Sunday, November 7, 2010

BRRRRRR!!!!!  Love it.  I can keep bundling clothes on to stay warm.  I did not even put on my fuzzy socks last night.  But I did forget to fall back with my clock one hour.  My goodness I thought it was 7 something and it was actually an hour earlier.  Just when you thought you could cozy in to a warm bed your body clock still gets you up. 

I gave Prissy a treat.  She played with it for awhile now she is trying to bury it in her bed.  I don't know how she thinks that fuzzy fabric is gonna magically flip over her bone.  Oh well she is having fun.

The ladies had quite the Play Day yesterday.  They were cranking out little embellishments for their Cookie Cookbooks.  Creating Christmas cards and generally enjoying themselves.  Enjoyed pizza from Gondoliers.  I'm gonna try staying away from all that stuff.  I need to drop some weight especially with all those Holidays coming up.  We finally closed up shop about 6:00.  Gracious what a day.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  The ladies will be back at 9am working on the Cookie Cookbook.  Then the Sunshine Stampers will be there with their projects.  Rose we will be thinking about you.

I better get busy working on my card for Tuesday.  The tables will be busy at the shop tomorrow so I need it designed today.

Have a great day and if you are traveling be safe.

See you at the shop.

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Lisa Ayers said...

Hi Gayle! It was cold in Orlando too. Hope to get in and see you before our next trip out.

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