Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well it seems that cooler weather is warming up.  I had to crank the AC at the shop this afternoon.  You know how that Sun heats up the shop in the late afternoon.  And of course, when I start moving around the shop my thermostat rises and I need a little AC.  There were a few new ladies in the shop that stayed for the card class.  So I was hopping around getting things set up.  It is always fun having new ladies in the card classes.  I love how they help each other and love experimenting.

I am no gamester but the add on TV  for the new 'Black Ops' has me hooked.  Not to play the game but listen to the music.  What little bit I heard during the commercial was great.  Oh well guess I will just enjoy the commercials.

Prissy has been zipping around the house like a crazy women tonight.  I don't know if it is this cool weather or the fact we got home early tonight.  Finally,  she has crashed on the floor.  Hopefully she will sleep good tonight.  Last night we got home after 9:00 I put her in the bed.  She curled up and was out like a light.  She wouldn't even budge for me when I came to bed.  I guess she found that comfy spot and wasn't gonna share.

The ladies made final adjustments to the cookbook today.  And off they went to have the book printed.  Look for the release of the best cookbook you can imagine.  Such yummy home tested recipes.  What better seal of approval.

Friday is WOW and Crop Night.  WOW starts at 3:00 and Crop starts right after WOW.  You know me.  We will know what we are gonna do when we sit around the tables.  No matter what we do we always have fun.  Saturday is Cuttlebug Club.  You know Cuttlebug is always fun and interesting. 

Rose is doing good.  Love to hear that. 

Well I better start getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow is a busy day.  Play Day and Layout day.  HMMMMM!!!  What shall I do this week?  Stay tuned for update. 

See you at the shop.

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