.  Drop the little Princess at Sis's.  Of course Prissy did not want to stay. She stuck to the heels of my feet.
So I picked her up and handed her to Geneva while Geneva handed me those golden coupons.  You know you can't go on an adventure without coupons.  We don't have a GPS system so we are depending on a woman's instinct to find the perfect shopping spot.  You know how one lady tells another lady about that perfect spot.  Well that is what we were aiming for.  Good grief we are good.  Found the first stop did not have any coupons but there was a sale going on.  Enjoyed seeing a new store.  Then off we go again to the usual haunts.  Coupons are good here and we even have a sale paper.  Picked up a few things here and continued to the next stop.  Not much picked up at the last stop.  Do we have too many things that we can't find anything we need or want.  At least one of us used the coupons.

During the trip there was a lot of looking for things to use on inchies.  Uh oh is there an addiction happening around the shop.

Before we leave we have to grab some Chic-fil-a.  I love their nuggets. Now I am ready for the ride home.  Easy drive, no deer running, and no crazy drivers.  On the way home a phone begins to ring.  Not mine.  Not Joy's.  It was Glenda's.  She starts digging in her purse and decides the phone is in one of her bags in the back seat.  Ok it stops ringing. Then it starts to ring again.  Well we still can't find the phone.  I hand her mine and tell her I don't know how to use it. Then in the same breathe I tell her it is for emergencies.   Now does that make any since.  So we all start laughing.  Joy uses her phone and hands it to Glenda.  We are almost home she says.  We are picking Prissy up.  I find Prissy, not snoozing next to Geneva but on a cozy warm spot on a rug next to the dryer. She did not even hear me come into the room.  I reached down and picked her up.  She is sleepy eyed but ready to go home.  Next stop we drop Joy off.  Then on to the shop for Glenda's truck.  We start retrieving her bags but as we are going we are looking for that darn phone.  There aren't that many bags and there is no phone in any of them.  She finally looks at me with this funny look in her eyes and tells me it is in her pants pocket.  We both burst out laughing.  I tell her I thought the ring sounded closer than if the phone was in the back seat.   That was just what I needed.  A wild crazy evening.

Prissy is curled up in her bed here at my feet and I need to get busy doing a few things.  So have a great day.

See you at the shop.


Glenda said...

What stories you have had to tell this week (but they was all true) I have sure given you lots to write about this week, but I will be giving you a rest for the nest 2 weeks, so enjoy because I will Be Back.

Lisa Ayers said...

So funny about the phone! I'm always losing mine. I'm glad you girls got out for a day of fun and laughter.

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