Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am not a fan of big changes.  Blogger has changed it's format and it is a bugger to be retrained.  I'm comfortable with what I know don't make me grow by changing things!!!  Ha Ha. 

While working in the yard this morning I could hear the Quail off in the yard somewhere.  Couldn't see them but what a lovely sound.  Frank is gonna have quite a fire when he gets to burning again. 

I think I could become a hermit out here.  It is hard to motivate myself to go to town.  There are things at the shop I need to take care of but.....  Maybe I'll get there by lunchtime.  That's good reasoning.  I need to get some lunch.

I see where Tim Holtz has a new app for those smart phones.  You can keep track of what you have that has his name on it.  By next week there should be an app for the android phones.  The best part it is free.  I am checking around for an app for Cricut cartridges.  There is a free app for the android.  There are apps for the I phone but I have not read about how good they are.  The android app is from Joys life.  She has a blog with a file that lets you mark the cartridges you have and then print or save. 

Better get to going so I can motivate myself to get those car keys.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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