Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

Just to update on the pups. I stopped to check them Wednesday morning and it was just the Border Collie and the Terrier. I did not see them at first. I usually drive slowly down the little lane looking on either side of the road. Then I stop on my way back out to check the food and water. As I was pouring fresh water the Terrier started barking. I looked up and he is standing on the road by the stop sign. I ease up there with my flashers on and get out of the car. I spotted the Border Collie just lying on a bed of wild flowers just looking up at me not moving. I was concerned that he had gotten dehydrated. I reach in the car for some food. Then I ease forward talking gently. I spooked him. He jumped up ran toward the fence then out to the road. Oh my goodness. hat is the last thing I want. I decided if I left he would come back away from the road. When I returned that afternoon he wasn't anywhere to be seen. As I stopped to check the water and food here comes the Terrier and a big Collie. That collie was so friendly. I had to shut the car door because I thought he was gonna jump in. Now why couldn't the three pups been like that. I petted the Collie and put fresh water in the bowl. The Collie drank but the Terrier stayed behind the barbed wire fence. I started walking around to see if the Border Collie could be found. I looked back where the Collie and Terrier were. The Collie was laying down and the Terrier was standing up close to him. He had found a new companion. As I was leaving they were walking down the fence line together headed to the horse farm. I called animal control yesterday. They said they had been out there but had not seen the dogs. I went by last night about 9:30 to check their supplies. I knew I would not see them in the dark. Both the water and food bowls were full. This morning no pups. The bowls were full. I put fresh water and eased on down the road looking as I went. Hopefully, the three of them have found a safer location or better yet a new home.

Saturday is play day here at the shop. Starts at 10:00.

Smiles ' til I see you.

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