Sunday, March 9, 2014

You're the best! - March 9, 2014

Did ya'll remember to Spring forward with your clocks last night?  I always love the way to help me remember which way the clock goes.  Spring forward and Fall back.  I started moving the clocks forward yesterday.  Dang!  I didn't know how many clocks we had.  But then as I worked on the second layout I kept saying my word it is way past my bedtime.  Then I would remember the 'real time'.

Been interesting around here the last few days with all the rain and cold.  Finally the sun came out and the temperature started rising. Yep, the blanket came off Pokey.  Boy was he a happy camper to have that warm sun on his back.  He is probably like me.  Those joints and cold weather don't mix.

I sat in my office working on layouts the last couple of days and have enjoyed seeing the wildlife.  Well, almost all the wildlife.  I saw a funny tail swish by my window so I got up and went to investigate.  Low and behold there was a pitiful looking fox after the cat.  We have a wild cat the we feed.  He, I say he because we can't get close enough to tell.  So we call him Tom or I just say here kitty when the food comes.  He often lays on the front mat waiting for his morning hand out.  Here is a picture of him drinking out of our fountain.
But I am getting away from my story. That fox was not the kind you picture with the fluffy red tail.  His tail had very little hair.  I am usually a softy for animals but our Tom comes first.  I had noticed how Tom would eat a bite and look over his shoulder.  Now I know why as I watched him run around the corner after Tom.  He came back around the front and started chasing the squirrels.  Then I lost track of him.  The next morning I didn't see Tom, but the fox was wandering the yard.  He finally crossed the street and laid on top of an electric box.  Went back to work on the layout. Spotted Tom later in the day sunning himself on the drive.  I put his food out.  He kept looking over his shoulder.  All of a sudden I spotted the shadow of the fox easing toward the front door.  Needles to say that Tom high tailed it out of there.  I opened the door and shooed the fox so he wouldn't chase Tom.  The fox went to the front of the yard and sat.  Then he slowly started back toward the house.  I clapped my hands and off he ran.  The last time I spotted him he was on the road way around the bend on the way out of the neighborhood.  I spotted Tom later laying in the lawnmower seat.  I guess the fox will be back but as of this morning Tom was again laying on the mat at the front door waiting on breakfast.

Here is our second layout for this week.  It is a wonderful thing to encourage kids.  It is really great to recognize children for their character.  My Great Niece received recognition for her character last week.  So our layout shows her participation in the day of recognition.

Boy, I must have gotten some good sleep to have such a long post today.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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