Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversay!

It is hard to believe we started this little adventure 5 years ago. There has been a lot of hard work from both Family and Friends over these last 5 years. Without my family the doors to Scrappy Papers would not have opened. They have been such a support from the beginning. We started with a thought and with their help it became reality.
This was the way the old shop looked before the family made it a comfy cozy place to gather.

Here we have Frank during the construction.

Belinda getting those windows ready.

Frank and James are unloading those heavy display shelves.

Well what would the store be without the help of those kids. Joshua is helping Mike mount the shelves for the speakers while Josh and Mandy keep an eye on everything.

And of course Miss Emily helping unpack the Slat wall.

Becky and Geneva working hard to get those last few things checked in before the Grand Opening.

Yep! That is a blonder me hanging that product on the shelf. That was back when I could see enough to park those glasses on my nose. Over these last few years they have inched higher up on the nose 'til they are about where they should be.
This is the beginning for Scrappy Papers.

Of course, you have to have a ribbon cutting.

The first but not the last cake to enter the shop!!!!

These are our very first customers, Carole and Glenda.

Then we moved into the new digs with lots of help from Family. Thank you Frank, Belinda, James, Mike, Geneva, Josh, Mandy, Steve, Becky, Joshua, Emily, Carter, and Tate.

And what would Scrappy Papers be without the love and support of our wonderful customers.


You make it such a pleasure to come to the shop everyday. I never know what little surprise you have in store for me to figure out. You put up with my _____ (what is that sound I make to stop you from doing something?). Oh well I can't spell it but you know the sound. You make me laugh, cry, and scratch my head. Thank you for making each day a great day here at Scrappy Papers.

Thank you all for your continued support of Scrappy Papers.

See you at the shop


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scrappy Papers you are the best.

Glenda Grimes said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Scrappy Papers. For 5 wonderful years we have enjoyed you and look forward to many, many, many, many, more. Thanks Gail for giving birth to Scrappy Paper's 5 years ago, because of your dream and talents many friends have been made. As one of the first customers to walk through that door I never dreamed of all the fun, friends and family I was about to make, how wonderful those years have been. As we come thought those doors we smile, we cry, we laugh, have fun and most of all we have eaten some of the best food in the world and it doesn't end there because it travels into the lives of people who never have been to Scrappy Paper's when they receive ours cards and scrapebook pages. Thanks for all your hard work and the many late hours you spend so we can learn, share, and just have lots of fun. Lots of love and God Bless.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Scrappy Papers! Hoping for many more years yet to come!

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