Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well I went to Geneva's to see baby Tate today.  Wow! what a day. I drive up and she has a river running down her drive to her back yard.  Joshua is out there in his rain boots and dump truck having a mudding event.  Apparently they were removing some roots that had been left from one of the trees they had cut down earlier when they hit a small pvc water line.  It was quite some time before the city got the relayed message then they had a hard time finding the cutoff valve.  The kids had a great time until they had to take a bath and there was no water pressure.  Whatever happened to the old fashioned hand pump and bucket?  While holding and feeding baby Tate I had a front row view of all the work going on outside.  Tate may have weighed 10lbs 10 oz but he is still a little squirt.  You forget how tiny they are.   Prissy sure was not liking me holding Baby Tate.  Before I left today I did get to kiss those wonderful cheeks. Here he is in his cute cowboy outfit.

Isn't he such a cutie.

Of course while I was there Joshua, Emily, and Carter were very entertaining.  Joshua told me he saw his first deer.  I asked if it was cold in the stand he said ' I couldn't feel my feet.'  But his best come back was when Mandy was asking him what time of year it was when it was cold.......Joshua replied 'Hunting season'.


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