Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day weekend. I have had a busy few days. After closing late on Friday night I had nice surprise when I got home. The rug rats met me at the door as usual with their cheerful selves. Getting past their excitement I started for the closet to change shoes etc. As I rounded the corner disaster hit me. My closet shelves had fallen. There were hat boxes, hats, clothes heaped in a pile on the floor. Now my closet is a long closet so I am talking about a heap of clothes. Well after feeding the rug rats I started picking up this pile of clothes. Now I have piles of clothes all over the dining room, living room, and the laundry room. It is a good thing there is a handy man around the house cause he has a big project when he can get to it. I am just thankful the rug rats did not get hurt. This is the closet rug rat #1 (Rhett) hides on his pillow. It is his territory. I have shut the door so he can't get in there until things get back to normal. I know we all keep too many clothes. If we calculated what we wore it would be about one quarter of what is hanging in our closets. You know you have those favorites that are just too comfortable. And then there are those different sizes we keep just in case. Well This is gonna make me go through and clean out cause Frank is not gonna let me but half of that stuff back on the shelves. But in all fairness the nails holding the racks were not very long or anchored into a stud. But I will scale down.

Mrs. Jane brought her recipe to me. You know that outrageous ice c ream sandwich dessert. First you spray Pam on an 8x8 glass baking dish. Fill pan bottom with a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then sprinkle the sandwiches with a layer of cracked Heath Bars or crushed toffee chips you find in the baking aisle. Next layer chopped pecans. Drizzle with chocolate. Then caramel syrup. Then repeat layers. Freeze until ready to serve. This is very rich so a little dab will do you. She brought in another recipe so I will share that with you later.

Mrs. Glenda just brought in the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. These are from her garden. WOW!

This is the layout with Lucy this week. It would make a great heritage page. Or if that cute little girl played dress up.

These are Graphic 45 papers. You can't tell from the picture but the tiles are embossed. That will be a new technique for you. Be practicing with your heat gun so you can get this done in an hour!!!!.

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