Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 31, 2006-May 31, 2012

Six years ago today we opened our front doors on Cole Terrace. It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Playing with paper was my hobby and this hobby became Scrappy Papers. What fun it was shopping for all that paper. All those stamps. Seeing new and wonderful tools. Then in the Fall of 2007 we moved to our new location on Highway 90.

Thanks to my Family who helped set up both shops. They painted, drilled, put down flooring,
and encouraged me. Without their help Scrappy would not have been the comfortable cute shop I called my second home. Yep, it definitely was my second home or maybe it was my first home and I just left it long enough to sleep at night.

Over the last few years I have learned so much. I knew a tiny bit about a lot of different things. With each card and layout I learned a little more. With each question, I learned more. I also learned what great cooks you all are. I know you often saw my face behind that computer screen. But the computer helped me to learn and figure things out. I loved learning things and then sharing them with you. You encouraged me to find the unusual and were always gracious in accepting whatever I created. I get so excited when you share all the things you have made. It's pure joy for me to see your creativity.

Scrappy Papers would not be what it is without you. As Carter calls you 'The Ladies'. When I started this little adventure I never imagined all the friendships. My friendship with you and your friendship with each other. Usually I post pictures of you guys but this time I want you to visualize faces that you remember sitting across from you, or coming through the front door, or offering to help you. These are the friendly faces at Scrappy Papers. You so wonderfully welcomed whoever walked in that front door. It's like you were welcoming them into our home. That is what makes being at Scrappy's so special. A warm friendly atmosphere. Keeping that friendly bond going after the shop closes is wonderful.

There is and ending to every adventure. But then there is always a new adventure to begin.
As I end this adventure I want to thank you all for the love and support you have given me these last six years. You have made the adventure so rewarding. It will be very hard closing those doors this afternoon, but I am looking forward to opening that next door and starting the new adventure ( after a little rest of course).

This will be last time I get to say 'See you at the shop.'

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