Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home at last!!!

What fun it is to be home.  I think I am just an old home body.  It was great seeing Mom Musto.  Good grief she is very active and so alert.  She cooks and keeps house and she is 94 years old!  I'm a lot younger than she is and I don't cook.  Well maybe I will start.  She had the most wonderful tomatoes.  I almost made myself sick eating them. 

I was very fortunate with my flight into Atlanta.  I was expecting a roller coaster ride with the hurricane bands.  But got in just fine.  There sure were rain bands all around. 

I rented a car for my trip to Altoona.  It was a little SUV.  It was little but Mom Musto kept saying how big it was. It reminded me of my little sports car.  Sitting low.  This was the first time I rented a car and actually read the manual.  The rental company only gave me one key and that did not have the fob for locking the car.  So I had to lock the car with the button on the door.   Everytime I locked that darn car and unlocked it with the key.  Yep, set the alarm off. Finally, my last day I figured out how to keep from setting off the alarm.  I have another story about the car but I will save it for another post.

Gee it is good to be home.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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