Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 6, 2013

From yesterday's post you know I left my phone and was halfway to town when it dawned on me.   I finally do the turn around and get to town.  My first stop was to go to Wally World and get a certain size sewing needle.  I had done some research and knew that I had to use a certain size needle to sew on paper.  I am standing in front of the needle selection.  Ok, what size needle???  I go to get that darn smart phone that has my notes and yep... I left it in the car.  Another turn around to retrieve the phone.  Of course when you go there you always end up with other things.  So my one tiny item ended up with me doing a balancing act to get to the register.  Then my next stop is to get my coffee and tea at Micky D's.  Spring Break is supposed to be over took me some time to get through the drive-in.  Finally, I am at the shop but of course I need to gather my self together after all that and unloading all my tools.  You know when you go on vacation how you over pack thinking you need more than you do.  That is how I pack when I go to the shop.  That van is loaded.  It takes me about a half hour to load and unload.  I have my Cricut, Cuttlebug, Paper, Punches, and tool bag.  You know you have to have every embossing folder you have because you never know which one you will use.  Same thing with those Cricut Cartridges.  I have gotten better about dies and border punches, but not much.  I get cranking and there I have my first Blitz card done.  I use that darn smart phone and do a My Cut Search for that special cut on the Cricut.  I take my list over to the cartridge boxes.  What...not there.  I had left the case with that cartridge.  Not only that but I had left my mats.  Good grief!!!!  So I scrub that project and closed up the Cricut and those cartridge boxes.  Next...  I set up the machine to put that special needle in.  Of course that screw holding the needle won't budge.  I dig out the handy tool kit.  The screw driver won't budge it.  I grab a penny.  Yahoo!!!  It finally moves.  I practice and play.  No matter what I tried the tension is too tight.  Naturally I didn't have the machines manual.  It was at home.  Ok, time to pack that up.  Time to go home.

As I headed into town I notice three little dogs on the side of the road.  I figure they belong to the people building a new house and that they just got adventurous and came down to the road.  Guess what the three little guys were there when I came home.  Everyone is gone at the new home site and the gate is closed.  My car is soo packed there is no way I can get them in.  So I go home unpack.  I then tell my family about them.  The family couldn't tell what I was saying because I was in tears.  I called the Wellborn Rescue league.  No one there until Tuesday.  I called Sandy to make sure there was no one there until Tuesday.  She said they feed the animals but did not answer the phones.  My Brother, and Sister-in-law went back up to see if wee could get them in the car.  We only found the one wandering the road.  There was someone in a pickup trying to coax the little dog in his truck.  My Sister-in-law  tried and could not get close to him. Needless to say I did not sleep very much last night.  I packed up food and water and went to check this morning.  All three were still there.  Two were curled up at the very edge of the road.  The little one was down the lane a little ways.  Naturally it is the only one with a collar.  I get out and place the bowl of water down.  Then I open a can of chicken and set it down.  The one dog we tried to get last night came and ate.  The other fluffy one kept circling the car away from me.  I wanted the other two dogs to eat so I walked down the lane toward the littlest one and set the can down. I walked away and they started eating.  Then another lady showed up with food.  We talked and she had been able to get the one to eat out of her hand last night but could not get close enough to touch him. They are hanging out close to the road and near a railroad track  .I guess I will be doing a food and water run until Tuesday and pray nothing happens to them in the meantime. 

I have posted a long one today.  Since I have been off of posting hopefully you won't mind.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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