Sunday, November 21, 2010


What a day we had Saturday. There were people shopping. But it was 'Blitz Day'. Boy, oh boy what a Blitz. There was one time during 'The Blitz' Nan came to me with a question. Bless her heart, I must of looked totally lost. She had to repeat herself twice before I understood what she was asking. I guess you can never plan how a class will run. Each one has it's own personality. That is why each one is so special. Looking forward to the next challenge. Then Jackie brought me several doggie boxes from the Thanksgiving dinner she helped serve. One had pumpkin pie. Then there was a smorgasbord of desserts in the second box. Then of course the third box had Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything was delicious.

Tuesday is the day for both the card class and one hour layout. Surprise, surprise I have both finished. Please bring your colored pencils to the card class. Our project will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. Plan to come for some fun. Then our layout for the week is also full of fun. I would love to try the slide again. Butttttt. Not gonna happen. I'll just enjoy the shear joy on this little ones face. What fun thing would you like to try again? Or what were you curious about as a child. This little one is very seriously checking out this cow. And who doesn't like candied or carmel apples. Just think once you get through that sugar layer it is very healthy. So here is our layout this week with all that fun captured.

Guess it is about time to cuddle with Miss Priss and get ready for this week of Thanksgiving.

See you at the shop.

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