Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can we get a break from this heat.  I thought we were into Fall.  It is supposed to be cooler this weekend but I am ready for it now.  And can it get any darker.  My goodness it is dark in the morning when I get moving with Prissy.  Then it descends on us early in the evening. I guess we are moving out of that good ole daylight savings time.  The best of both worlds would be cooler weather and more daylight.  Not gonna happen.  Just gotta appreciate what we have.

The ladies are meeting in the morning to work on the cookbook.  Could be the final sorting before it is to be printed.  Yippee!!!  Can't wait to see the final printed book.  It is gonna be great.

I am ahead on my layout for the week.  Pictures are printed and the title is floating around.  This idea came from Teddi.  Should have the picture posted early afternoon.  Well, hopefully. 

See you at the shop

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