Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cranberry Feta Pinwheels

What a beautiful day. The skies have been unbelievable. Yesterday morning as I walked out to feed Pokey I was dumbstruck by their beauty. It was just becoming daylight. The colors were surreal. There was a beautiful Teal and a Corally pink. In fact they were just impossible to describe. Of course, the sky changes so fast I could not get to the camera fast enough. Awesome!!!

The recipe today is from I love cranberries, feta cheese and easy. These look yummy. If you go to the website you will find the nutritional information.

Cranberry Feta Pinwheels. Photo by <span class=


Yield: 48 appetizers


  1. Combine all ingredients except tortillas, mix well.
2. Divide and spread mixture evenly among tortillas

3. Roll up tightly, wrap in plastic and refrigerate at least one hour.

4. To serve cut into 12 slices.

5. A nice variation is to add thin slices of ham on top on top of the spread before rolling.

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Just finished my second batch of cookies. They are cooling now. Then I will cut and pack them.

See you at the shop.

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