Monday, August 13, 2012

What a busy couple of weeks.  Two weekends ago my siblings and their spouses journeyed to
Alabama.  We went to help my Aunt and Uncle celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.   Can you imagine!!!  They both looked wonderful and had some great stories to tell.  This new phone made it so much fun traveling.  Jeez,  you did not even have to be in the same car and ask "Are we there yet?".  I think my brother was just about to kill me.  But I made it worth while with all the misspelled words.  That darn keyboard is way too small.  One word I messed up was smokies.  Yep, left off the s.  Then I was trying to text my cousins name and kept missing the right letter.  Aw Heck, I just called little brother then.

Today started my journey to see my 94 year old mother-in-law.  She still lives by herself and does her own cooking.  I know you all have heard me talk about this trip and finally it is here.  Can't imagine sitting still for two hours.  Jeez Louise!!!!  I spoke with her yesterday and she was so excited.  She has several places she wants to go.  Hopefully, we will manage those little trips.  I am not taking my laptop and hoping this new smart phone will help me keep in touch.  So if it works I will keep you updated from the road.

I will miss the next gathering at Gateway.  It was so much fun the last time I went. So be sure to be in touch with Linda Northrup or some of the other ladies about joining them.

Have a great day.

Smiles 'till I see you.

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