Monday, April 8, 2013

April 7, 2013

I planned ahead today. I put my car keys next to my phone last night. The fist thing I packed were my Cricut mats. The sewing machine manual is in the case with the machine. Once I get started it will be interesting to see if I did leave anything.

Stopped by to check on the pups. They must have still been bedded down somewhere because I did not see them. But I did see 5 big stainless steel dog bowls full of water and food. There were other little signs people were leaving them food. They are so adorable. We tried again yesterday to get close but they are still pretty skiddish. We need a dog whisperer.

Debbie can not open the church for the next couple of months. I will open the shop for the monthly gathering. Again it starts at 10:00. We can play as long as we can last. That is this Saturday. Hope to see you there.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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