Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last week my Mother-in-law sent me some money for my Birthday.  So I broke down and finally got a smart phone.  I went to Geneva's to have a little visit with her family while the Missouri gang was there.  The kids helped me learn somethings as well as all the adults.  Whew!!!  I sure needed that jump start.  So far it has been interesting.  Yesterday on the way to town I pressed the button and ask Siri (you have seen the commercials where they talk to their phone)  to call Geneva.  Siri comes back and says" Sorry Gail, I can not get access to Switzerland's directory".  Ok, I almost had to pull over because I was laughing so hard.  I tried again and this time she did get the right Geneva.  Then last night I was here on the computer working on my Etsy sight and my phone chips (that is the sound for a text message). The message is from sweet Emily wanting face time ( this is what she helped me set up).  I said sure. So here we are seeing one another via phone as we talked to one another.  Of course I am sitting pretty still and she is all over thew room.  We talked until my phone came up that my battery is low.  So we said good night.  Technology is so wonderful. 

Well, technology is wonderful when it is working for you.  I have been try to set up my Etsy shop and can't get my darn banner to work.  So I finally just closed down last night.  I'll give it another try today.

Those cute little Hummingbirds are buzzing the Bottlebrush Bush this morning.  They are soo fast and make this sound.  Obviously we don't need a feeder. 

Smiles 'til I see you.

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