Friday, November 5, 2010

Oooeeee!!!!  Love this cool weather.  I actually had to grab a jacket this morning.  Opened the shop windows and had someone say they were cold.  Can you imagine after experiencing all that hot weather.  I'm sure by Sunday morning while getting that extra hour sleep I'll be wearing those fuzzy socks.  Prissy might even be in her sweater for a little while.  Gonna be enjoying some hot chocolate this weekend.

The bead class was great.  Some beautiful beads were strung.  Glitzy, glitzy, glitzy.  Love to see the ladies having fun and also creating something so wonderful.  I tried to work through my e-mails. You know how that goes.  You start one way and it gets you going all over the place.  Then you never know where you have gone.  I did come across some cute ideas that you might see for a class.

It was good to see Patty at the class.  She said tomorrow was the Avon Walk  for Cancer.  The walk is downtown.  So stop on by and join the fun.  I think it starts somewhere around 9:00.

Had a luscious dinner.  Frank surprised us with homemade Tortellini Soup.  He adds a bit of spice to the pot.  It isn't too hot to eat but enough to get those sinuses going.  It was so yummy!!!  But right about now I am needing that nice cozy sofa.

Thursday's wild bunch wasn't so wild after all.  There were quite a few ladies there but they weren't too rowdy.  When they left they were headed to Popeye's.  They love those biscuits.  They treated me to my favorite chicken breast and biscuit.  Yes, I did share with Prissy.  Thanks guys, I really enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow is Play Day.  So dig out those projects and come join the fun.  I might even work on my card or my layout for the week.  Who knows when you guys get there I might even go a different way.  Cause you guys can really get me going. 

Well I think I am going to close down and find that sofa.

See you at the shop.

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