Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

I checked on the pups last night and gave them water and food.  Most of the stainless steel bowls with food had been removed.  I know I spelled stereo in the morning post.  Those darn smart phones don't have big keys or screen.  All three were there.  This morning when I went by they were tucked in somewhere.  But I replenished the water and left food.  After ten I started making my calls.  Wellborn rescue does not take animals from the public.  They rescue dogs from animal control.  They suggested that I call animal control.  I finally reached them.  They said they couldn't get out there today.  I asked if I could check back to make sure they had picked them up.  She said I could.  I told her I would continue putting out food and water.  I came by tonight and left food and water.  I only saw two.  I could not spot the shaggy one.  I hope it was hiding or someone was able to catch it and take it home.  I drove up and around and did not see it.  Hopefully, they will get rescued before the rains come this week.  I wish I were a dog whisperer and could coax them into the car. 

This Saturday is the play day/gathering.  It will be at the shop this month and next.  It starts at 10 AM. 

Smiles 'til I see you.

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