Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22, 2013 - Ancestry

Oh my gosh!!!  Can not believe we are in the later part of June.  It is officially Summertime as of a few days ago.  If you go outside you can really tell it is Summertime.  Oh well that is why we have AC.

I have the first layout ready for next week.  I have been digging in those old photo boxes.  This is of my Mom & Dad and their parents. 

It is fun to look back and see your grandparents when they were young.  I have a Niece visiting and she was watching me put the layout together.  As I was inking and distressing, she asked "What are you doing?".  I told her I was making it vintage.  "What is that?"  I said making it look old.  I said I was Vintage.  I showed her a picture of a very young me.  I could see the look on her face "Are you sure that is you?".   It is amazing how those little faces can be so expressive.

Keep me posted if you plan to attend the layout class next week.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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