Monday, July 9, 2012

Can't Get My Head Wet!!!

I have been busy in the yard the last couple of days.  I weeded and placed some rocks in the front garden.  Then today I trimmed the Crepe Myrtle.  You know how those shoots start around the base.  Well, some I did not trim because they had a few blossoms on them.  I 'll trim them later. 
 I baby sat a couple of little dogs over the weekend.  One was a puppy.  Oh my gosh how you forget their little antics.  She is tiny and I had to be careful of where she was all the time.  She loved to get under some of my long table skirts and who knows what she did.  I think she would look for treasures to chew.  She was out of luck.  Because the only thing she would find would be dust bunnies.  

After the yard work and a shower I began another layout.  My brother sent me this photo of his grandson cooling off in a bucket.  He had an ear infection and was not supposed to get his head wet.  He sure figured out away to get around that!

The end of June was the card class at the assisted living home.  So I thought I would share the card we did. 

Yep, it had the bling going.  Those ladies noticed the sparkle on the fireworks right away.  They were able to do their own Cuttlebugging.  Of course, I made sure the handle did not swing back and hit them.

Fed-ex brought me a cute little Ladybug Stamp Set.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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