Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. The weather was just perfect.  I got to the shop and began working on The Blitz.  Had the 3rd card designed by lunch.  Glenda popped in and helped finish cutting the pieces.  Then on to the 4th design.  Teddi finally took a break from organizing her home scrapping spot and popped into the shop.  She was working on the recipe tags for her Cookie Book.  The three of us finished the design for this 4th project then I ran out to get some lunch and run to the bank.  Ate lunch while Glenda was cutting up a storm.  Then as I was doing some final touches on a few things Teddi and Glenda did some cleaning.  So thank you shop fairies for cleaning up.  And yes I left about 6:00.  It was such a treat to get home early and not have to finish a project here at home.  Prissy and I did not know what to do with all that time.  In fact I fell asleep before 11:00pm. and it was in bed and not on the trusty sofa.  So look out ladies I feel  awesome. 

Love it.  Those cookbooks are a hot item.  Ten books went out with one customer yesterday.  We may be sold out before we can have our release party.  Keep tuned in for the date and time of the party.  Looks like the party season has begun.  Better watch what I eat so I can be ready for the season.

Wishing all you travelers a safe trip for your Holiday travel.  Looking at tags around town last night it seems the travel has begun. 

Guess I better get ready and head to the shop  You now those Blitz days can be interesting.  But I am  ready!!!!

See you are the shop.

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