Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, I finally finished the lawn on Sunday. I had to have a small break due to the rain. I tried to keep going but it started coming down too hard. At least I had the dust washed off. Typical Florida weather the sun was shinning in the time it took me to have something cold to drink. I was back at it and was finishing the the last few rounds and here comes the rain. I parked the tractor and briskly walked to the house before the boomers started. I don't do lightening. Rain doesn't bother me but I have a healthy respect for that electrical stuff. As I left the drive today I looked across the yard and thought 'Oh my gosh I gotta start mowing again'. With all this rain those skinny little grasses with the little black seeds pop up like crazy. The grass looks nice except for those things popping up here and there. The worst is when those white rugrats come in from the yard covered with little black seeds.

I have a digger in the back yard. There has been one around the house for awhile but now he is in the fenced yard where the dogs run. You know my two have odd little habits like wanting to go outside anytime between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Well my oldest rugrat wanted out the other night about 2:00 a.m. The first thing he did when I opened the door to the patio was run up to the little brick wall around the patio and take a sniff. I thought oh dear whats he found. I peeked out before releasing him into the yard. Right there at the wall in the short hedges was the digger. Well I herded my little rugrat in the opposite direction as the digger started running. I had seen a hole by the hose reel at the end of the hedge so I figured he headed that way. I think the digger is coming in under the fence near where I feed the horse. I covered the hole as best I could but the next day I could see he had tunnelled again. This time I put one of Belinda's fern pots in front of the tunnel. If he can move that thing he is pretty strong. Well this rain has him looking for dry ground cause I have seen a few trenches dug around Frank's trailer.

Remember we will be closed for the 4th of July and there will not be a crop that night. Saturday the tables will be available for you to crop. Then we will be closed Sunday. The next 'One Hour Layout' is Friday July 11th.

How are those contest layouts coming? We need to have them posted in the store by July 11th so we can start voting.

Check the calendar of events we have several sale days this month.

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