Sunday, July 22, 2012

Had a great day yesterday at Gateway with the ladies.  Such cute things they were making.  Several were working on Halloween cards.  Now that is planning ahead.  Many were actually working in their scrapbooks.  Several were making cards for the first time and enjoying it.  Can you imagine!!!!  There was a retro card that had so many layers. Oh my!  But it sure was cute.  That Tags, Bags, & Boxes 2 cartridge had some great little boxes coming out of one Cricut.  Just a wonderful time of getting together.  Linda Northrup has managed to secure their church for people to get together and play.  It is monthly on the 4th Saturday unless scheduling makes us change the Saturday.  I will be sure to post any changes as they come.

Been at the shop this morning.  Thank goodness I went early before people were out and about.  I went to do some weeding so my attire was questionable.  If my Sister and Nieces had seen me they would have killed me.  I had on my pink mudders, black crop pants, and a lime green t-shirt that matched the stripe down my pants( I know Geneva is saying 'Oh Lord').  No make-up and of course my hair was wild and wooly.  You know that is what curly hair does when it gets humid.  As I was working I wished for a set of windshield wipers to keep that darn sweat out of my eyes.  See if I had makeup on it would been running all over the place.  Gracious some of those wild trees are so thick I could not get my loppers around them.  Forget up digging up those roots.  I think they have made it to China.

Better get back to listing things on the Etsy shop.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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