Monday, November 26, 2012

Tribute to Prissy

Today I said good-bye to our little shop buddy.  The first time you saw her was this picture I posted on the blog.

I remember her as that skinny little puppy at the pet store.  She only weighed 2 and 1/2 lbs.  I just could not leave her after picking her up and that little tail began to wag.  She had such a happy little heart. Riding home I held her in the palm of my hand while Rhett tried to reach over the seat to check her out.  He was such a good buddy to her.  He often acted like a little Mother to her.

This a picture with my nephew when she could sit on a little brick.

Here is an early shot of Rhett and Prissy fresh from the groomers wearing their Christmas colors.  What a pair they were.

When I worked for my friends I would take her to the office.  Often I would stop for coffee and a bagel at my favorite coffee spot.  Well here is how she enjoyed those take out boxes.

Before I started taking her to the shop she would wait for me at the front door.

But her favorite spot was to be outside in the sunshine.
And of course you all know what antics she would do at the shop.  She helped herself to whatever snack you had in your bags.  Sometimes that snack was close to money that was tossed aside so she could get to the food.  You often did not remember you had anything in your bags to eat but Miss Priss sure could track it down.  And when we would pray before our luncheons she could help us out.
And those darn garbage cans....

I sure will miss those endearing antics and all that unconditional love she gave me.  She was a little lady all the way. I'll miss that happy little tail a wagging.  Those demanding barks for her favorite french fry.  She used to be a cuddly bed partner until her eyes got so bad she was afraid of falling off the bed.  But she would let me hold and cuddle her.  

 I took this shot last week as I decorated the Christmas tree. Even though she had three beds around the house she just had to dig her a bed under the tree near me.

Thank you Prissy for sixteen years filled with a few tears and lots of love and laughter.

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studiorose said...

So sorry for your loss. She was a sweet girl.

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