Monday, January 2, 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I called my Mother in law and did the Time square countdown the last few seconds. Went to bed and woke up with a headache. But when I finally started the day I cranked until about 8:30. I stopped long enough to eat Frank's breakfast and then the ribs he cooked. I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations. Oh my!!! Maybe next year we will not put up 3 trees and wrap garland everywhere. As I was putting away things in the attic I found boxes with Christmas decorations that never got opened this year. I guess I have always been a nut about Christmas. I used to fuss at my Mother in law for not decorating but I guess I am approaching that age of why. I did not think I would ever get to that point but after climbing the attic stairs to put things away maybe I am. Jane better get back home so we can start walking again. Maybe I am out of shape again. You think? Maybe it is like having a baby after waiting a year you forget about all the hard work and just jump in with both feet and decorate. We'll see.

This week the Thursday group will be bringing lunch. And yes Thursday is weigh in day and through the Holidays I have not been doing very well. Better do better the first part of the week to prepare for Thursday.

Saturday is play day. So bring in those fun projects and relax while being creative.

Sale items this week are 50% off those LuminArt' Primary Element Powders, 40% off all idea books (excludes the currant publications), 40% off Zutter bookbinding products, and 30% off all Stickers. These things should help get your creative juices flowing.

Guess I better get to work on our card for the week.

See you at the shop.

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