Monday, June 23, 2008

Hope you all had a great weekend. My Niece and family came by for a visit. She has two children. Dalton and Hannah. It was fun visiting and seeing how our families change. It seems just like yesterday I played with these nieces and nephews and now they have children. My keeping up with these little guys has left the building. Maybe if I got serious and started my mall walking I could halfway go after them. but there is nothing like having a little one come to you to be picked up and want to share your cereal. Huh Geneva? The last thing she checked on tonight was if there was cereal and milk for her to share with her grand kids.

Well tomorrows card class is finally ready. We will be doing some paste embossing and yes there is a bow on the card. You know I can't do a card without putting a bow or ribbon somewhere. This will be our first Christmas card. You know we are approaching Christmas in July.

Rose and Laree came by today. Rose brought us some wonderful blueberries from their garden. Thank you Dan. He has a green thumb. Look for him at Nobles in Live Oak.

The saga with AT&T continues. Wait till you hear the latest. A group came by today to"help" me with my bill. You know the AT&T authorized guys. Well I let them know I was not interested!!!!! The left, came back in telling me they couls save me some money. I said OK. Then he left. Then the second person came inquiring about how much my monthly bill was running. I told her the amount. Surprise came from her and then she left. A couple of customers were here and were debating on whther to wait and see if the third guy came in, but they decided to leave. It was a good thing because all three came back in and wanted me to sign a contract. They told me they faxed a copy of the changes to the phone and hw much i would save. Guess what? The proposal showed 4 lines not the three I now have plus the contract was for 3 years. Now how can 4 lines save me money. I have been down that garden path before. Needless to say I said NO!!! not interested please leave. I was a little more verbal with them than that butthey did leave.

I better get home to the rugrats.

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