Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally Friday. Wow where does the time go. Well time has flown for Christy & Cindy and their families. It just seems yesterday we found out Christy was going to have another baby.
Sion arrived last Thursday. Here he is with Christy.
Congratulations to everyone. I held him for just a little bit and he is a little bit of a thing.

I am looking forward to Sunday's Altered/Mixed media group meeting. They are working on shrines this time. I think they will have a new name for themselves after this meeting.

Here are Cynthia, Celeste, Meri, and Joanne at a previous meeting. These ladies have so much fun. It is hard to keep up with them.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy those yard sales, The Blueberry Festival, or those honey do projects.

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Ayekah said...

I'm sure glad no one told me the meeting was this sunday! Oops!
I have a great name in mind...maybe something like, we all can't be mind readers...ESP broken...something like that.

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