Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I had better get caught up with our activities. Friday night was crop night. There were a couple of ladies here. They packed in about 10:00 so off I went to Wally World. I needed food for my rugrats. It was nice a quiet there so it did not take long. The I am headed home. When I get into my neighborhood I have a little curve and up the hill I go. On this curve is an open field. My eyes are always open for anything moving. Well Friday night as I rounded the curve my lights hit a field of twinkling eyes. I approached slowly so I could enjoy them and not watch them leaping away. Deer of course. They love to feed in this field. In the early morning I might even see turkeys. Everyday I have enjoyed a beautiful assortment of flowers. So night or day I have a treat as I round the curve. Here is a doe with her fawn. I captured this picture on my way to the stroe one morning.

Sunday, The Altered Group gathered and shared a wonderful assortment of their creativity. They are working on a name for their group. After sharing their art, they became the wild bunch with all their inks and dominoes. What fun!!!! They definitely need aprons. I have seen one of the completed domino projects. It was wonderful.

Yesterday, the Book Club had a meeting. They played with screens and sprays. Aprons again please. No they weren't that messy. They shared their acrylic projects. Really cute! Some had a problem being able to see through the pages but that is OK. Whatever you like is the most important thing when you scrapbook. I think we are going to change the club just a little bit. We will work on a page for a project during the meeting. The first project will be a book about ME. Each month there will be a theme for the page you will work on at the meeting. This way you can come prepared to work. This will make a great album about you. Everyone scraps everything but themselves. You can work in a 12x12 formt or smaller. This is for you about you. Come prepared to be amazed about yourself.

Tomorrow, I will post the page Gayle is doing on Friday for the One hour Layout. You are gonna love it.

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