Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tractor time!!! Yep, I went home early and got on the tractor. Boy had it been a long time since I did that. But it did not take long and I was ripping around those old oak trees. Before I had to navigate a lake and a canal, so oak trees were a piece of cake. I even drove in the pasture with Pokey. Of course I had fed him and he moved to the hay bale. The rugrats reacted the same. As I mowed their little fenced in area they were at the back door just a barking. When I finished their yard I let them out then they wanted to bark to get back in the house. Go figure. I did not get the whole yard mowed. Four acres takes a little more time than two. If our afternoon showers hold off I will be back at it today. If not today I will finish Sunday afternoon. Hopefully Frank won't fuss at me too much with the way I cut the yard. He is so much like my Daddy. Anytime we mowed for him it was a challenge to see if we passed his approval. One day I came home and Frank was on the mower. He reminded me so much of Daddy sitting on the tractor. The biggest difference was the hat. Frank wears a cap and daddy wore either a big straw hat but mostly he wore this odd shaped hat.

Here is the gang feeding Pokey. In the picture (back to front) is Hannah, James, Josh, Emily, and Joshua. This is the feed bucket I was telling the ladies I use a broom to pull the bucket over so I can feed Pokey. Well it keeps me from unlocking the side gate and walking around or racing Pokey to the bucket from the pasture side. Cause the minute you walk off the patio he heads for the gate. Either he hangs his head over the gate letting you know it is feeding time or he paces the fence line until you head for the bucket. No I do not ride. I am just babysitting. Some baby huh?

Well I have a new animal story for you. Here is a little visitor I spotted as I backed out of my garage the other morning. He was sitting right in front of Frank's truck tire. The haziness is due to camera shock. You know taking it from AC to the outdoor temperature. Well we know we have humidity this just gives a view of what it might look like if it were actually visible. Well the guy must of crawled back to the pond or he has dug a hole somewhere to lay some eggs. That happened at my other house. One morning I was outside and saw all these little turtles crawling over the grass headed for the canal.

Don't forget that I will be closed Sunday. I am only open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

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