Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

My goodness the year is halfway gone.  It is a good thing we started on those Christmas cards early.  Before you know it December will be here.  Guess we have hit the official hot weather season.  I was at the ball bark on Saturday watching some baseball games.  Oh my gosh!!!.  How these kids play in that heat is beyond me. I was sitting and the heat was getting me.  Those guys are suited up and running!  The teams were in playoff mode.  So that means one group of the youngest players were playing back to back games. Geez Louise!!!  After that second game the youngest of the players joined me for a quick cool off at Chic-fil-A.  Yep, it was a fun outing.  He topped his meal off with a 'high' ice cream. It was good. Finished to the last. Then a little playtime and back to the field.  His older brother was playing.  But on the way we had a little pit stop for some Skittles and an icee. His brothers game started at noon and he plays catcher. I can't imagine how hot he was in that gear.  It makes for a rough day for parents and grandparents.  One set of grandparents had two games going at once.  Two grandsons two different fields. What a commitment to get these guys to practice and games for a whole season of play.

This week is card class.  Yep, I am on track this month.  If you have a paper piercer and mat, please bring them to class. If you have a foamy mouse pad and push pin it will work.  I will have a piercer and mat you can share.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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